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What are the Best Diet Pills for 2021

While we were compiling our list of best diet pills for 2021 we noticed something interesting.

Most of the top diet pills are intended to be provide dieters with a safe alternative to the prescription drug Phentermine.

In fact, three of the four products that made it to our list were created with this in mind and customer reviews show all three products do what they are supposed to do by providing fast weight loss without side effects.

However, although Phentermine is only an appetite suppressant, the three safer option listed below are not so restricted in their function and the fact that they offer dieters a greater level of support probably accounts for a lot of their success.

The fourth entry on our list of best diet pills for 2021 does not have a “Phen” in its name, but it does have an excellent reputation when it comes to delivering results, there are no known side effects, and it’s currently one of the fastest selling fat burners on the market.


PhenQLots of different factors can come into play when you are trying to lose weight and different people need support in different ways.

Although it’s designed to be a safe and effective Phentermine replacement product, PhenQ doesn’t just achieve this aim by providing superior appetite suppression.

The carefully chosen formulation of ingredients also boosts the metabolism, blocks fat, and offers dieters such a broad spectrum of help it would take a combination of lesser diet pills to provide anything like the same results.

Launched in 2015, PhenQ is still a relatively new diet pill, but its reputation for delivering results is second to none. Nearly 200,000 people have lost weight by using PhenQ and it’s currently ranked no.1 in the world.

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Phen375 canadaPhen375 is a Phentermine substitute that contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is packed in a bottle that makes it look more like a product you would get from a doctor than buy off the shelf.

The capsules even mimic the look of the prescription drug by having a white body that displays Phentermine-like blue specks.

A lot of people who buy Phen375 do so after having bad experiences with Phentermine and customer reviews suggest many people are losing about 5lbs per week using this product.

Bearing in mind the trouble that has gone into making this diet pill look the part, it’s not surprising that the Phen375 sales page places a lot of emphasis on the product’s ability to suppress the appetite.

But this product is being sold short. A big reason for its success comes courtesy of the fact it offers dieters help in other areas as well by boosting energy levels, speeding up the metabolism, and encouraging the body to burn fat.

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Phentaslim top productPhentaslim and Phen375 may have been created with the same desired intent, but the two products are as different as chalk and cheese. Phentaslim capsules are a very distinctive red and there is no way on earth they could be mistaken Phentermine.

The red upon black label, with fiery lettering, also gives the product a hardcore look that most other Phentermine substitutes do not have.

The pills are sold with the promise they will destroy hunger and annihilate body fat, but everything about the way the product is marketed suggests appetite suppression takes second place to fat burning.

However, customer reviews show this product is as effective for curbing hunger as it is for burning fat and it has already succeeded in helping a lot of people to lose more weight than they could possibly hope to lose with a Phentermine prescription.

Many customers say they saw their excess pounds “melt away” with Phentaslim, and side effects don’t appear to be an issue, so it’s pretty safe to say the scientists that developed the product achieved their desired aim.

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Garcinia Extra

Buy Garcinia Extra CanadaDiet pills that contain garcinia cambogia are very common these days and a lot of diet pill manufacturers are marketing products that are totally reliant on the ingredient’s awesome ability to curb hunger and prevent the body from creating fresh stores of body fat.

Garcinia cambogia extract also appears to have the ability to have a positive influence on the mood, so good diet pills that contain garcinia cambogia can take some of the hard work out of weight loss by helping prevent diet-related depression.

However, Garcinia Extra is a better option than other similar products because the garcinia cambogia extract it contains is paired with raspberry ketone.

A respected appetite suppressant and fat burner in its own right, raspberry ketone is capable of providing the metabolism with a considerable boost. A lot of people have lost a lot of weight using this product.

A weight loss of two to three pounds per week appears to be easily attainable and Garcinia Extra is 100% stimulant free.

