Leptigen Review – Pros and Cons With Customer Feedback

Leptigen reviewLeptigen is a diet pill made in the USA by Green Bracket, LLC.

The company also appears to own the diet pill review site Diet Spotlight and market the exact same product under the name Burn TS.

The company has been in the diet pill business for a long time, but it’s pretty fair to say neither of their two versions of this product has succeeded in setting the world on fire.

Read our in depth review with customer comments.

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Promised Benefits

  • Appetite suppression
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Help to overcome weight-loss plateaus
  • Provides optimum weight control by controlling blood sugar levels

What Is Leptigen and How Does It Work?

Other than the fact that it contains a little-used ingredient called Meratrim, there is not really anything that special about Leptigen.

Like thousands of other diet pills, it’s designed to accelerate fat loss by helping users to create a calorie shortage within their bodies.

The pills are intended to achieve this by suppressing the appetite and boosting the metabolism. When the appetite is suppressed it becomes easier to eat less food because you no longer feel so hungry.

A faster metabolism burns more calories per day.

After having taken a look at the ingredients, we are not seeing anything that would make Leptigen particularly useful to anyone who has reached a plateau, but the formulation does contain some chromium to help control blood sugar levels and prevent carb urges.

Leptigen how does it work

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides:

  • Meratrim (400mg): A proprietary blend that consists of sphaeranthus indicus (East Indian Globe Thistle) and G. mangostana (mangosteen). One study seems to suggest the blend may support weight loss, but the participants in the study had to adhere to such a reduced-calorie diet it would have been impossible for them not to lose weight and they also had to take 30-minute walks, 5 days per week, for 16 weeks.
  • Green Tea Extract (200mg): Green tea is a popular ingredient and diet pills that don’t contain it are in the minority. It’s a natural fat burner that is proven to work and can continue doing so for up to 24 hours.
  • Chromate: (100mcg): A branded form of chromium that is unlikely to offer much advantage over the standard form. Chromium is a mineral that regulates blood sugar and insulin levels and prevents the post-eating blood sugar crashes that can cause carb cravings.
  • Natural Caffeine USP (75mg): A stimulant that is prized for its ability to boost energy levels and mental focus. Caffeine can be good for fighting diet-related fatigue and is also a proven fat burner.
Usage Instructions – One capsule is required twice per day. Both doses should be taken 30 minutes before a meal, and customers are encouraged to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Customer Feedback

Unfortunately, the majority of customer reviews are very bad, but there are a few good ones.

Here are two of them:

“Totally works! Best diet pill ever.”
“WoW! Leptigen works so well. I lost 5lbs in a week.”

However, most people who left positive reviews also state:

“I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”

A couple of negative reviews read:

“This did nothing for me and they wouldn’t give me my money back.”
“Made me so ill my wife wanted to take me to ER.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Some customers state using the product made them ill.

The most commonly reported side effects are:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia

We strongly suggest not using this product without a doctor’s approval.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

With a cost of well over $100 per bottle (lasts 30 days), Leptigen stands a good shot at being the most expensive diet pill on the market and that’s when buying from the official site.

The Amazon price is closer to $200. Green Bracket used to offer a free trial and many customers lodged complaints with the Better Business Bureau, claiming their acceptance of the free trail resulted in ongoing charges being applied to their credit cards.

The trial is no longer available, but the fact that so many complaints have been made is not confidence building.


Green Bracket alleges the product is backed by a 120-day money back guarantee, but many customers who were unhappy with the product state the guarantee was not honoured.

We even found a complaint made by a customer who was unable to return an unopened bottle of pills.

The Bottom Line

This is a ridiculously expensive product and customers aren’t really getting a lot for their money.

The two best ingredients are probably green tea and chromium and their presence should help encourage some degree of weight loss.

Neither one is likely to be responsible for the side effects some customers claim to have endured and the amount of caffeine provided is less than that provided by a cup of coffee, so it is unlikely to be the culprit either.

That only leaves Meratrim and suggests its presence may be more trouble than its worth.

If you want to pay over the odds prices for a diet pill that offers limited value and may make you feel ill, this is could be the way to go.

