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The Yacon Diet Overview

Yacon diet websiteSweetness and calories have always appeared to go hand in hand and most people are all too aware that a sweet tooth can result in piling on the pounds. It’s an accepted fact of life . . . or is it? Enter yacon syrup; the new weight loss craze that is super sweet, super low in calories, and has been proven to help assist weight loss without any radical change in diet or need for regular exercise.

Yacon syrup is manufactured in a similar way to maple syrup, but instead of maples the key ingredient is an extract taken from the tuberous roots of the yacon plant (smallanthus sonchifolius). In Brazil the leaves are often used to make a tea that is claimed to prevent the onset of diabetes. A similar belief is held in Bolivia, where the roots are thought to protect against diabetes, and are also used to appease renal and digestive problems.

DRoz weight loss guruThe benefits of yacon are not by any means a new discovery, it was a favored health food of the ancient Incas as far back as 1438, but yacon never really came into the spotlight until November 2013, when Dr. Mehmet Oz used his TV show to explore and explain the weight loss potential of yacon syrup.

The strength of his endorsement is the reason behind the present positive buzz that surrounds the product.

Scientific Testing

In July 2004, the weight loss potential of yacon was put to the test at Peru’s Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Sixty non-diabetic men and women participated in the tests, all of them were aged between 20 and 60-years-old, and they were split into six groups. An enforced fasting was imposed for a period of 8 hours, after which the groups were fed a variety of different sweeteners.

What is Yacon Syrup

One group received honey, another was given maple syrup, a third group received anhydrous glucose, and the final three groups were given different yacon compounds. The three groups that were fed more conventional sweeteners showed a significant rise in glucose levels, but the groups who received yacon showed only a minimal rise in their blood glucose levels, with the yacon syrup test group showing very little rise at all.

In a second study (conducted on April 28th, 2009), obese and slightly dyslipidemic premenstrual women were monitored over a period of 120 days. Each day they received two doses of yacon syrup (0.29 g) and by the end of the study the subjects showed a significant decrease in their waist measurements. The reduction in body weight and BMI was likewise impressive.

How Yacon Syrup Assists Weight Loss

Yacon syrup contains several simple sugars (fructose, glucose, and sucrose), but the percentage is minimal. It is far richer (30%) in a substance called fructooligosaccharide (FOS) and it is this that provides most of its sweetness.

Yacon Syrup what does it doThe FOS content of yacon syrup is of key importance to weight loss because the human digestive enzymes are unable to hydrolyze it; this allows FOS to pass through the digestive system without being metabolized. To put it in simple terms, the body is only able to extract a very limited amount of calories from yacon syrup (these being from the non-FOS simple sugars). This explains why yacon syrup is unlikely to contribute to weight gain, but it is only half the story because the compound also has the power to assist weight loss and, once again, the FOS content is of crucial importance.

FOS also has prebiotic qualities that allow it to nourish the “friendly” bacteria (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillius) that are naturally occurring in the colon and small intestine. FOS is also known to reduce levels of harmful bacteria and this balancing of the odds in the favor of the friendly bacteria offers several health benefits:

  • Increases tissue sensitivity to insulin
  • Prevents cholesterol synthesis in the liver
  • Supports the immune system
  • Enhanced digestion of food

Most of these things have a knock on effect that can contribute to weight loss, but the enhanced digestion process is probably the most important element on the list.

Concluding Thoughts about Yacon Syrup

Natural ingredients are always preferable to compounds that have been knocked together in a laboratory, and the fact that yacon is such a simple and natural substance should make it a very appealing weight loss option for many dieters.

One of the best things about yacon syrup though, is the fact that it has produced such respectable results in more than one scientific test, and—as far as weight loss goes—this puts it head and shoulders above many of the weight loss blends and concoctions it has to compete against. These products may offer promises of weight loss, but yacon syrup offers results, yet despite the fact it has so much going for it, many dieters would have remained ignorant to its existence if it were not for Dr. Oz and the power of prime time TV.


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