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The Top Four Diet Pills Compared

PhenQ Phen375 Phentaslim Garcinia Extra
Curbs Hunger
Burns Fat
Boosts Metabolism
Provides Energy       X
Blocks Dietary Fats        X       X       X
Stops Fat Production        X        X
Enhances the Mood        X        X
Guarantee   (60 Days)   (60 Days)   (60 Days)   (60 Days)


Exercise Replacement Pill – GW501516

Exercise Pill GW501516An experimental drug that is capable of helping mice to run on a treadmill for 70% longer before becoming exhausted might be used to develop a tablet that provides the same effects as exercise.

Although things that work for mice do not always work for humans, the researchers at the Salk Institute (USA), are so confident of the drug’s potential they are presently looking for a pharmaceutical company to help them do human tests and, hopefully, produce an exercise replacement tablet in the future.

All of the mice used in the study had a sedentary lifestyle and were only normally capable of running in a treadmill for 2 hours 40 minutes. However, when some of the mice were given the drug they managed to keep running for 4 hours 30 minutes.

The drug is called GW501516. It was developed during the 1990s, but was dropped by its creators when it was discovered it may cause dangerous side effects. However, its performance boosting abilities make it very attractive to some athletes and it is presently available to buy illegally, on the black market.

Exercise pillGW501516 activates a gene called PPARD that is associated with the ability to run long distances. It also appears to alter insulin sensitivity and prevent weight gain. These are all capabilities that are normally associated with exercise and physical fitness.

One of the researchers, Dr Weiwei Fan, said: “Exercise activates PPARD, but we’re showing that you can do the same thing without mechanical training. It means you can improve endurance to an equivalent level to someone in training without the physical effort.”

Dr Fan’s colleague, Professor Ronald Evans is equally enthusiastic about the idea of creating an exercise tablet. “It’s well known that people can improve their aerobic endurance through training,” Evans said. “The question for us was: how does endurance work? And if we learn to really understand the science, can we replace training with a drug?”

As people start to attain a greater level of physical fitness, their muscles start to burn more fat and less blood sugar. It is believed the PPARD gene is involved in the process.

Exercise Pill canadaHowever, although burning fat is a desirable benefit dieters will appreciate, the brain prefers the energy provided by sugar. This explains why long-distance runners “hit the wall” and become confused.

According to the researchers, as people become more used to exercise their body adapts by prioritizing the use of sugar to power mental function, while the muscles burn fat instead.

The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism (02-05-2017) and was inspired by previous research into the relationship between exercise and endurance.

Although an exercise tablet could easily be misused by athletes hoping for an edge over their competitors, and could also be used by unscrupulous horse trainers, it could offer hope to people who are seriously overweight but cannot exercise due to health restrictions or old age.

If it is ever created, an exercise tablet may be of particular value to people who have heart conditions and need to lose weight, but have to be careful about overdoing things.

In a statement, the researchers said: “The team can envision a number of therapeutic applications for a prescription drug based on GW501516, from increasing fat burning in people suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes to improving patients’ fitness before and after surgery.”

However, some medical experts are not convinced using GW501516 to create an exercise tablet is a good idea. Ali Tavassoli, professor of chemical biology at Southampton University, said, “Someone with obesity or diabetes could be taking a pill for 40 or 50 years. What happens when you take a drug like this for that long? I can’t see these things getting regulatory approval.”

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Best Appetite Suppressants – Canada and USA

Appetite suppression can play a key role in any successful weight loss program. Although some people are strong enough to fight their hunger urges and go it alone, many are not and there is no need to feel ashamed if you need a little extra help to stick to your calorie-restricted diet.

If you are looking for an appetite suppressant these days, you will be spoiled for choice. There are a lot of options available, but many of them are lacking in power or simply do not work at all. However, there are a few that can deliver the goods, and do so without causing side effects, and five of them stand head and shoulders above the rest.


PhenQPhenQ’s reputation as an appetite suppressant is probably mostly thanks to the nopal content. Nopal is a cactus extract that has been used as an appetite killer for hundreds of years.

