Abundance Naturally Ultra Chromatone Plus – UCP Review

Abundance Naturally Ultra Chromatone PlusUltra Chromatone Plus (UCP) is a diet pill produced by Abundance Naturally. The company maintains a head office in Ontario and customer service representatives can be contacted via letter, fax, email, and online form. A toll free telephone number is also available. It is always confidence building to see so many contact options. It suggests a company with nothing to hide and indicates a desire to provide customer satisfaction.

Abundance Naturally produces an impressive range of health and wellness products, but Ultra Chromatone Plus (UCP) appears to be the only product that is designed to function, first and foremost, as a weight loss provider.

The main benefits are:

  • Helps to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Contains thermogenic herbs
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Assists the function of the thyroid gland

What is Ultra Chromatone Plus and How Does it Work? 

If the formulation can aid the metabolism of important macronutrients in the promised way the body will receive fuller benefits from the food it receives and energy may be extracted more efficiently. This could invigorate the user and help prevent diet-related fatigue.

Presuming the choice of ingredients has been made wisely, the presence of thermogenic herbs should trigger a slight rise in the body’s core temperature that will cause and increased amount of calories to be lost as heat.

If UCP can assist thyroid function it may support further weight loss because the thyroid produces hormones that are necessary for an efficient metabolism. However, many people who struggle with their weight do not have inefficient thyroid glands. Ultra Chromate Plus will offer the most benefit to those who do.

Key Ingredients

Abundance Naturally fails to state if the inclusion rates provided are per capsule or per dose, but UCP contains the following ingredients:

  • Cayenne (50mg): Some evidence suggests cayenne may be an appetite suppressant, but it is generally added to weight loss supplements because it is known to be a powerful metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner.
  • Chromium (100mcg): A diet pill regular that may assist weight loss by helping to control blood sugar levels and limiting the desire for sweet food.
  • Siberian Ginseng (26mg): A versatile herb that boosts the immune system, fights fatigue, and can improve the health in numerous ways. It is unlikely to encourage weight loss, but may prevent dieters from feeling tired or out of sorts due to eating less food than normal.
  • Vitamin B3 (1.3mg): An important vitamin that is necessary for an efficient metabolism. Supplementation with Vitamin B3 is also believed to help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Cassia (125mg): A Chinese herb with diuretic abilities. It is not a fat burner, but the fact that it can reduce the amount of water the body retains may result in temporary weight loss.
  • Peppermint (10mg): A natural ingredient that is good for aiding digestion and encouraging healthy bowel movement.
  • Ginger (25mg): Another ingredient that is known to aid the digestive process.
  • Iodine (5mcg): People who have gained weight due to a sluggish thyroid gland may benefit from supplementation with iodine.
  • Astragalus (5mg (4:1): Chinese herbalists sometimes use astragalus to improve the immune system. It is also occasionally used to counteract the negative effects of chemotherapy, but astragalus is not normally associated with weight loss.
  • Chamomile (5mg): Although chamomile promotes a relaxed state, and may help people attain a good night’s sleep, it is unlikely to help anyone to lose weight.
  • Ganoderma (5mg): More commonly known as reishi mushroom, ganoderma is believed to offer many benefits and is sometimes added to weight loss supplements because its presence may help prevent diet-related fatigue.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules are required twice per day and should be taken with a meal.

Customer Feedback

We were only able to find one online store that had any customer reviews. There were only five of them and they suggest the product has value both as a weight loss aid and an energy provider. However, most of the reviews were written in very poor English and had a style that was so similar it suggested they may have been written by the same individual.

Ultra Chromatone Plus Side Effects

The manufacturer fails to state is side effects are likely to be encountered, but UCP is unlikely to be a good option for pregnant or nursing mothers. People who have existing health problems should always check with a health-care practitioner prior to using any brand of supplement. Anyone who is taking medication should take the same precaution.

Buying Ultra Chromatone Plus

Each bottle of Ultra Chromate Plus contains 90 capsules and costs $29.99 when purchased from the manufacturer’s website. The product is also available via a number of other online sources including Amazon, VitaShop.ca, and Nature’s Nutrition. Prices can vary from one supplier to the next and, at the time of this review, Well.ca was the cheapest option because they were selling Ultra Chromate Plus for just $15 per bottle.

Abundance Naturally Ultra Chromatone Plus Guarantee

There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The fact that UCP contains cayenne may be enough to encourage weight loss. The presence of iodine may offer benefit to a few dieters as well. Chromium and Vitamin B3 are also not without value, but the majority of the ingredients, though useful for promoting good health, are unlikely to help speed up the weight loss process. So, although it is possible Ultra Chromate Plus may help with weight loss, the formulation does not compare well to that of many competing products.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ recommendedIf you are looking for an effective weight loss product then we suggest PhenQ. PhenQ is arguably the best selling multi action weight loss pill on the planet with strong sales in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK – a good indicator of validity.

PhenQ has the ingredients to help it’s users to burn and block dietary fat as well as suppress appetite.

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