However, if your primary goal is to slim down as quickly and safely as possible, we suggest you go with a product that has better customer feedback

Recommended For 2019

We highly recommend PhenQ – a powerful fat burner that can offer multiple benefits.

  • Can burn excess body fat
  • Blocks newly acquired fat from absorption
  • Reduces your hunger, controls calorie consumption
  • Prevent tiredness and fatigue
  • Can improve your mood

PhenQ fat burner, fat blocker

PhenQ is available to buy direct, it has a 60 day money back refund policy. It is also shipped anywhere in the world for FREE

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Phentatrim Appetite Suppressant Review

Phentarim appetite suppressantPhentatrim is a diet pill created by Optimum Nutra.

It contains three ingredients, has to be taken three times per day, and is alleged to help you to lose weight three times faster; so there’s definitely a bit of a “three” thing going on here and Phentatrim also holds the distinction of being the third supplement to be added to Optimum Nutra’s line of weight management supplements.

The other two products are Superfruit Slim and Phentaslim. Both products have attained an excellent reputation for delivering results and are generally regarded as being among the top diet supplements available at the present time.

Will Phentatrim give Optimum Nutra the hat-trick they appear to be looking for? Let’s take a look at this “hunger destroyer” and see what it’s really likely to do.

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Phentatrim Benefits and Main Selling Points

  • Suppresses the appetite and controls hunger urges
  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Vegetarian freindly
  • Encourages healthy thyroid function
  • Gives you more energy
  • Contains EFSA approved ingredients

Usage Instructions – Phentatrim is a dietary supplement intended for men and women who need to lose weight. Side effects are highly unlikely, but people who have existing health problems should ask a doctor for advice before using supplements of any kind. The same advice is offered to pregnant and nursing mothers and to anyone who is using prescription or over-the-counter medication.

The recommended dose is two capsules, taken three times per day. The capsules have to be taken with one to two glasses of water 20-30 minutes before eating a main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Ingredient Profile

Two capsules provide:

  • Konjac (1000mg)
  • Chromium (24µg)
  • Iodine (90µg)

Blend Viability

The key ingredient is konjac (glucomannan) and it’s ability to control hunger has been investigated and approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Konjac is a form of natural fiber taken from the roots of an Asian plant. When people take konjac and water the water makes the fibers expand in the stomach.

This creates a feeling of satiety and causes the stomach to signal the brain that it’s full. Konjac is a very good appetite suppressing ingredient, but the EFSA stress the importance of a (1000mg) dose of konjac three times per day, before meals.

The EFSA also recommend swallowing the konjac-providing product with one to two glasses of water.

Phentatrim contains the recommended amount of konjac and Optimum Nutra provide usage instructions that ensure users of the product will get the correct amount of water so, at this point in our evaluation, things are looking good.

The final two ingredients are chromium and iodine. Chromium is scientifically proven to be good for improving insulin sensitivity and glucose control and the participants in a study conducted at the University of Vermont showed “significantly attenuated body weight gain and visceral fat accumulation compared with the placebo group”.

That’s a complicated way of saying they burned fat and lost weight. Chromium is also known to bind with insulin receptors and “stimulate glucose uptake by the cells”.That’s just more complicated jargon that means it helps provide energy.

Iodine is another good inclusion. The thyroid gland has to have it to go on secreting the “T-hormones responsible for controlling the metabolism. Without sufficient iodine, hormone production dwindles, the metabolism slows, calorie burning becomes less efficient, and people become/remain fat. Iodine deficiency is very common so the presence of this inclusion could have a very positive impact on the weight.

Things continue to look good so it’s time to take a look at how well the product has worked for former users.

Phentatrim Customer Reviews

There has been an extremely good response to this product and it’s already built up quite a fan base.

