Abidexin Review – Is there a connection to Apidexin

  • Brand: Sounds like Apidexin
  • Made By: Abidexin
  • Type: appetite suppressant
  • Country: US, Canada, UK, Australia and many others
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $49.99
  • Special Offers: buy 3 for $109.95
  • Quick Comment: rebranded from Apidexin, lots of customer complaints
  • Where To Buy: from the official website

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What Is it

It is the new name for an old product— Apidexin diet pill. Both products are produced in the US by and are identical in every way apart from the name on the bottle.

Sometimes rebranding such as this is initiated by unscrupulous companies who wish to continue marketing a product that has secured a bad reputation, but although the original weight loss pill failed to set the world alight, neither did it enflame particularly heated criticism from consumers; so why the change?

Apparently they believed it was necessary to prevent buyers from confusing their product with the prescription drug Adipex P.

The product has been designed to be incorporated into an overall weight management system that includes healthy eating and regular exercise, and three main benefits are promised:

  • Suppressed appetite
  • Reduced body fat
  • Increased energy and improved focus

Buying Options and Incentives

Abidexin is available from selected independent retailers, and can also be found on the Amazon marketplace, but buying from the official website enables consumers to take advantage of several bulk buy incentives. Purchases of two bottles of more automatically qualify for:

  • Free US shipping
  • Price reductions
  • A free bottle of Colon Cleanse

Abidexin carries a higher price tag than many competing products, but all purchases are protected by a 90 day money back guarantee, irrespective of the chosen vendor.

Dosage and Promised Benefits

The recommended dose is one to three capsules, taken once each day, but consumers who opt for the maximum dose will discover their bottle empties fast because each bottle contains just 30 capsules.

The manufacturers claim Abidexin can “produce visible results, fast”, but many other manufacturers make similar claims for their products then fail to deliver on their promises. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and see if any of the claims are likely to ring true.

Key Ingredients (per capsule)

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (105 mg):  A powdered form of caffeine that should help provide the promised energy increases and improved focus, and may also assist fat burning potential
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (100 mg):  Certain to provide an extra helping of caffeine, but may also offer other benefits because Green coffee beans contain high levels of the proven fat burner, chlorogenic acid.
  • Green Select Phytosome Green Tea (75 mg):  Green tea extract with an added trademark. Green tea is a known antioxidant, and very beneficial to the health, but its potential for encouraging weight loss is yet to be proved.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis (75 mg): The technical name for African mango seeds. African Mango came into favor after it was endorsed by the American TV personality Dr. Oz, but his colleague, Dr. Edwards, who also endorsed the product, later revealed many supportive studies were conducted by researchers who stood to benefit from the product’s success.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 (25 mg):  This enzyme occurs naturally in the body, and can also be found in many food product such as fish and liver. It is essential for new cell production in the body and can combat illness and even protect against cancers.

Customer Feedback

The official website showcases many positive testimonials, that are backed up by some dubious “before” and “after” pictures that fail to inspire any confidence in the product’s abilities.  Reviews posted on the Amazon website are probably more reliable and are in greater supply, but very few of them support the claims made for this product. One reviewer states:

“I can’t give this pill any stars because it didn’t work for me. Maybe it worked for someone else, but as for me it made me gain 5 lbs. And I began to eat more than what I usually do. I requested my money back!”

Sadly this is a typical response.

Side Effects and Known Issues

No side effects are reported, but pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to avoid this product. It can also lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, so anybody who has known health issues is strongly advised to seek medical advice before deciding to use Abidexin.

The Verdict

The official website displays easy to find contact details and offers a good level of customer service. All of this suggests that they are a reputable company, but Abidexin does not appear to have the ability to live up to its marketing hype.

There is no denying the product contains some promising ingredients, but the same ingredients can be found in many cheaper products that will offer the consumer better results and value for money. Abidexin has not been tested and customer feedback is so poor this product cannot be recommended.Where to Buy

The official website appears to be the only suppler and stockists.

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  1. I have bought Abidexin, tried it for 3 months and it has done absolutely nothing. I am still the same weight as when I started.

  2. i have been taking Abidexin since April , it looks like i have lost a bit now on last bottle not sure to reorder my b elly hasn’t dropped still there what should i do ? please advise should i reorder ? or what is Lipofuze ?? does that work the same ?? i only want to use something to loose weight with no side effects i wan t only natural please advise back to me be emailing me thank you Maria

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