Saba Ace

  • Saba Ace reviewBrand: Saba ACE
  • Made By: AMS Health Services
  • Type: Appetite Control
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and across Europe
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $59 (for the weight loss kit
  • Special Offers: None at the moment
  • Quick Comment: very focused towards making money it would appear
  • Where To Buy: from its own official website

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Saba ACE Overview

Saba ACE appetite suppressantACE is a diet pill marketed by SABA. Very little is known about the company and it is unclear whether they just market the product or are also responsible for its manufacture. The pills can be purchased from the Amazon marketplace, but the company seems to rely on their affiliate campaign to generate the majority of sales.

It is also unclear whether SABA has an official website. If they do it is suspiciously hard to find. Performing an internet search for either ACE Diet pills or SABA only returns results for affiliate websites that contain big promises, but very little information. The SABA Facebook page also gives the impression of being affiliate run, so SABA is nothing if not elusive.

ACE diet pills appear to be marketed towards dieters of either sex, and this focus remains consistent across all the affiliate sites, but there are some discrepancies between the various sites that could be due to the fact that SABA have made some significant changes in their chosen ingredients.

These changes have also resulted in customer confusion and there are many things about the product that scream, “Stay away!”

How are ACE Diet Pills Supposed to Assist Weight Loss?

The product is designed to provide healthy weight loss by Appetite Control and Energy lift (notice the play on the first letter of the words). Appetite Control and Energy lift—ACE—it’s a reasonably clever choice of product name, but when it all comes down to it, the pills are just a glorified appetite suppressant and such a unilateral approach to weight loss is unlikely to produce significant results.

Recommended Dosage

None of the affiliate websites state the recommended dosage or how the pills should be taken, but one site shows a picture of the label and it contains information that suggests the standard dose is probably two capsules.

Key Ingredients

Two lists of ingredients are available. These are often referred to as “old SABA” and “new SABA” and many customers complain they believed they were ordering one blend, but received the other. This suggests both blends are still readily available, so perhaps the new did not replace the old at all, and both are allowed to co-exist just to promote customer confusion.

Blend 1 (2 capsules contain):

  • Vitamin B6 (8mg)
  • Chromium (240 mcg)
  • Caffeine (180 mg)
  • Vanadium (20 mcg)

The bulk of the formulation’s supposed power seems to be provided by a proprietary blend (280 mg) that contains unknown quantities of cocoa powder, spirulina, green tea, 1.3-dimethylamine HCI, phenylethylamine, and a trace mineral complex.

Blend 2:

  • Raspberry
  • Saffron Extract
  • Konjac Root Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • L-carnitine
  • Green coffee bean

As you can see, there are some big differences between the blends and this begs the question “why?” Was there are problem with the original blend? And if so, why is it still in circulation? It is also interesting to note that both blends are being sold on all the same promises and backed up by the same testimonials. None of this inspires confidence.

Customer Feedback

All the affiliate sites contain a wealth of positive testimonials and these form the biggest part of the sites. All the testimonials speak in glowing terms and are accompanied by some very suspect before and after pictures. One set of pictures show a man who looks suspiciously like a pillow smuggler, and it could also be argued that some of the pictures may have been doctored. One of these stands out in particular because the “after shot” shows a lady whose face is not only thinner, but strangely longer than before.

Independent reviews are not so positive. Some users claim ACE provided no benefits at all and an alarming amount of people report side effects.

Saba ACE Side Effects

The affiliate sites do not mention any side effects, but some of the ingredients are known to problematic, and many users complain of side effects that include, a racing heart, dry mouth, constipation, and hair loss:

“I too took ACE for over 2 months and my hair completely thinned to the point where you could see my scalp. Had to get it cut off. I stopped taking the pills and my hair has since grown back.”

This product should be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers, and all other potential users are advised to seek medical advice before taking ACE diet pills.

The Bottom Line

It is never a good sign when information about a manufacturer is so difficult to find, and the fact that the public face of SABA is represented by affiliate run websites is more than enough to set the alarm bells ringing, but many other factors are equally worrying:

  • More than one blend on the market
  • Missing inclusion rates
  • Possibility of side effects
  • Very little information available about how the product works
  • Use of questionable testimonials
  • Product not tested and may not work.

ACE diet pills are far from being an “ACE” product, and might better be seen as the joker in the pack. Needless to say, ACE diet pills are not a recommended product, they appear to bring nothing of value to the table, and a better deal can be had elsewhere.


Where To Buy Saba ACE

From its own official website

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