A few average reviews read:

“I am losing a couple of pounds a week with these pills and never feel the urge to overindulge or snack. They also gives me the extra energy I need to up my activity level and I’m currently doing a 20 minute exercise session most days of the week.”
“I’m totally flabbergasted by how well these appetite suppressing diet pills work. I was always hungry. Always! and losing weight was not on the cards. I wanted to. I just couldn’t do it and my obesity got so bad it was endangering my health. A friend of my sister was using Phentatrim. She was a big girl too, but she said it was helping a lot and I could see she was getting thinner. I bought some and have finally got my eating habits under control. Last month I lost 14lbs!!!!”
“This product is meant to reduce your hunger, give you extra energy, and help you to lose weight. I am happy to confirm it does all of these things. Quite frankly, Phentatrim the best diet pill I’ve ever used and it has already helped met o lose 8 inches from my waist.

Potential Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.

After-Sales Service and Guarantee

Phentatrim is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee and customers who have any queries of concerns about the product can contact the Optimum Nutra customer services department via email or online form.

The Final Assessment

We are unsure if this product will really help people to “lose weight three times faster”. That’s a very subjective statement because it would depend on how fast individuals were losing weight in the first place—that’s if they were losing weight at all.

It’s conceivable that some users may lose weight at twice the speed, while other may lose weight four or five times faster or more.

It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma, but all of the ingredients are good and Phentatrim offers important benefits that more basic konjac products do not.

Customer reviews show how well the product works and there is even a money back guarantee.

Optimum Nutra appears to have succeeded in creating a third good product and we are happy to recommend Phentatrim to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Purchasing Options

Phentarim appetite suppressantPhentatrim is exclusive to the product website.

On the one hand that means there can be no shopping around, but on the other hand the product is very reasonably priced to start with and buying directly from source will give you the security of knowing you are getting the real deal rather than a cheap and nasty counterfeit product.

Shipping is always free and multi-buy package options are available for customers who need to lose a lot of weight and want get the best possible deal.

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Hum Skinny Bird all natural weight loss program

Skinny Bird canadaSkinny Bird is a diet pill brought to market by HUM Nutrition.

The formulation is GMO free and suitable for people who cannot tolerate gluten. It’s also intended for vegan vegetarians, so it could be seen as having an edge on many competing products.

As with all HUM products, customers who buy Skinny Bird are given a free nutrition report and connected with a personal nutritionist who can offer tailored advice and provide guidance on the best (HUM) products to use.

That’s quite impressive, but it’s also a good way for the company to encourage customers to buy more supplements.

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How Does Skinny Bird Work

Skinny Bird utilizes a formula HUM refer to as “SMAC” because of the benefits it’s intended to provide:

  • Reduced STRESS eating
  • Boosted METABOLISM
  • Suppressed APPETITE
  • CHROMIUM to support healthy blood sugar levels

Stress eating is a problem that effects some people, but not everyone will need this kind of support. A boosted metabolism is always a good thing though.

It causes the body to burn calories faster. Appetite suppression is also an important diet pill feature because uncontrolled hunger urges are one of the main reasons so many dieters call it a day.

Lots of diet pills contain chromium, so its presence here is in no way unique, but it’s a good ingredient to have because it prevents fluctuations in blood sugar levels (especially after a meal).

Elevated blood sugar levels trigger the release of insulin, which may cause blood sugar levels to drop low enough to trigger cravings for more food.

How To Use  – The capsules have to be taken half-an-hour before eating and the recommended dose is one capsule, three times per day.

Active Ingredients

One capsule provides:

  • Caralluma Fimbriata Extract (333mg): A good appetite suppressing ingredient that takes its name from the species of cactus it’s extracted from. The hunger reducing ability of caralluma fimbriata has been scientifically proven and the participants in one study, conducted in India, attained a “significant decline” in hunger levels that was accompanied by an equally impressive reduction in waist circumference.
  • 5-HTP (100mg): A chemical that occurs naturally in the body and is a building block for the feel good hormone serotonin. The 5-HTP used in supplements is taken from a plant (griffonia simplicifolia) and is sometimes used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. However, researchers have evaluated the abilities of 5-HTP and state many of claims made for the ingredient are “exaggerated and inaccurate”. They also point out it can cause side effects and is not suitable for long-term use.
  • Green Tea Extract (66mg): Research shows green tea can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidization for up to 24 hours. It’s one of the best natural fat burners there is, but 66mg may not be enough to deliver good results.
  • Chromium (200mcg): A mineral that has become a diet pill regular thanks to its ability to control blood sugar levels and prevent cravings for sweet food.

