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Tonalin CLA weight lossTonalin, often called Tonalin CLA, is a brand of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

CLA is a fatty (omega 6) acid that is naturally occurring in many foods including red meat and dairy products, but the most efficient Tonalin supplements use CLA that has been extracted from safflower oil. Any other form of Tonalin is best avoided.

There has been a great deal of research conducted on the medicinal benefits of the compound and the results of a study carried out in 1979 suggested it may possess the potential to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. More recently though, Tonalin has acquired a reputation as an effective aid to weight loss.

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How Does Tonalin Assist Weight Loss?

In many ways Tonalin is somewhat of a dietary enigma because it is the fat that helps to oust other fats from the body.

The human body is very good at creating and storing fat, but there are 3 kinds of fat it cannot manufacture:

  1. Linoleic acid
  2. linolinic acid
  3. Arachadonic acid

Unfortunately these three fats can be very beneficial to the health and the only way they can be introduced to the body is via the mouth.

This is why Tonalin supplementation can be such a powerful aid to weight loss. A good Tonalin supplement can provide the first good fat (Linoleic acid) and the body can then use it to create the other two fats.

Once the these fats are available to the body their combined power can inhibit the growth of fresh fat cells, speed up the metabolism, and help the body purge itself of existing fat cells. Tonalin supplementation can also improve muscle mass and this may offer additional benefits because muscle tissue is known to burn calories more efficiently than fatty tissue.

Scientific Testing

Scientific study on diet pillsIn 2000 The Journal of Nutrition published the results of a study that showed a daily dose of 3.4g of CLA may reduce the amount of fat stored in the human body. At the end of the twelve week test period the researchers also noted higher doses of CLA did not improve on results.

A similar study conducted 12 years later and published in Nutrition also showed promising results. Chinese volunteers, who were all classed as grade 1 obese, were given daily doses of CLA. By the end of the three month test period the volunteers had attained a noticeable loss in weight. None of the test subjects reported any side effects or other issues related to their supplementation.

Numerous other test have reaped equally positive results, but dieters who are considering using Tonalin supplements as part of their weight management regimen should be aware that all the result indicate weight  losses, though consistent, are usually quite modest.

Side Effects and Health Issues

The present data available does not suggest that Tonalin supplementation is unlikely to cause side effects, but pregnant and nursing mothers should always consult a doctor before commencing any form of supplementation weight loss regiment. The same recommendation is offered to anyone who has known health issues or is taking any form of medication.

In Conclusion

Science would appear to have proven that Tonalin is an effective weight loss aid that is unlikely to cause side effects or other issues. With so many stimulant-rich weight loss supplements on the market, and supplements that contain questionable—and even dangerous ingredients—safe and effective weight loss options are something of a rarity. It is, however, a supplement that requires the user to be willing to adopt a slow and steady approach to winning their race against obesity.

Some dieters may find it hard to accept such slow results and discount Tonalin in favor of supplements that promise faster results. But quickly shed pound have a habit of returning just as fast and crash dieting methods are known to be hard on the body. For long term weight loss Tonalin may prove to be a much better option and faster results may be possible if Tonalin supplementation is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Where To Buy Tonalin – Purchasing Considerations

Tonalin weight loss supplements are available to buy from several different suppliers, but the name on the label is not the only difference between one bottle and the next. Product strength can vary considerably from brand to brand, so consumers should take careful note of the relevant details for each product before choosing a Tonalin supplement to assist their weight loss needs.

In the majority of tests the daily dose used was 3.2g to 3.4g. Lower doses are not proven to offer any benefits at all and at least one test showed higher does to be pointless.

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