Clenburexin Themogenic Fat Burner

  • ClenburexinBrand: Cleburexin
  • Made By: Trec
  • Type: Thermogenic fat burner
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and across Europe
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Varies wildly
  • Special Offers: several offers running
  • Quick Comment: Reports of a less than responsive customer service dept. Lots of negative feedback
  • Where To Buy: from Amazon.

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Clenburexin Overview

So many people are trying to lose weight whether it is for a special event, a New Year’s resolution or to improve their overall health. And because the demand is so high, new diet pills and supplements are being created nearly every day. The tricky part is distinguishing the good ones from the bad. One of the newest ones to hit the market is Clenburexin. Is it as good as it claims to be for helping you lose weight?

What is Clenburexin?

What is ClenburexinThe product is sold and marketed as a thermogenic fat burner which means it will rapidly increase the rate at which fat in your body is burned. This includes fat around your heart, the most dangerous type, and fat around your midsection known as visceral fat which can be extremely harmful to your internal organs.

The makers of Clenburexin (Trec) also claim that the product will burn fat underneath your skin. The entire fat-burning process is said to last throughout the day after taking the capsules. The recommendation is to take two capsules twice a day about a half hour before meals. You should also take it with at least eight ounces of water and greater than four hours before your bedtime or it could keep you up at night.

What is in Clenburexin

Clenburexin is made up of several ingredients including caffeine, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, yerba mate extract, ginger root extract, cayenne pepper extract and black pepper extract. Panthotenic acid and L-Tyrosine round out the list of active ingredients. Most of these natural ingredients have been shown to boost a person’s metabolism and reduce appetites.

Clenburexin Positives

You can easily find and purchase Clenburexin on the Internet. Many online retailers sell it so buying it is not difficult at all. The majority of ingredients are natural so you do not need to worry about taking a product with strange or potentially dangerous ingredients. There are also warnings on the bottle of capsules specifying who should not take Clenburexin including children, or women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. There is also a warning for those with caffeine intolerance or circulatory system disease.

Clenburexin Negatives

Natural ingredients and adequate warnings do not minimize the many things that are wrong with this product. For starters, there is no official website for the product. All the information about it is provided on retailer websites.

There is also not much in the way of customer testimonials including before-and-after pictures. One retailer’s customer reviews were nothing more than poorly structured phrases rather than complete sentences with useful information regarding the product.

Some were completely unintelligible making you wonder if these came from real customers or just someone getting paid to write phony reviews.

One bottle of Clenburexin yields one-hundred and eighty capsules for a price of nearly sixty dollars. While not extremely high in price, it is still significantly more than other fat burners that are sold.

Finally, there is no information regarding the ingredients in the product. Most other fat burners and diet supplements give a complete explanation, backed by science, on what each ingredient is, how it works, why it is effective for helping you lose weight and what the research has proven. None of that exists with Clenburexin. The ingredients are listed, but there is nothing else along with it like how it will help you burn fat or where the ingredients originate from since they are natural. For those who want full disclosure from a product’s manufacturer, Clenburexin falls very flat.

Should You Try Clenburexin?

If you decide to take Clenburexin, you will be doing so at your own risk having very little information about the product other than what an online retailer provides.

While the natural ingredients lend this product to being fairly safe, you still may want to proceed with a huge amount of caution.

Truthfully, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other fat burner products on the market that offer a lot more information about their effectiveness, the origin of their ingredients and adequate reviews from actual customers who have used the product and found success with it.

For the amount it will cost you, you can certainly find a better, and cheaper, thermogenic fat burner.

You need to feel confident when taking any supplement and that confidence comes from a product that fully discloses its ingredients rather than looking like it is trying to hide something from the public.

So, in other words, if you do decide to try Clenburexin, know that what you do not know can hurt you.


Where To Buy Clenburexin

There doesn’t appear to be an official website. There are several online stockists including of course Amazon.

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Clenburexin Themogenic Fat Burner — 1 Comment

  1. At the same time as taking clenburexin I became extremely suicidal. I did lose weight, but I was also on a low cal diet. So whether it was my Calorie intake alone or assisted by clenburexin is unknown. When I stopped taking clenburexin the suicidal thoughts subdued… Until I started taking them again. Avoid this product.

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