Controlex Appetite Suppressant Review

  • Controlex appetite suppressantBrand: Controlex
  • Made By: Leblanc Natural Products
  • Type: appetite suppression
  • Country: Canada
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $34.95
  • Special Offers: variable
  • Quick Comment: Endorsed by Nadeen Bowman (The Last Ten PoundsBulging BridesBootcamp)
  • Where To Buy: direct from the manufacturers website or third party retailers such as Walmart

Not Recommended

Controlex Overview

Controlex is a dietary supplement manufactured by Leblanc Natural Products, who claim it is “a simple, natural, and scientifically proven solution” that will provide the user with several benefits:

  • Weight control
  • Appetite control
  • Intestinal regularity
  • Regulation of cholesterol levels

The product is available from a variety of Canadian retail outlets, and many consumers will need look no further than their local branch of Walmart. Online purchases can be made from the manufacturer’s website, and a fixed shipping fee of $5 is in place for all orders, but a money back guarantee is not provided.

Leblanc Natural Products are owned by Walpole Inc.—the first registered pharmaceutical company in Canada—so there is no doubt about the integrity of the company, but a lengthy track record does not necessarily guarantee the effectiveness of every product produced, so let’s take a closer look at Controlex and see if it is likely to live up to the marketing.

What Is Controlex and How Does it Work?

Controlex is an appetite suppressant in capsule form. The recommended dose is one capsule, to be taken just before each meal. The capsules contain a gel that can absorb 50 to 100 times its own weight in water, so it is important to wash them down with a large drink (at least 250 ml). The absorbed water causes the gel to expand and it is this expansion that suppresses the appetite by making the stomach feel full. The logic behind this process cannot be doubted, but appetite suppressants of this nature are still relatively new and further study is required to ascertain the advisability of their use.

Key Ingredients

The capsules contain three main ingredients:

  • Pepsin:  A stomach enzyme that degrades food protein into peptides. Commercial grade peptin is usually extracted from a hog’s stomach lining. It is also a key ingredient in rennet (used to curdle milk for cheese production). As an ingredient in weight loss supplements though, its inclusion is, at best, speculative.
  • Yerba Mate:  Derived from the South America shrub, yerba mate has a history of medicinal use and is reputed to encourage weight loss but scientific evidence of this is lacking.
  • Glucomannan Root (Konjac):  A fibrous substance taken from a perennial plant. The ingested fibers are capable of absorbing significant amounts of moisture.
There is no doubt that any appetite suppressing qualities attributed to this blend will result from the inclusion of glucomannan root, but it is hard to say which—if any—ingredient is supposed to be responsible for intestinal regularity or  controlling cholesterol levels and the manufacturers fail to provide any information on this.

Media Focus and Success Stories

Nadeen Bowman endorses ControlexThe product has received a big push from the celebrity fitness trainer and nutrition expert Nadeen Bowman (The Last Ten Pounds, Bulging Brides, Bootcamp), who not only recommends Controlex, but also provides several dieting tips designed to get the best possible results from its use.

Not surprisingly, the official website contains many glowing testimonials from consumers who allege to have reaped incredible benefits from the use of the product, but independent reviews would be more meaningful and these are in short supply.

Potential Controlex Side Effects

The manufacturers warn against using this product when pregnant or breastfeeding. They also advise diabetics to consult a healthcare professional before use.

Anyone who has difficulty swallowing is warned to avoid the product completely, and the manufacturers further advise that using their product with insufficient water may lead to the throat becoming obstructed and/or choking.

This all sounds rather worrying, but the manufacturers are wise to recommend cautious use because glucomannan root is also an ingredient in some confectionery products that have been directly responsible for several deaths from choking and this has resulted the ingredient being banned in some countries.

Swollen Glucomannan fibres in the stomach may not present a problem, but if the capsule should become stuck in the throat (due to lack of water), and then begin to swell as it absorbs moisture from the body, the repercussions could be deadly.

The Bottom Line

It seems probable that Controlex capsules will be an effective appetite suppressant, but the other claimed benefits seem unlikely. The product is widely available, and is not particularly expensive supplement to buy, so the lack of independent reviews is rather strange.

Leblanc Natural Products are a respected manufacturer and have taken a responsible attitude in relation to any possible problems that may relate to their product if not used in the recommended manner, but the inclusion of glucomannan root is still a cause for concern because of the possible risk of choking.

It is reassuring that the only reported incidents have been linked to confectionary products, but, due to the nature of the fibers and how they react to water, the possibility of such a problem cannot be ruled out—no matter what the product—so consumers are advised to avoid Controlex capsules, along with all other products containing  glucomannan root.


Where To Buy Controlex – Stockists

Direct from the manufacturers website or third party retailers such as Walmart

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