Activ8X Diet Drops with the AVX Diet Plan

  • Activ8xBrand: Activ8 X
  • Made By: AMAS Enterprises
  • Type: Diet drops with diet plan
  • Country: US, Canada, UK, Australia and many other European countries
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: One bottle is $84 (US prices quoted)
  • Special Offers: Buy a 3 pack from $66per bottle.
  • Quick Comment: it may seem expensive, but this product is highly effective – it works
  • Where To Buy: From the official website

Available to buy exclusively from the official website.
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Activ8 X is an all-around diet solution, consisting of diet drops and an optional diet plan. The drops are made in the UK by Amas Enterprises Ltd. The company states the drops can assist weight loss in four ways:

  • Hunger control
  • Fat burning
  • Metabolism/energy boosting
  • Carbohydrate blocking

Activ 8 X diet drops advertAll sales are made via the official website. The site contains a wealth of information, is easy to navigate, and bears an unusually high amount of customer testimonials—all of them independently verified.

At nearly $90 for a single bottle (lasts one month), Activ8 X is quite a pricey option, so penny-pinching dieters may fail to give the drops serious consideration, which is a pity because it’s a strong product that should have the power to belt sagging waistlines back into shape and Amas provides a  generous 200 day money back guarantee. If product pricing remains a major deciding factor, potential customers should be aware savings of around $16 per bottle can be secured by adding an extra bottle or two to each order.

Main Benefits of Activ8 X Diet Drops

Diet dropsLiquid supplements tend to be easier on the stomach than capsule-type weight loss options. They are also absorbed more easily and get to work much faster.

Although results can be achieved without it, the Activ8 X diet plan is a definite bonus because dieters who adhere to its recommendations will secure better results and may also develop more sensible long-term healthy eating habits.

Key Ingredients

The Activ8 X website does not provide the inclusion rates, but the drops contain 10 natural ingredients

  • Capsicum:  A red-hot winner in the fight against obesity, capsicum capsainoids are scientifically proven to reduce calories, boost the metabolism, and burn away unwanted body fat.
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG):  Boosts the metabolism and encourages rapid fat burning.
  • Beta-alanine:   A non-essential amino acid that is an old favorite in bodybuilding communities thanks to its effective muscle-toning abilities. Probably incorporated here to minimize muscle loss due to dietary restrictions.
  • Chromium: The fat burner that may not be a fat burner—at least not according to recent tests. Studies conducted in the 1950s showed some very promising results though.
  • Grapefruit Powder: A powerful detox agent. Apparently included here to provide appetite suppression, but grapefruit is not famed for this ability.
  • Pyruvate: Believed to speed up the metabolism and ensure ingested sugar and starches are utilized as an energy source rather than becoming building blocks for fat tissues.
  • Garcinia:  An Asian fruit that contains high concentrations of hydroxycitric acid (HCA).  Known benefits include appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • Grape Seed Extract:  Contains generous amounts of health-enhancing antioxidants. Scientists are currently exploring the ingredient’s potential as a combined fat burner and carb blocker. Further testing is required, but early indications are good.
  • African Mango:  A “super fruit” ingredient that is rich in nutrients and has stacked up quite a reputation as a dietary aid. The average weight loss associated with African mango is 28 lbs. in 10 weeks.
  • Panax Ginseng:  Chinese herbalist have been extolling the health benefits of ginseng for thousands of years. Used here to support the blend’s carb blocking potential and help maintain correct blood sugar levels.

Customer Feedback

The Activ8 X website contains a lot of impressive reviews, filtered in via (testimonial verification service).

One customer states:

“In a 3 week course I lost 4lbs! I simply followed the diet plan and made sure I took the drops as and when I should do. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family and to anyone wanting to lose weight!”

Another is equally praising:

“I found activ8 X whilst I was googling diet supplements so I thought I would give it a go as it had good reviews. I am halfway through my first activ8 x course, and already I have lost 5 pounds last week! Although I didn’t use the activ8 x diet plan I found that I could use the drops with my existing plan which worked really well.”

Side Effects & Other Issues

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use Activ8 X. Anyone who has any health issues or concerns should seek medical advice prior to commencing supplementation.

Is It Recommended

Activ8 X contains some powerful weight loss ingredients that should ensure good results. The lack of inclusion rates is somewhat of an issue because such a lack makes it hard to assess the full potential of the blend, but the availability of so many positive reviews suggests Amas must have got the proportions right. The fact that the company is willing to offer such a long guarantee indicates Amas are also confident they have got the proportions right, so it’s hard to fault this product. It should get the job done. Activ8 X is a recommended weight loss product.


Where To Buy Activ8 X Diet Drops

Activ8 X diet dropsOrders are exclusive to the official website, shipping is to all countries that participate in free trade.

As mentioned above it is not cheap but you do get what you pay for. Activ8 X is accompanied by the excellent AVX diet plan – an in depth weight loss guide that is arguably the best of its kind in circulation.

Click here to visit the Activ8 X website

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