Skinny Bird Customer Testimonials

A few average customer reviews read:

“I no longer feel the urge to overload my plate at mealtimes, have stopped snacking entirely, and am consistently losing 2-3 pounds per week. Nothing else worked for me, but Skinny Bird does. I am very happy with my purchase and have already ordered some more.”
“I felt a little less hungry using this product, but it gave me a banging headache, and I had to stop using it after 3 days because I couldn’t concentrate on my work.”
“I cannot recommend Skinny Bird enough. It’s an excellent hunger reducer and it’s also set me in a better frame of mind and taken away all of my dieting blues.”
“All these pills did was make me feel like I was going to puke up. It certainly killed my appetite, but there are better ways to do it.”

Skinny Bird Potential Side Effects

Skinny Bird is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

People who are taking medication are advised to get a doctor’s approval before using the product. Unfortunately, a number of customers say using the pills caused them to feel unwell, so we suggest all potential users seek the advice of a doctor before commencing use of this product.

Buying Options – Where To Buy Skinny Bird

If you want to pay $60 per bottle (30-day supply) you can buy Skinny Bird via Amazon.com. A cheaper option is to buy it from the HUM website or via Sephora.com because, in both cases, the cost per bottle is only $40. There’s also a flat cost of $5.95 for shipping to US addresses (waived for orders of $50+) and the cost of international shipping is $10.95.


There is no money back guarantee, but customers who try the product and find it isn’t to their liking have 30 days to return it and claim store credit.

The Final Judgment

Skinny Bird probably offers the most value as a hunger controller because it contains a generous dose of caralluma fimbriata and the ingredient is known to work well in this regard.

The presence of chromium will also be godsend to people who need help to battle their hunger urges. However, the amount of green tea provided is unlikely to be sufficient to deliver much of a metabolism boost and 5-HTP could prove to be more trouble than it’s worth.

It also makes Skinny Bird unsuitable for long-term use. The lack of a real money back guarantee is also an issue because customers who experience negative issues or are unhappy with the way the product performs will not be able to pull their cash back.

Skinny Bird is not without merit, but nor does it have as much to offer as many other products and anyone who is looking for a good appetite suppressing diet pill would do well to explore some of the other options available.

Recommended Alternative

Leanbean CanadaLeanbean is a revolutionary new diet pill for women. According to the official website, the formulation has been specially designed to “harness the power of nature” and burn body fat like a professional fitness model.

The ingredient profile is excellent and reviews form both customers and industry critics are extremely positive

Read the full Leanbean review here

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Review

Weight Loss 4 Doctors SelectDoctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is a diet pill produced in America by Windmill Health Products LLC. The company manufactures a number of other health and wellness products, most of which can be found on the shelves of many American stores.

In America, Windmill Health Products is a household name, but Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 does not appear to be one of the cpmpany’s better offerings.

There were originally three products marketed under the name Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4. The only difference was the colour of the box.

Thankfully the confusion is over. Windmill Health Products appear to have picked one formulation and scrapped the rest. They’ve also opted to cut their packaging costs by saying goodbye to the box. So instead of a red box, a blue box, and a green box, there is now only a red and white pot.

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How the Formulation Works

When used alongside diet and exercise, Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is designed to deliver four key benefits:

  • Calorie burning
  • Fat binding
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Aids satiety and digestion

If the product can help with calorie burning it may help create an energy shortage that forces the body to start burning fat. If the promise of appetite suppression holds true, users will find it easier to stick to a calorie controlled diet and this will also help create the energy shortage needed to trigger the burning of fat. Fat binding products can further lower the calorie intake by blocking the absorption of dietary fats (contains 9 calories per gram).

Main Ingredients

Three tablets per day provide:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (750mg)
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract and Matcha Tea (262.5mg)
  • Glucomannan (200mg)
  • ProBiotic Blend (250mg)
Recommended Dose – One tablet is needed, up to three times per day, and doses should always be taken with a meal.