Scientists have yet to define the way nopal works on the appetite but it has been speculated its abilities may be due to one or more of the many amino acids that are included in its makeup.

More recently, scientists have discovered nopal also functions as a fat blocker. This makes it doubly valuable because every gram of fat eaten would normally provide the body with nine calories.

Nopal’s ability to shield dietary fat from the digestive enzymes can make a big difference to a calorie controlled diet and help lower the daily calorie intake considerably.

The fat blocking ability of nopal offers a rather interesting bonus because the presence of the blocked fat inside the digestive organs can create a feeling of satiety that causes the brain to cancel the signals it was sending the body to encourage it to eat.

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Phen375 canadaA best-selling diet pill that has been around for a long time. It may no longer be the market leader, but Phen375 is still way ahead of the pack and has been such a successful product, for so many years, some of the less scrupulous diet pill manufacturers have come up with copy-cat products that have a similar bottle but are incapable of providing the same intensive weight loss support as the real Phen375.

However there is no need to be fooled. The genuine product is only available from the official website. If you see it for sale elsewhere you’re looking at a fake.

The hunger suppressing ability of Phen375 is no secret. A lot of people have lost a lot of weight with this product and done so without feeling hungry. The manufacturers have sold over 200,000 bottles and customer reviews are excellent.

With a name like “Phen375”, it’s pretty clear this diet pill is intended to be a safe and legal alternative to the prescription appetite suppressant Phentermine. The pills even mimic Phentermine by duplicating its white with blue specks look. It’s more than just an appetite suppressant though. Phen375 can further assist weight loss by increasing the metabolism and helping you to burn fat.

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Proactol XS

Proactol XSProactol XS is a good appetite suppressant that some dieters may overlook because it’s primarily marketed as as fat blocker. A gram of fat provides nine calories, so any good fat blocker that works in the promised way can be very useful for reducing the amount of calories the body receives each day.

The fat blocking action of Proactol XS is provided by chitosan. The body cannot absorb chitosan, but chitosan can absorb the dietary fat it encounters in the digestive system and, by doing so, chitosan makes the fat indigestible too. The presence of the resulting chitosan-fat compound provides a feeling of satiety and the appetite is suppressed.

Unfortunately, some of the people who don’t overlook Proactol XS may still be tempted to avoid it. Even those who are aware of how good an appetite suppressant it can be.

Most diet pills that contain chitosan use the type that is taken from sea-living crustaceans. This is unsuitable for people who are vegetarian or allergic to seafood. However, the chitosan used in Proactol XS does not present such problems because its obtained from a species of fungus and is known to be more powerful than the other form.

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Like many of the best appetite suppressants, Phentaslim is a versatile diet pill that covers several bases and is good for helping dieters to lose weight quickly.

At the time of this review Phentaslim had succeeded in impressing over 100,000 customers. Due to the fact that it is so cleverly named, a lot of people who buy the pills have discovered them because they were searching for a way to buy Phentermine online.

The prescription only drug Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that is often seen as being the be all and end all when it comes to weight loss, but it’s abilities are incredibly overrated and many former Phentermine users who have switched to Phentaslim say Phentaslim offers superior results.

The strong appetite suppression provided by Phentaslim is partly due to its caffeine content. Caffeine has proven hunger curbing abilities and it gets to work fast.

There is some guarana in the formulation as well. It provides caffeine too, but does so more slowly so the benefits can go on for extended periods of time. However Cayenne is probably the main appetite suppressor because it provides capsaicin. Science shows that it works and it’s also a powerful fat burner.

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Gravitate Supersculpt

Supersculpt CanadaSupersculpt is an appetite suppressant created by the folks over at Gravitate Nutrition. The only other product they sell is a nutritional supplement called DietVits and it’s intended to be used alongside Supersculp.

