PhenElite Review – With Customer Comments Positive and Negative

PhenElite ReviewPhenElite is a diet pill sold via

The label states the pills are “manufactured for Boost Marketing”. We found the company website and discovered the firm is based in Michigan, USA, and specializes in marketing their clients’ products via Amazon.

They are not a manufacturer; and neither the PhenElite bottle nor the Amazon sales page state the name of the company responsible for creating the pills.

This presents cause for concern because there is no way of knowing if the pills are produced to the high levels of standard expected by the FDA and other regulatory bodies that have been established to protect consumer health.

How PhenElite is Designed to Work

The pills are designed to help people to lose weight by:

  • Enabling them to burn fat faster.
  • Boosting the metabolism.
  • Breaking down stubborn fat cells
  • Minimizing hunger cravings
  • Enhancing energy levels

Customers are told the product will give them the healthy body they deserve. They are also promised the effects will be visible in just a few days. There is no explanation provided about how any of this will be achieved.

Usage Instructions – The label states one to two capsules are required half-an-hour before meals. The capsules should be taken with 8oz of water. The product needs to be used alongside a sensible diet and exercise program.

PhenElite Ingredients

Two capsules provide 1200mg of a proprietary blend but the present blend is very different from the original one.

The differences are so great they may as well be different products, but the caffeine in the present blend should be capable of providing the promised energy enhancement (presuming enough is included) and it is also a proven fat burner and metabolism booster.

African mango can suppress the appetite and raspberry ketone can as well. Both are also respected fat burners and so is acai. Green tea is also one of the better ingredients. Its ability to burn fat has been proven and it provides antioxidants that encourage good health. The value of apple cider vinegar and grapefruit powder is disputable. Both are said to support weight loss, but neither has abilities that have been adequately proven.

The Bottom Line: The blend contains ingredients that are known to have abilities that could help it achieve all of the promised results, but it also contains ingredients that are less credible and the proportions and percentages are not provided. It is impossible to predict how these pills will work just by looking at the information provided.

Is There Any PhenEliteCustomer Feedback?

There are over 7000 customer reviews on Amazon. Around 55% of them award the product top marks, but 16% of customers say the product let them down.

The rest of the reviews fall somewhere in between. Although 16% may not sound particularly damming, it means over 1100 customers consider the product a fail. It is also possible some of the five-star reviews may be biased because many of the reviewers admit they were given free diet pills in exchange for their write-up.

A few average reviews read:

“Me and my man both started using these pills four weeks ago. I’ve lost 8 pounds and he’s lost 6. We’ve both found it easier to do without our snacks and our energy levels are much higher than before.”
“Wow! These pills are TOTAL TRASH. I can’t believe I let myself get fooled again. I took them for a month and never experienced any benefits at all.”
“I have to admit PhenElite stopped me from feeling hungry. I have lost around 15 pounds since I first started using them. They work. I’m happy. I can recommend.”
“I absolutely do not recommend these pills. They made me feel extremely sick and it lasted all day. Please don’t waste your money on something that can make you feel so horrible.”
“I’m a 25 year old female and I took these pills for 30 days. I ate healthy foods, I exercised a lot. I only lost 2 pounds. There’s something wrong here. I can’t believe these pills are rated so highly.”

Some Safety Considerations

Customer reviews suggest side effects are not uncommon. Some customers say use of the pills resulted in hart burn and other minor negative reactions. Others report more frightening problems and one customer said he thought his heart began racing so fast it terrified him. Bearing this in mind, anyone who is considering using the pills would be wise to check with their physician before doing so.

PhenElite Review Conclusion

The lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to predict how these pills are likely to perform and the presence of such plentiful customer feedback means nothing. On the face of it, feedback would seem to suggest the pills may work for some people and not for others. But things are more complicated because the blend has been changed.

We have no way of knowing how long ago the change was made, but it is possible most of the present feedback refers to the old formulation. The present one may be superior, or it could be 10 times worse.

Where to Buy PhenElite

Boost Marketing only distribute PhenElite via Each bottle of pills should last for 30 days and the price is $24.99 (£20.60). A money back guarantee is promised, but its duration is not specified.

What Do We Recommend

PhenQWe rate PhenQ as our best fat burner – it is suitable many situations. Whether you need a workout fat burner or simply need to lose a few pounds/kg PhenQ can help.

PhenQ can also block excess fat and reduce calories by restricting your hunger.

Read our full run down on PhenQ here


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