SlimQuick Fat Burner

  • SlimQuick Fat Buner with Mixed Berries for womneBrand: Fat Burner
  • Made By: Slimquick
  • Type: fat burner
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and many more
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $25.99
  • Special Offers: varies from stockist
  • Quick Comment: there are two ‘fat burner’ products in the range, the standard and one with mixed berries
  • Where To Buy: many pharmacies and health supplement suppliers such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target, Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drug Mart and

Not Recommended

SlimQuick Fat Burner Overview

officla Canada website for SlimQuick fat burnerAccording to SlimQuick’s official sales page their product is fast-working and has been formulated to overcome the six psychological barriers women face when trying to lose weight. The nature of these barriers is never elaborated on though, nor is there any explanation as to why these barriers should be any different to those faced by male dieters.

Fat Burner does have the advantage of being an easy supplement to get hold of though. Most Canadian customers will need look no further than the nearest Walmart, but many other retailers also stock SlimQuick products and several online purchasing options are also available.

The recommended retail price is just under $30, and some outlets sell Fat Burner for around half this price, so not only is it a readily available product, it can also be quite reasonably priced, but no money back guarantee is offered and there are many things about this product that suggest cautious buying.

What is SlimQuick Fat Burner and How Does it Work?

SlimQuick Fat Burner is a diet pill. The manufacturers prefer to call it a “caplet”, but what’s in a name? The first dose should be taken with 8 oz. of water, at breakfast. The second dose is taken six hours later and Fat Burner is slightly different to the other products in the SlimQuick range because a dosing chart is provided, and the dose increases over a three week period.

  • Week 1:  1 pill, taken twice a day.
  • Weed 2:  2 pills, taken twice a day.
  • Week 3:  3 pills, taken twice a day.

As with the majority of diet products, Fat Burner has been designed to be used alongside an overall weight management system that includes a calorie reduced diet and regular exercise.

Key Ingredients

Like many of their products, SlimQuick’s Fat Burner contains an above average amount of ingredients, most of which form a proprietary blend (738 mg).  The use of such a blend is not uncommon, but it makes it very hard to judge a product’s pros and cons because the inclusion rates in proprietary blends are seldom stated.

It is also interesting to note that their chosen blend, called “SlimQuick 6 Ways Complex” is also used for their Extra Strength product, but comparing the two lists of ingredients reveals several discrepancies. The 6 Ways Complex in SlimQuick Extra Strength shows Black Pepper Extract, Pomegranate, and capsicum Extract.

Fat Burner does not contain any of these ingredients, so it would seem that their 6 Ways Complex varies from product to product, and his does not instill much faith in the manufacturer, their blends, or their products.

Key ingredients stated for this 6 Ways Complex include:

Green tea extract Chaste tree extract
Caffeine (ahydrous) Soy extract
Green tea phytosome Uva-Ursi
Rhodiola extract Japanese knotweed
Brown seaweed Phytosterols

Green tea is often found in dietary supplements, but its fat-busting powers are far from proven. Capsicum, on the other hand, has been proven to assist fat metabolism, as has a component found in black pepper, but although these are purported to be included in the 6 Ways Complex—as used in Extra Strength—their absence here results in a poor-looking lineup.

Clinical Study

SlimQuick Fat Burner has never been tested and it may not work, but visitors to the SlimQuick website’s “Clinical Study” page can be forgiven if they fail to realize this because the page is very misleading.  A graph appears to show effective SlimQuick results, as does a doctor’s statement, but the statement and the graph both refer to an unknown ingredient that SlimQuick claim to use in their product (which product, or products, is not stated).

Customer Feedback

The testimonials shown on the SlimQuick website paint a glowing picture, but fail to mention which product they refer to, and closer inspection of some of the smaller print reveals that some dieters were “remunerated” for their endorsements.

Many independent reviews are less than positive:

“I didn’t lose any extra weight with it – nothing! Not surprising it was a waste of money.”
“Made me very jittery, made me nauseous. I guess it did suppress my appetite because I was no nauseous. Did not work for me and made that week a terrible one.”

SlimQuick Fat Burner Side Effects

Independent feedback indicates the use of these pills may cause side effects, so pregnant and nursing mothers are advised against using this product. All other potential users are urged to seem medical advice before use.

The Bottom Line – Is It Recommended

Despite the many misleading claims made for SlimQuick Fat Burner, there is no proof that it works. The list of ingredients is not particularly impressive and the 6 Ways Compound, that makes up the majority of the blend, is a very questionable addition because SlimQuick appear to change the constituent parts for different products in their range.

Many other things also fail to impress:

  • Misleading marketing tactics
  • The use of paid testimonials
  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • No money back guarantee
  • Some users complain of side effects

SlimQuick make many promises for their fat burner, but provide no real evidence to back them up. Talk is cheap, and although the manufactures can talk the talk, customer feedback indicates their product fails to walk the walk, so consumers are advised to look elsewhere.


Where To Buy SlimQuick Fat Burner

Available to buy from many outlets and stockists both in store and online including many pharmacies and health supplement suppliers such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target, Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drug Mart and

Alternative Option

PhenQ diet pillIf you are wanting to use a fat burner then PhenQ gets out highest recommendation.

PhenQ has been the highest rated fat burner on numerous weight loss related organisation for last few years. It is made with premium ingredients that are hybrid from the natural and pharmaceutical world.

What really sets PhenQ apart is its customer testimonials, long 60 day refund policy and free shipping everywhere

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