This is not a bad idea because anyone who is eating less food to lose weight may also be failing to get all of the vitamins and minerals they need.

DietVits is a quality product that should be able to pick up the slack and some of the inclusions are likely to help speed up weight loss. B Vitamins are good for the metabolism, and chromium balances insulin levels and can help prevent the after-meal sugar spikes that can trigger a desire for sweet food.

The reason Gravitate Supersculp is such a good appetite suppressant is due to its simple formulation that consists of one scientifically proven ingredient.

It’s called glucomannan and its highly absorbent nature allows it to soak up water inside the stomach and then expand to form a gelatinous mass that fills the stomach cavity and makes it feel pleasantly full. When the stomach feels full it signals the brain and the brain responds by dulling the desire for food.

The other impressive thing about Supersculp is the dose. Two pills provide 1,000mg, and the European Food Safety Authority confirm this is the amount that is needed to get the best results.

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Best Diet Pills For 2021 – Best Fat Burners, Fat Blockers and Appetite Suppressants

Updated for 2021

Diet Pills for womenWhat are the best diet pills to buy in 2021? If that’s what you are asking yourself you are not alone, but finding the best of the best is not an easy chore – there are many products on the market each with it’s own weight loss angle.

Diet pills – or the mechanics of actions of diet pills can be split into three distict major categories: fat burners, fat blockers or fat binders and appetite suppressants. Those with more than one mechnic of action are the products to considered more closely that the one function products.

Here are the current top diet pills that customers from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK are buying.

PhenQ – Multi Action Fat Burner

PhenQWe picked this product last year and we’re picking it again. It’s a multi-action diet pill that’s a fat burner, fat blocker, and appetite suppressant rolled into one.

It also has the ability to improve the mood and boost energy levels; so dieters who decide to lose weight with PhenQ need have no fear their new healthy lifestyle will leave them feeling blue or overly tired. Nor will they need to worry about having to constantly battle hunger pangs. Thus far, we’ve never encountered a product that offers dieters better all around support.

The pills are easy to swallow, past customers agree the formulation works, and many people say the pills are particularly effective for burning unwanted body fat that as accumulated in troublesome areas such as the waist, upper arms, and thighs.

Buying PhenQ is easy. It has its own official site and the manufacturer provides free shipping to addresses anywhere in the world. It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Phentaslim – Fat Burner, Workout Supplement

Phentaslim top productPhentaslim is a “maximum strength fat burner”. It says so on the bottle and countless customers the world over swear the words are true. Like the other two products that made our list of best diet pills for 2017, Phentaslim has the ability to deliver results and its a top-rated fat burner in many different areas of the world. The fact that it has become such a popular fat burner is not surprising because the capsules contain some of the most respected fat incinerators available, but the pills are no one-hit-wonder.

They are designed to attack problem areas in a number of ways and give dieters the tools they need to ensure their weight loss dreams are realized. Phentaslim is an appetite suppressant that curbs hunger pangs and helps you eat less calories. It increases the metabolism too, enabling you to burn calories faster and get to work on stores of fat. Phetaslim also boosts energy levels, so your diet won’t leave you feeling so dog-tired you want to throw in the towel.

As with many top diet pills, Phentaslim has an official website and it’s the only place to go if you want the genuine product. If you see it elsewhere it’s probably a knock-off product that won’t be capable of matching Phentaslim’s ability to maximize results and deliver the fast, safe weight loss most dieters want. It’s a very worthy addition to our list of best diet pills for 2017, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Phen375 – Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant

Phen375 canadaPhen375 is another of our all-time favourite diet pills. It’s a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner that get the job done. It’s not a new product. It’s been around for a number of years and most dieters who use Phen375 can expect to achieve a weight loss of 3 – 5lbs (1.3 – 2.2kg) per week, though, in all honesty there is no shortage of customer reviews left by people boasting they have lost considerably more. The only problem with Phen375 is, to a certain extent, it has fallen victim to its own success.

