PhenQ – Fat Burner, Fat Blocker and Appetite Suppressant

PhenQ fat burner, fat blockerPhenQ is a diet pill developed by Bauer Nutrition and they claim it can deliver weight loss in five ways.

Some supplements are intended to provide appetite suppression, others promise fat burning or fat blocking etc. Many offer a combination of benefit, with appetite suppression and fat burning combos probably being the most common.

What we like about PhenQ is it’s lack of gimmick – it is a serious diet product that has been developed using pharmaceutical grade and clinically proven ingredients.

We also like the fact that they (Bauer) have given their product a long 60 day money back guarantee and stand by this … and free worldwide shipping is a massive bonus, even to Canada and Australia which can sometimes cost just as much as a single bottle!

“We cannot find many faults – we would go as far as to say this the arguably the best weight loss pill we have every reviewed.”

PhenQ websitePhenQ is the commercial combination diet pill that can burn excess existing body as well as prevent the accumulation of newly introduced body fat. It can also suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake. It also can improve mood and energy levels and has a detox ingredient.

It is available exclusively from it’s own official website where multiple language options and currencies are available

There is currently a buy 3 and get 2 for free offer – check website for latest pricing.

Visit the official PhenQ website and view pricing and offers

PhenQ Review

According to Bauer Nutrition, PhenQ can provide weight loss by:

1. Encouraging Fat Burning
2. Providing Appetite Suppression
3. Increasing energy levels
4. Improving the mood
5. Fat Blocking

PhenQ before and after

Dieters with overly-healthy appetites may find appetite suppressants or fat blockers work best for them.

People with slow metabolisms may obtain the most benefits from fat burners, and comfort eaters can thank their lucky stars if they find an effective mood enhancing diet pill.

Everyone is different and dieters can often waste a lot of time and money before they finally find the right supplement.

If PhenQ is half as good as Bauer claim it is, the intended multifaceted approach to weight loss could allow it to be a one-pill-suits-all dieting option.

How the Formulation is Intended to Work

PhenQ weight lossIf the appetite suppression claims hold true, PhenQ users should find it easier to stick to a low calorie diet and this alone could be enough to force the body to begin burning fat for extra energy.

If the pill’s fat burning ingredients are sufficient for the task, the metabolism will be increased, causing the body to burn calories faster than normal, thereby increasing the need to reclaim calories that have been stored away as body fat.

Fat blockers interfere with the digestive process and prevent the body from fully digesting the fats provided by food.

If the fat cannot be digested, it is unable release its calories so, again in theory, PhenQ appears to have a lot to offer.

Apart from reducing the likelihood of comfort eating, the mood enhancing ingredients should also prevent a lower calorie intake from causing diet-related grumpiness.

By boosting energy levels the formulation should prevent feelings of fatigue that may cause some dieters to crave something sweet to give them a little extra go.

Although PhenQ is theoretically strong as blend, its real potential will depend on the quality and ability of the ingredients.

The Main Ingredient

PhenQ CanadaPhenQ weight loss capsules contain a-LACYS RESET. It’s a proprietary blend that contains alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. It is a relatively new ingredient that probably requires further study, but the early indications suggest a-LACYS RESET has a lot to offer as a weight loss aid; and the data resulting from one study was impressive to say the least.

Weight losses of 3.44%
• 3.8% increase in muscle mass

It is quite common for dieters to experience some loss of muscle mass, and this can be particularly worrying for bodybuilders who are trying to get “cut” in preparation for a competition. Bearing this in mind, any formula that can burn fat without sacrificing muscle can be worth its weight in gold.

Secondary Ingredients

Capsimax powderAlso contains Capsimax Powder. This is a proprietary blend of capsicum extract, black pepper, and vitamin B3. When it comes to weight loss, capsicum is a hot property because it puts the metabolism into overdrive and causes the body to burn calories 12 times faster than normal. It also has value as an appetite suppressant.

Vitamin B3 ensures the body obtains more energy from food. Black pepper extract is also a valuable ingredient because it eases the absorption of other ingredients.

The other ingredients included in the formulation are:

• L Carnitine Furmarate (for mood enhancement)
• Chromium Picolinate (for fat burning)
• Calcium Carbonate (for fat blocking)
• Nopal (for fat blocking)
• Caffeine (extra energy and appetite suppression)

PhenQ testimonial

PhenQ Customer Feedback

It’s easy for manufacturers to make big claims for their products, and even the inclusion of quality ingredients may not be sufficient to deliver results if poor blending techniques are used, so it’s always interesting to see what past customers have to say. In this case customer feedback is excellent.

Some typical statements read:

“I used to be a big eater. PhenQ gave me the ability to change all of that. I’m eating smaller portions at mealtimes and never feel I am starving myself. Snacking is a thing of the past and I feel unusually energetic these days. I’ve also been losing around 3lbs in weight every week, and it’s been consistent, so it is working well for me.”
“I used PhenQ to buff-up my bod for an upcoming competition and it really helped. It gave me the extra definition I needed to take third place without robbing me of my size.”
“Wow! PhenQ really works!! I was expecting it to be just more hyped-up junk so I only bought because of the money back guarantee. I’m two dress sizes smaller now, so it would be unfair to ask for a refund ;-).”

Dosage One capsule is required at breakfast and a second one at lunchtime.

Some Health Considerations

Side effects do not appear to be an issue, but Bauer points out it is not a suitable for everyone:

  • People who are under the age of 18
  • People who are taking medication
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing a child
  • Anyone who has existing health problems


Bauer Nutrition offers customers a 60 day money back guarantee. Many competing products are sold with a 30 day guarantee or no guarantee at all, so we are impressed. It seems Bauer have a lot of faith in their product.

The Final Assessment

As an idea, Bauer’s one-diet-pill-suits-all approach to weight loss is very good. The ingredients used should be sufficient to deliver the promised results and customer feedback suggests many dieters have already reaped the benefits of Baur’s hard work.

We feel PhenQ has a lot to offer, and Bauer Nutrition provide customers with and unusually generous money back guarantee and free shipping to everywhere. We cannot find many faults – we would go as far as to say this the arguably the best weight loss pill we have every reviewed.

Highly Recommended

Where to Buy PhenQ, Stockists

PhenQ fat burner, fat blockerDieters who hope to lose weight with PhenQ will need to visit the official website.

Each bottle provides a 30-day supply of pills. There are currently multi buy offers that enable customer to buy 3 and receive 2 additional bottles free – there are also sometimes free gifts than accompany the larger orders. Prices are available in many currencies including Canadian $, Australian $ and euro’s.

Click here to visit PhenQ official site and find offers


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