SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone – Positives and Negatives, Where To Buy In-store

  • raspberry ketone diet pill by SlimquickBrand: Raspberry Ketone
  • Made By: Slimquick
  • Type: fat burner
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and many more
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $24.99
  • Special Offers: varies from stockist
  • Quick Comment: Raspberry ketone is highly in the correct dosage – this product is to low dosage
  • Where To Buy: many pharmacies and health supplement suppliers such as CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target, Pharmaprix, Shoppers Drug Mart.

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SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone – Overview

raspberry ketone positive endorsementsRaspberry ketone has received a lot of media attention since it was dubbed a “miracle fat burner” by the US TV personality Dr. Oz. This has resulted in a sudden increase in the availability of dietary products containing the ingredient, so it probably isn’t that surprising that SlimQuick have recently added a raspberry ketone product to their range.

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone can be found on the shelves of many leading Canadian pharmacies and can also be purchased from some retail outlets, including Walmart.  Online purchasing options are also available, but a 10 day supply carries a price tag of nearly fifty dollars, and no money back guarantee is offered, so this product warrants closer scrutiny to see if the possible benefits justify the cost.

What is Raspberry Ketone and How Does it Work?

raspberry ketone for weight lossRaspberry ketone is a substance found in several fruits, most notably raspberries. It has acquired a considerable reputation as a fat burner, but some blends are known to be better than others and this may be—in part—due to the fact that there are two kinds of raspberry ketone available.

True raspberry ketone is extracted from fruits, but it is one of the most expensive dietary ingredients available. Synthetic raspberry ketone is much cheaper, but it does not have the same power, and in many cases, when a raspberry ketone product fails to live up to its promises, its lacklustre performance can be attributed to the use of synthetic ingredients. SlimQuick fail to mention which type of raspberry ketone is utilized in their blend.

webiste for slimquick raspberry ketoneSlimQuick Raspberry Ketone is produced in “soft gel” form and the manufacturers claim this results in the raspberry ketone being absorbed into the blood stream more rapidly than if it was contained in a more conventional tablet form. This claim is not unfounded, but faster absorption may not guarantee more efficient use of the ingredient.

The recommended dose is 3 soft gels and each serving (3 soft gel capsules) contains 100 mg of Raspberry Ketone, but this may not be a sufficient quantity to produce the results SlimQuick promise for their product. Most of the studies on raspberry ketone have been conducted on laboratory mice, and the results were very promising, but in all cases the amount of raspberry ketone used was significantly higher than the amount contained in this blend.

Supportive Evidence

The SlimQuick website has a misleading webpage called “Clinical Study”, but the claimed studies do not refer to any particular product in their range. They refer to unspecified ingredients.

The page has a comparative bar graph that warrants particular attention. One bar shows a loss of 8.1 lbs. and is marked “diet only”. The bar beside it shows a loss of 24.6 lbs. and is marked “key components in SlimQuick”. This is particularly annoying because all their products contain very different sets of ingredients. Other items on the page are just as misleading and marketing tactics like this always fail to impress.

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone Customer Feedback

The official website has an abundance of testimonials that are purported to have been made by satisfied users of SlimQuick, but the big question is which product? The accompanying before and after pictures are admittedly impressive, but they do little to instill any faith in SlimQuick’s raspberry ketone because none of the testimonials are directly attributed to it.

Independent reviews are available and there has been a mixed response to the product. Some users report satisfactory results, but many more are far from happy:

“As far as I’m concerned I wish I’d never ordered this product, because I was so hopeful that it would work. I haven’t lost one ounce”

“The product does not meet advertised results. i have followed directions, eaten properly, exercised properly all with no results. With the price of this product i would expect some results.”

Several users also state the product gave them a raging thirst.

Possible Side Effects

SlimQuick state their soft gels are not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age, and wisely advise against their use by pregnant or nursing mothers.  The same recommendation is given to people with known health issues, along with anyone who is taking prescription medication.

Is It Recommended

There is no disputing raspberry ketone can help provide significant weight loss, but some products have proved to be better than others.  This may be due to the methods used to formulate the blend, the type of raspberry ketone employed (genuine/synthetic), or perhaps due to the way the product delivers the ingredients to the user.

Independent feedback indicates this formulation is—for whatever reason—one of the blends that fail to deliver kind of results expected from such a promising ingredient.

SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone is also quite an expensive product, and the absence of a guarantee, along with some of the misleading marketing tactics employed, suggests the manufacturers are aware that theirs is not one of the better raspberry ketone products on the market. It may offer some benefits, or it may not, but many better products are available and the consumer is advised to look elsewhere.


Where To Buy SlimQuick Raspberry Ketone

As mentioned above it can be purchased in store at many outlets and stockists In Canada.

Recommended Alternative

Ketone Gold Raspberry KetoneIf you are considering a raspberry ketone diet pill then Ketone Gold is a premier product that is available to buy direct from the manufacturer.

Containing the correct dose of raspberry ketone and also the correct dose of garcinia cambogia, Ketone Gold is a highly recommended supplement.

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