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Blend Potency and Potential

Green tea is always a good ingredient and the powdered version (matcha) boasts added potency, but the proven fat burning ability of green tea is the only thing this formulation has going for it.

Garcinia cambogia extractGarcinia cambogia is a fruit. Extracts taken from its rind provide a fat fighting chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The best garcinia cambogia extracts are at least 60% HCA and have the ability to assist weight loss by subduing hunger pangs and limiting the body’s ability to store fat.

Garcinia cambogia extracts that contain a lesser potency of HCA are unlikely to offer much benefit at all. The HCA content of the extract used in Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 has not been disclosed.

Konjac in PGXGlucomannan is one of the best appetite suppressants available and its ability to kill hunger has been evaluated and upheld by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). However, the EFSA are very specific about the need for 3×1000mg doses per day. People using Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 only get 200mg per day. That’s a far cry from the 3000mg recommendation, so glucomannan serves no purpose here.

Probiotics provide bacteria that’s alleged to offer health benefits, including weight loss, but experts admit further study is needed and some probiotics have been linked to mild side effects, such as digestive disorders and flatulence. However, probiotics may also have the potential to cause dangerous infections, although people who have underlying medical problems appear to be the most at risk.

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Customer Opinion

A few sample customer comments read:

“Weight loss 4 has been working well for me and I’m losing around 1lb a week. That may not sound like a lot, but there are 52 weeks in a year, I’m not in a hurry and I wasn’t losing anything before.”
“Used with diet and exercise. Never lost any weight, but got to experience some pretty good stomach cramps. “
“I’ve already lost a little weight and hope to lose a lot more in the future.”
“Four weeks ago I weighed 210lbs, so I began using weight loss 4. I’ve just checked the scales and my present weight is 211lbs. Shouldn’t have expected any different with such a cheap diet pill, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 Side Effects

Customer reviews suggest use of the formulation may cause some people to experience stomach pains and nausea. This is probably due to the presence of probiotics. Some forms are known to be more troublesome than others so we suggest all potential users take the precaution of getting a doctor’s advice before using this product.

The Final Evaluation

Although the present formulation of ingredients used in Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 may offer dieters some level of support, it’s somewhat of a disappointing product and any benefits that are provided will most likely be attributable to green tea.

Garcinia cambogia is a good ingredient, but the HCA content is questionable; and the amount of glucomannan provided is definitely inadequate.

The simple truth is, customer reviews suggest this product only offers limited benefit at best. Side effects also appear to be an issue and the product is sold without a guarantee.

If you are serious about losing weight and want to do so without experiencing side effects there are better ways to do it and we suggest you choose another product instead.

The Best Place To Buy Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4

Doctor’s Select Weight Loss 4 is not a particularly easy product to get hold of because Windmill Health Products appears to be more interested in selling to customers living in the USA.

If you live close to the border this may not be a problem because you should be able to visit a pharmacy or other store that stocks the company’s products.

Otherwise the best option is to find an online supplier who offers cheap shipping rates to Canada. The price per pot is usually around USD$ 15 (CAN$ 19). That’s not expensive, but there isn’t a money back guarantee.


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Ph.375 Review for Canada with Before and After Pics

Ph375 Buy CanadaPh.375 is diet pill brought to market by Wolfson Berg. The company is a world leader in supplement manufacture and has a credibility rating that is second to none.

However, they are saying Ph.375 can deliver fast weight loss just by taking one pill a day.

That’s a pretty tall order. We have to admit to being more than a little skeptical about this product’s ability to make good on such a promise, so we decided to take a closer look at this one-pill-per-day formulation and see how good it really is.

Ph375 Canada websitePh.375 is exclusively available through the manufacturers website.

Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills.

There is a 60 day money refund policy and shipping free everywhere in the world

There is a special offer running that enables customers to buy 4 months worth and get and additional 2 months free

 Click here to to visit official Ph375 website and view pricing

What is Ph.375 and How Does it Work?

Ph.375 is weight loss pill that’s designed to offer dieters support in five main areas.

