What Are The Best Carb Blockers – Why Do We Need To Block Carbohydrates

Carb blockers Low carb diets have become quite a popular of late. Some dieters have even grown to consider foods containing carbohydrates to be and undesirable option, but carbohydrate does not deserve such a bad rap. Foods containing carbohydrate are vital to maintaining normal health.

Carbohydrate may not be the enemy some people perceive it to be, but diet pill manufacturers have been quick to capitalise on this mistrust and carb-hating dieters can now take their pick from a growing number of carb blocking products to try and feed their need to expunge the humble carb from their bodies.

The Bad Rap Explained

What are carbsWhen a normal, healthy diet is adhered to carbohydrates supply the body with most of the calories it needs to maintain normal function and complete any required tasks.

Simple carbohydrates (sugars) are digested very quickly and can provide almost instant energy. Complex carbohydrates such as bread, rice, and pasta are digested more slowly and release their calories at a correspondingly lower rate that provides sustained energy.

When the body receives more calories than it requires—this can easily happen in a high carb diet—the extra calories are then stored as body fat; so the poor old carb is really hated for being such an efficient energy provider.

“More often than not the active ingredients are substances called Phaseolus Vulgaris,  Panax Ginseng and Grape Seed Extract”

The Carb Blocking Process

Carb blockers usually come in capsule, tablet or liquid form and are generally taken shortly before mealtimes. More often than not the active ingredients are substances called Phaseolus Vulgaris,  Panax Ginseng and Grape Seed Extract. It might sound very technical, but don’t let the name fool you. It’s just kidney beans.

Phaseolus vulgaris is believed to prevent the digestive enzymes alpha glucosidases and amylase from working in the way that nature intended. This is a real bonus for anyone who cannot abide carbs because they cannot be digested without the intervention these two important enzymes; so the carbohydrate passes through the body without releasing its calories and eventually exits with the stool.

Do Carb Blockers Really Work?

do carb blockers workSchool is still out on that one. Some studies suggest carb blockers can do everything that is claimed for them. Other studies indicate just the opposite, but a look at the testimonials some customers leave about carb blocking products adds a lot of weight to the claims made about the carb blocking process because many customers are saying they’ve seen good results. If they do work—and it appears some of the better products might—carb blockers will probably offer the most benefits to people who consume a lot of sugary and/or starchy foods.

The Negative Aspects

Unless they have been watered down with unnecessary filler ingredients most carb blockers should not pose any risks to the health, but diabetics and women who are pregnant or nursing a child would be wise to seek medical advice before attempting to interfere with the digestive process.

It is possible that restricting the intake of carbs, and subsequently lowering the blood glucose level, may cause some users to experience feelings of dizziness, but the main negative aspect associated with carb blockers is flatulence. Stomach cramps and diarrhea have also been reported, but none of these have the potential to be life-threatening and the stimulant-free nature of carb blockers may make them an especially enticing option for any user who cannot stomach supplements that contain such ingredients.

Do Carb Blockers Work for Everyone?

The carb blocking process should work for anyone, but it stands to reason that carb blocking may produce more noticeable results for those users who enjoy a carb-rich diet. If a low carb diets is already in place there will be little for the blockers to block. If this is the case, and weight issues remain, dieters may need to look at other aspects of their food intake, such as fat content, because the problem could be elsewhere.

Should You Use A Carb Blocker

Gaining and sustaining weight is the result of the body receiving more calories than it needs and then storing them as fat. Calorie excess is the problem not carbohydrate, but (in theory) blocking carbohydrate calories remains an efficient way of getting to grips with the problem, and (in fact) many people state the process works. Carb blockers are not the only way to lower the calorie intake, but it is nonetheless an option some dieters may wish to explore.

Recommended Carb Blocker

Activ8 X diet dropsWhen you’re trying to lose weight it seems as though taking on too many carbohydrates are stopping you from reaching your.

