Meratrim – can it really triple your weight loss

Meratrim diet pillMeratrim is one of the latest weight loss products to be endorsed by the US TV show host Dr. Oz Mehmet, who called the compound a “groundbreaking new supplement” and told his viewers it has the power to triple weight loss.

Meratrim is a combination of the herbs East Indian globe thistle (sphaeranthus indicus) and purple mangosteen (garcinia mangostana).

Several scientific studies have shown the two to be a winning combination, but many dieters had never even heard the name ‘Meratrim’ and would probably have remained ignorant to its existence if not for Dr. Oz’s intervention.

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What is Meratrim and how does it Work?

Meratrim is a weight loss supplement that usually comes in capsule form. The recommended daily dose is 400mg taken twice a day, half an hour before eating; with the first dose being typically taken before breakfast and the second one before lunch.

Existing research shows use of the compound can prevent the formation of fresh fat cells and also encourage after meal fat burning coupled with more efficient calorie burning.

Scientific Studies

Scientific study on diet pillsThe Meratrim compound was created in laboratory test tubes and was only introduced to the market because the two herbs it consists of provided superior results to the other herbs tested, but several independent studies confirm the findings of the original research.

In one study, clinical trials were conducted on 100 people (of mixed sex) with a body mass index between 30 and 40 kg/m². All the subjects were allowed three (2,000 Kcal) meals a day and walked 30 minutes each day, for five days of the week.  Half of the subjects were supplemented with 400mg of Meratrim, twice a day, but the other 50 test subjects were given a placebo. Five of the test subjects dropped out, but at the end of the eight week test period the subjects who had taken the supplement showed a reduction in body weight, BMI, and waist and hip measurements.

The study concluded:

[plain]”Our findings suggest that the herbal blend appears to be a well-tolerated and effective ingredient for weight management.”[/plain]

Dr Oz on diet pillsIn his usual manner, Dr. Oz was keen to do his own tests so his repeated the study, using 30 members of his studio audience, but restricting the test period to just two weeks. The results of his study also appears to support the claims made for Meratrim.

Oz’s volunteers showed an average weight loss of 3lbs. per person accompanied by an average waist circumference reduction of 3″, and one woman admitted she had not done completed the required daily walks, but had still achieved a 3lb. weight loss and had lost 4″ from her waist.

Watch Dr Oz talk about Meratrim

Side Effects and Other Issues

The studies conducted on Meratrim suggest the compound is unlikely to cause side effects.

Researchers monitored subject carefully and reported:

[plain]”No changes were seen across organ function panels, multiple vital signs, and no major adverse events were reported. The minor adverse events were equally distributed between the two groups.”[/plain]

But 800g a day was the maximum dose used in all cases, so it would be unwise for dieters to take a higher dose. As with any weight loss supplement, pregnant and nursing mother, and anyone who has health issues or concerns, should always seek medical advice before use.

Concluding Thoughts

Meratrim is a simple blend of herbs designed to help people to manage and maintain their weight. Data from existing studies indicates the blend seems to do just that, so in this case less really does seem to be more because the two herbs used appear to offer more weight loss potential than many more complex blends.

Tests also suggest that side effects are unlikely, if the recommended dose is not exceeded, and it seems likely that the supplement may be suitable for use by dieters who have health issues that prevent them from using many other weight loss blends, or who cannot tolerate the high amounts of stimulants incorporated in some supplements.

Unfortunately Dr. Oz’s endorsement of the product has had a two-fold effect. On the one hand it has brought the benefits of Meratrim to the public’s attention, but his endorsement has also resulted in the market becoming inundated with new Meratrim products. Some of them are not as good as others so dieters who are considering purchasing a supply of Meratrim capsules should always ensure their chosen product contains 100% Meratrim and is not diluted with other ingredients.

Where To Buy Meratrim

Can be purchased in may stores that cater for dieters and those seeking to lose weight


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