The promised benefits are:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Accelerated fat burning
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Mood improvement
  • Prevention of fat production

Ph375 guidesIf the formulation does what it’s supposed to do, it will make weight loss easier by taking away hunger pangs and preventing diet-related moodiness.

Eating a reduced amount of food will then become less of a problem, but a reduced amount of calories could result in a corresponding decrease in energy levels, so Wolfson Berg have added ingredients that can prevent this from becoming a problem.

The formulation also contains an ingredient that stops fat cell formation and several of the ingredients are proven fat burners.

Key Ingredients

Each (1 capsule) dose provides:

  • Calcium (105mg): A mineral that’s necessary for strong teeth and bones. Research shows increasing calcium levels can produce cellular changes that prevent the body from converting excess calories to fat.
  • Chromium Picolinate (125mcg): A popular diet pill ingredient that helps prevent blood sugar imbalances that may bring on a desire for sweet food.

Proprietary inX-5 Blend (770mg)

  • L-Carnitine: An amino acid that helps the body convert its stores of fat into a useable source of energy. Supplementation with L-Carnitine also improves the mood and prevents depression.
  • Citrus Aurantium: A species of orange that provides a fat burning compound called synephrine. Citrus aurantium is also an energy booster.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A popular energy providing ingredient that’s good for improving mental focus and concentration. Caffeine is often added to diet pills because it suppresses the appetite. It also boasts proven fat burning abilities.
  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract: A fat burning plant extract that’s often used in supplements intended for bodybuilders because it protects existing muscle mass.
  • Artichoke Leaf: A vegetable derivative that has known appetite suppressing abilities. Artichoke is also a popular detox ingredient. This gives it added value here because many people gain weight when their metabolism slows down due to a build-up of toxins.
  • Cayenne Pepper: Research conducted in Canada shows cayenne red pepper has the ability to increase diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation. Cayenne serves a double function here because it’s a proven appetite suppressant as well.
Usage Instructions – Only one pill is required per day and should be washed down with a glass of water. It’s best if the stomach is empty and making a commitment to diet and exercise is advised to help maximize the results.

Ph.375 before and after pics

Ph.375 Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is excellent.

A few average Ph.375 customer reviews read:

“Diet and exercise was helping, but it was a slow job and I often felt hungry. These pills have got me losing weight a lot faster and the huger cravings are gone.”
“I put on weight slowly. It took me five years but I got up to 220 lbs and my wife began worrying about the strain on my heart. One day she handed me a bottle of Ph.375 and begged me to lose weight. My weight is dropping like nobody’s business now and I’m losing up to 6lbs a week.”
“These wonderful pills helped me to lose 18 pounds in a month! I can’t believe how good they are.”
“I used to feel ashamed of the way I looked and had no confidence when talking to guys. I decided to take action and began going to gym. I also cut back on my food, but hated feeling hungry. That’s why I bought Ph.375. I’m totally gob smacked by how well it works. Hunger is no longer a problem and I’ve been losing 4lbs a week. I’ve lost 2 stone so far and feel more happy and confident than I have in years.”

Ph.375 Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects are unlikely, but Ph.375 is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child or for anyone who is under 18-years of age.

Individuals with existing health problems are advised to check with a doctor before using Ph.375 or any other dietary supplement. The same advice is offered to people who are using medication or planning to take two or more supplements alongside each other.


Ph.375 is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Although we initially had some doubts, it seems Wolfson Berg have come up with a formulation that can make good on all the claims they make for Ph.375.

The combination of ingredients is very good and, more importantly, customers reviews show it has already helped a lot of people to lose weight.

Customers are also provided with a lengthy money back guarantee, so even the most hardened Doubting Thomas can be sure there is nothing to lose.

We are extremely impressed by Ph.375 and are more than happy to add it to our list of approved weight loss products.

Where To Buy Ph.375

Ph375 CanadaPh.375 is only available via the manufacturer’s website.

Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills. Shipping is free.

There is a special offer running that enables customers to buy 4 months worth and get and additional 2 months free

 Click here to to visit official Ph375 website and view pricing