Prescopodene Review, Does It Work, Side Effects, Where To Buy

  • Prescopodene reviewBrand: Prescopodene
  • Made By: JC Arnica Nutraceauticals
  • Type: fat burner
  • Country: US, Canada, UK, Australia and many others
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $51 / £33
  • Special Offers: buy 3 get 3 free for $159 / £99
  • Quick Comment: One or two side effects, ingredient profile incomplete
  • Where To Buy: available direct from own website

Not Recommended

Prescopodene Review – Overview

Prescopodene website canadaPrescopodene is a diet pill, manufactured by JC Arnica Nutraceauticals. All sales and distribution are managed in-house and the product is marketed internationally via the company websites.

The manufacturers claim their product can accelerate weight loss, provide a tight body, and create a “sexier, shapelier you”. This all sounds very impressive, but the most surprising claim of all is that these results can be achieved without the need for any change in lifestyle or diet, and with no exercise or fitness regime required. All this makes Prescopodene sound like a magic pill—and it would need to be—but the clever sales patter may not stand up to close scrutiny.

What Is Prescopodene And How Does It Work

According to the manufacturers, Prescopodene’s ingredients encourage weight loss by utilizing a process called thermogenesis to burn fat and then convert it into energy through heat production.

It is also claimed that taking the tablets for six months can:

  • Achieve an average weight loss of 2 ½ stone.
  • Reduce body fat by 4.77%.
  • Eat 451 calories and still burn 587 calories a day.

Key Ingredients

The product contains 12 ingredients, but although some of them may have merit exact amounts are not specified, so effective speculation on their possible effectiveness is not possible.  The most important ingredients appear to be:

  • Advantra Z: A legal alternative to the once popular ephedrine (now banned from use). Advantra Z contains citrus alkaloids which may encourage fat metabolism, but it is also a source of synephrine and can have some extremely worrying side effects.
  • Green Tea: Always a popular ingredient in dietary products and a good source of antioxidants, but its reputation for encouraging weight loss has not been proved.
  • DMAE: Related to choline and reputed to help control the appetite, but scientific evidence of this is lacking and high level doses may affect lead to nasty side effects.
  • Tyrosine: An amino acid that aids thyroxin synthesis. The thyroid gland controls how fast the body uses energy, so tyrosine is sometimes included in fat loss products that hope to increase the body’s metabolic rate. The theory is sound, but there is no clinical evidence to prove tyrosine can aid weight loss.

Prescopodene Media Focus And Success Stories

The Prescopodine website boldly displays several TV station logos with the statement “As Seen on” beside them, but there is no evidence that any of the stations mentioned have ever featured either the company or their product. Similar claims are made about magazines, but, once again, these claims cannot be backed up.

The website also mentions independent studies and carries doctors’ endorsements, but the sources of these alleged studies and endorsements are also elusive.

Not surprisingly, the website also features many positive testimonials that would seem to back up their product’s effectiveness as a magic pill that has changed lives without changing eating habits or lifestyles, but independent reviews are hard to track down. The few independent reviews that can be found are from customers who are complaining the product does not work, while also stating the supplier has failed to honor their money back guarantee.

Prescopodene Side Effects

Possibly one of the most worrying diet supplements on the market. Some of the ingredients in Prescopodene are a real cause for concern.

  • BME: May lead to stomach upsets, increased blood pressure, drowsiness, confusion, and irritability.
  • Yerba Mate: Contains high levels of caffeine, which can produce nasty side effects including headaches and heart palpitations. Especially worrying because the inclusion rate is unknown.
  • Advantra Z: May have adverse effects on the cardio vascular system and could increase the likelihood of suffering a stroke.

The product also contains several sources of vitamins and minerals. Although these are all naturally occurring, and will probably be beneficial to the health; many vitamins and minerals can cause adverse effects if taken in too high a quantity and the exact quantity of each ingredient in this supplement remains an unknown factor. It is recommended that everyone who considers using this product seeks medical advice before doing so, especially pregnant or nursing mothers, and those who are taking a prescribed medication.

The Bottom Line

At first glance Prescopodene appears to contain some ingredients that may help the user in attaining weight loss, but the lack of specified quantities means that any possible benefits are impossible to predict. It seems unlikely, however, that any dieting aid—no matter what the ingredients or the inclusion rate—could be capable of providing the miraculous results promised of this product.

Even if Prescopodene could do everything that is claimed, the possible side effects attributed to several of the ingredients are so alarming that it is impossible to recommend this product. There are many better alternatives available that have favorable independent reviews to recommend them and—most importantly—do not pose the same possible risk to health.


Where To Buy Prescopodene

To official website is the only stockist and it serves all regions such as the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

Fairly expensive for what is essentially a run of the mill diet pill.

Recommended Diet Pill

PhenQ diet pillThe distance between Prescopodene and PhenQ is near stratospheric – PhenQ has been a best seller since its introduction and has many real testimonials attached to it.

PhenQ is combination of natural and premium pharmaceutical ingredients that is available to buy without prescription.

If you need an effective fat burner and appetite suppressant look no further

Read the PhenQ independent review by clicking here

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