The fact that so many people are raving about how good the pills are has encouraged a number of copy-cat products that have names and packaging that are so similar, it is easy to make a mistake and buy the wrong product. The original Phen375 is the best. It’s manufactured in the USA and UK and has its own official website.

Phen375 is also a safe and legal substitute for Phentermine. It contains pharmacy grade ingredients, but its available with out prescription and, unlike Phentermine, Phen375 can give energy levels a boost. That’s a feature that many dieters will appreciate and one of the best things about Phen375 is there are no known side effects.

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Contrave – what does it do, is it available to buy from a pharmacy

Contrave CanadaContrave is a weight loss medication doctors prescribe as a treatment for their most obese patients. Its use was approved by the American FDA in 2014 and the following year the relevant deciding bodies approved it for use in Europe.

Unlike some of the other weight loss medications doctors have at their disposal, Contrave does not contain one drug. It contains two (Buprion and Naltrexone) and although both drugs are normally used as a treatment for other things, including depression (Buprion) and alcohol dependence (Naltrexone), each of them appears to have the potential to encourage some degree of weight loss and their abilities are increased when they are combined.

How Contrave Works

Contrave is an appetite suppressant that works on the mind rather than the body. Once the drug has been consumed it is transported to the brain, via the blood, targets the areas of the central nervous system that are responsible for controlling hunger levels, and causes changes that suppress the appetite.

Scientific Study

The manufacturer of Contrave conducted a number of clinical trials before the drug was presented to the FDA for approval. The number of study subjects involved totalled 4,500. All of them were obese and some of them had weight-related problems. Others did not. The study period was a year and all of the study subjects were required to maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. When the data was examined the researchers discovered the people who were given Contrave had lost 4.1% more weight than the people who received a placebo. The FDA referred to this study when they announced their approval of the drug in September 2014.

Usage Guidelines – Contrave capsules should always be swallowed whole and it is important not to consume Contrave alongside meals that have a high fat content or while drinking alcohol as doing either of these things can increase the likelihood of seizure.

Although the normal dose is four capsules each day, new users have to build up to that level gradually. For the first week of use only one capsule is allowed per day. This should be taken in the morning. On the second week patients take a second capsule during the evening. The following week the morning dose is increased to two capsules, but the evening dose remains the same. The full dose, of two capsules each morning and two capsules every evening, comes into force from week four onwards.


Not everyone is a good candidate for treatment with Contrave and doctors have to make a decision based on the official guidelines, their patients’ medical history, and any medication that may presently be in use.

The official guidelines state the drug must always be used alongside diet and exercise, so any patient who is not willing to make a serious commitment to make the necessary lifestyle changes will be unable to attain a prescription for Contrave.

The guidelines also state patients must have attained a minimum BMI of 27 (with weight-related health problems) or a BMI of 30 (without weight related problems).

However, Contrave is not suitable for pregnant women, people who suffer from eating disorders, or anyone who has high blood pressure, a history of seizures, or certain other medical problems.

Unfavorable Interactions

Contrave is not compatible with some medications, including sedatives, benzosiazepines, anti-seizure drugs, methadone, and buprenorphine.

Potential for Side Effects

Bearing in mind all the considerations regarding its use, it would be nice if Contrave could offer weight loss without side effects, but that is far from being the case.

A few of the more commonly experienced side effects Contrave users may encounter are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in bowel movement

However, less commonly encountered, but more serious side effects, include:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Increased heart rate
  • Manic episodes
  • Liver damage/hepatitis
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Visual problems

Other Considerations

Although it is not one of the worst performing prescription only weight loss drugs, neither does Contrave appear to be one of the best. When researchers compared its abilities to Qsymia, Contrave came a poor second because study subjects who received Qsymia showed a 9% reduction in their body weight and the study subjects who were given Contrave only showed a 5% reduction. However, this was still 2% more than the Belviq users managed to achieve.

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