NiacinMax – HGH and Vasodilation ‘Pump’ – Melting Tongue Strips

Niacin Max reviewNiacinMax is the latest muscle and strength building product that is available to buy direct from it’s own official website. NiacinMax has many benefits including upping the production of red blood cell production and increasing blood flow – that in turn produces more efficient oxygen delivery to muscles, improving energy levels and reducing fatigue.

NiacinMax is available in the form of simple strips that melt on the tongue.

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Niacin is a simple substance on the outside. It is, after all the active molecules of Vitamin B3.

However, an interesting thing happens when you take it in dosages above the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) – in other words, when you supplement with it.

Different properties present themselves and exert powerful effects, which are valuable to weight lifters and bodybuilders, sports players and athletes.

NiacinMax what does it do

HGH Boost

Niacin – at the right dosage – increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) dramatically.

Scientific studies involving Niacin show that the HGH increase can be upwards of 600%.


In addition to the HGH boost, Niacin causes an effective and tangible Vasodilation effect. This is essentially the widening of the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the working muscles.

The compound result is:

  • Deeper, More Satisfying Training Sessions
  • Greater Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • Higher Energy
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Heightened Focus and Processing
  • Stronger Vitality and Anti-Aging Effects

The Niacin Flush

We mentioned the ‘tangible’ vasodilation effect.

This can be seen in the ‘niacin flush’. Once people understand what this is, they will find it enjoyable. Some are a little unsure of it when they try niacin for the first time.

The effect is a result of the increased blood flow to muscles and as such the skin can redden slightly.

There may also be a light tingling feeling.

It is merely a sign that the product is working, and is not dangerous at all.

Niacin helps blood flow

New Technology – New Results – Niacin Strips

Some products, made with liposome covered Niacin strips that melt on the tongue, can reduce some of the flush while keeping the benefits.

These Niacin strips dissolve almost immediately and enter the bloodstream to trigger the vasodilation effect quickly.

The HGH boost follows behind to enhance the results from the intense training session even more thoroughly.

So, in brief, the strips can:

  • Enter the Bloodstream within minutes of melting on the tongue
  • Use ALL of the nutrient included
  • Have an almost immediate vasodilation effect
  • Begin the HGH boost within a couple hours

The dissolving strips contain smaller doses than tablets or capsules but due to the liposome. technology, they are more than 40 times as effective!!

How To Use NiacinMax

The Niacin Capsule is Dead

The Niacin Strips we discussed in the previous section have basically replaced the need for capsule / tablet Niacin overnight.

That’s because pills filled with this nutrient come with several drawbacks:

  • Stomach Acids can destroy some of the valuable nutrient
  • Sustained release pills (those that release over 24 hour period without break) can tax the liver
  • You have to wait a long time any effect to kick in 

How Much Better Are The Strips?

A lot.

A lower dose inside the Niacin strip is still going to be about 45 times more effective than a 100mg pill.

That’s all down to the liposome delivery system and the straight-to-bloodstream mechanism.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The flush we talked about previously is the only ‘side effect’ for average users.

Like other supplements and medications you should check with your doctor if you suffer from a health condition or are taking prescription meds for any reason.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use supplements without the approval of their doctor

Conclusion and Recommendations

Niacin Max reviewNiacin is extremely effective at improving exercise intensity, muscle growth and many other factors which boost health, energy, longevity and general wellness and vitality.

Our advice is to pass by the pills, capsules and tablets of niacin and grab the latest Niacin strips which melt on the tongue and get to work immediately.

With these, you will avail of much faster, stronger benefits than you thought possible.

And keep an ear to the ground because this tongue strip technology may render pills obsolete soon.

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