There are two ingredients in the Activ8 X Diet Drops that block the effects carbohydrates – Panax Ginseng and Grape Seed Extract.

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White Mulberry Leaf Capsules – reduce the impact of sugar & carbs in your diet

Whit Mulberry leaf from Evolution SlimmingEvolution Slimming’s White Mulberry Leaf capsules are a slimming aid containing just one active ingredient—white mulberry.

This alone could be seen as a point in the capsule’s favor because it is always nice to see a supplement that is not loaded with stimulants, and white mulberry is known to be a healthy ingredient.

Its strong sugar blocking powers are well known and have resulted in the ingredient becoming an increasingly popular inclusion in weight loss formulations.

White Mulberry Leaf from Evolution SLimmingThe manufacturers are based in the UK and they produce a several other dietary aids. They are one of the most reputable and respected companies in the industry and serve many countries including the US, Canada and Australia. All purchases are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee, so the consumer can probably buy from them with confidence.

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Proposed Benefits

  • Blood sugar balancer (prevents cravings & low blood sugar)
  • Naturally helps reduce the impact of sugar & carbs in your diet
  • Ideal for use alongside a fat burner supplement
  • Contains compounds that suppress high blood sugar levels
  • 7 Day Diet Plan Download Included

The Diet Plan is available as a free download from the Evolution Slimming website (no purchase necessary) so it’s not really a selling point, but it is a useful tool, so kudos to Evolution Slimming for providing it.

How Does White Mulberry Assist Weight Loss?

what is White Mulberry leafWhite Mulberry is a very nutritious ingredient that appears to have the power to control blood sugar levels and has often been used in the treatment of diabetes. It’s a sugar blocker. That means it can prevent the blood sugar from becoming too high after a meal has been eaten.

Excessively high blood sugar is undesirable. It is often a contributing factor in diabetes and when the body has more sugar than it needs the extra calories are stored as body fat; so the benefits of any sugar blocking device are obvious.

Usage Instructions – How to take

One capsule should be taken 10 to 30 minutes before a meal, but only two capsules are allowed each day. The manufacturers state that better results can be obtained by using the capsules in conjunction with a fat burning product.

Media Focus & Customer Feedback

Independent feedback is very good, there are many positive reviews..

Dr endorsement of White Mulberry leafCustomer feedback is an important gauge,  US TV personality Dr. Oz heavily endorses the benefits of white mulberry, calling the ingredient a” health sensation“, and although Oz was speaking about the ingredient rather than a specific product his comments may be worth bearing in mind because Evolution Slimming’s capsules do not dilute the power of white mulberry by combining it with other ingredients.

Side Effects and Health Issues

The use of white mulberry is unlikely to cause side effects, but the manufacturers warn against exceeding their recommended dose and suggest certain user groups seek medical advice before use, such as;

  • Children under 18
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Individuals with a known medical condition

The Bottom Line – Should You Use

White mulberry is a natural ingredient that is unlikely to cause side effects, so Evolution Slimming’s White Mulberry capsules are probably one of the safest supplements on the market and the ingredient’s sugar-blocking prowess offers undeniable benefits for anyone who desires to lose weight.

The only possible negative with the product is the price. The capsules are not by any means the cheapest weight loss solution on the market, but it seems likely they may provide the kind of results that could be worth paying a little extra for and the presence of a 30 day money back guarantee suggests Evolution Slimming have faith their product will deliver results.

It also ensures the consumer has nothing to lose by buying and trying the product, so Evolution Slimming White Mulberry Leaf Capsules are a recommended product.

Product Sales and Marketing, Where To Buy

The best place to buy the capsules is from the official Evolution Slimming website.

Buy White Mulberry Leaf pills 500mgA bottle of 60 capsules has a $50.00 / £29.99 price tag. We feel this is about par for the course, but buying two bottles secures a slight discount and customers buying three bottles pay a much discounted price of around $118.00 / £59.99.

The company offer worldwide shipping a 30 day guarantee on all orders.

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