Tribitor Carb Blocker Review with Customer Feedback

Tribitor CanadaTribitor is a new carb blocking diet drink that is said to help people to prevent fat gain around their middle and also prevent bloating after a meal that involves a high carbohydrate content.

It is the brainchild of a team of Polish scientists and is now available to buy anywhere in the world.

Carbohydrates it would seem are public enemy number 1 – deemed responsible for sugar spikes and energy slumps, they are even linked to type 2 diabetes and ageing

Carb blockers are among the most popular and most widely used type of weight loss product the world over and can match fat burners, fat blockers and appetite suppressants as best sellers.

Tribitor website canadaTribitor is available from it’s official website and can be shipped to most countries.

The head office appears to be in Poland, we are not sure how this will affect any customer service or return issues.

Although Tribitor has a lot of positive features and some sound clinical evidence it is our opinion that your weight loss success is elsewhere.

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What Is Tribitor And How Does It Work

Tribitor is a weight loss aid that is powder form and contained in small sachets. Once poured into a glass of water it is said to act as carb blocker reducing the amount of carbohydrates that absorbed by our stomachs from carb rich meals.

Tribitor Ingredients

The three main ingredients are as follows.

Green coffee beanGreen coffee bean extract: Green coffee bean extract has proved to be a great weight loss aid in many scientific and clinical tests. It is used a measure for preventing the breakdown glycogen, by interfering with glucose absorption, and by encouraging the body to burn off existing stores of body fat.

White kidney bean: It is far too easy for our body to store excess carbohydrate and brown fat. White kidney bean has a high fiber concentration and is great for restricting the the absorption of high-glycemic carbohydrates found in carb rich foods such as pizza, rice and potatoes.

White Mulberry – Can help to reduce the speed at which our body absorbs sugar. It can also act asa blood sugar regulator

Usage Instructions – pour sachet into a glass of water and drink a full 15 minutes prior ro eating a high carbohydrate meal.

Tribitor Testimonials

There are a few testimonials on the the official website but not too much from unbiased sources. This could simply be that due to fact the product is reasonably new nothing has emerged yet.

Tribitor Side Effects

Free from side effects according the manufacturers. We would agree as the formula is natural and no additives that would be cause for concern.

It has to be underlined though this product would not be suitable for diabetics and those adamant on trying should seek medical advice prior to use.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are not advised to use until after the breast feeding period is over.

Bottom Line

We like the brand and the concept – it is very nearly recommendation. However it is let down by a few key points.

Firstly, the ingredient profile is the most interesting it has to be said. All the big three ingredients have been included in many other diet pills over the last years.

The other points may or may not prove to be an issue. We are not to sure wether the guarantee period is only 14 dat. If it is then that is a major deal killer. The fact that the customer service is based in Poland could also prove to be an issue from a logistical point of view.

Where To Buy Tribitor

At present it appears to be available only from the official website. The pricing is just in GBP and a price of £25 per month is very reasonable. There are also further savings to made when bought in bulk

What Do We Recommend

PhenQWe recommend PhenQ – a capsule based diet product that can help weight loss in multiple ways. Not only can PhenQ act a a carb and fat blocker it can also help to burn existing fat deposits. PhenQ can also help to prevent hunger by suppressing your appetite.

There are also ingredients present in PhenQ that can increase energy levels. PhenQ is also backed by a 60 dat money back guarantee. The customer service department has multiple locations across the world.

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