Is Vysera CLS Really a Miracle Pill?

Vysera CLS diet pill reviewLose weight, feel great. That is the claim of so many weight loss supplements that it is often difficult to decipher one from the other.

All natural, safe to use, easy weight loss and proven to work are all the common phrases and promises that most of these products offer.

So when the next helpful weight loss aid comes out, is it as good as the others or are they just spewing the same claims in hopes you will by their product over the others? Vysera CLS claims it can reshape your body in thirty days. Is this fact or just marketing fiction?

What is Vysera CLS?

Official website of Vysera CLSVysera CLS is a proprietary blend consisting of amino acids like I-Lysine hcl (for building protein molecules as well as improving your body’s absorption of calcium and its production of antibodies), L-Arginine (for tissue repair, cell division and the removal of ammonia), Pyroglutamic acid (for keeping your skin moist and preventing dryness and flakiness), N-Acetyl I-Cysteine and I-Glutamine (for breaking down and synthesizing protein in addition to helping the kidneys function and giving you energy).

According to the product’s website, the British Journal of Nutrition supports the product through a published research paper which states that Vysera CLS reduces the hunger hormone, ghrelin. And, as the site states, you can reshape your entire body dropping inches from your hips, stomach, waist and thighs.

The recommendation is to take one capsule a day roughly thirty minutes before your main meal of the day. A one-month supply costs one hundred dollars.

Vysera CLS Positives

The product’s website is very professional looking with a lot of information about how awesome Vysera CLS is (calling it a “miracle pill”) and why you should buy it. Ordering from the site is relatively easy and there is a preferred customer plan with automatic billing if you want to continue keep using the product.

Vysera CLS Negatives

Vysera CLS ingredientsVysera CLS is, for lack of a better word, inconclusive. For starters, finding the proprietary blend of ingredients is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is not on the website which means you have to either buy it to read the label or do research on your own. Even what is out there with regards to the amino acids is very sketchy as how it relates to helping you or anyone lose weight.

On top of the lack of ingredients listed, there is also no information about possible side effects, no directions on how or when to take the product (the only mention is that study subjects took it thirty minutes prior to their main meal) and no customer reviews or before-and-after photographs of anyone who used the product with success. There are a lot of fancy words, scientific terms and promises, but nothing that clearly states or shows that the product actually works.

Finally, any respectable weight loss supplement would encourage its users to eat healthier and exercise more in order to get the best possible outcome from using their product because this will lead to a complete overhaul of a previously unhealthy lifestyle that caused weight gain in the first place.

But Vysera CLS’s website says you can still eat more than two thousand calories a day (i.e., not change your diet one bit) and lose weight. Not only is this irresponsible, but for many people who have a lot of weight to lose, a pill is only a temporary fix and without making lifestyle changes, you are almost guaranteed to gain back the weight once you stop taking Vysera CLS.

Should You Try Vysera CLS?

The lack of any useful information about the product on its website is a huge signal that something is not right. If a weight loss product makes promises that your body can go through a total transformation in one month, there should be ample and concrete evidence to support such a bold claim.

But there is none. Aside from that, one hundred dollars (plus shipping) is a huge pill to swallow—no pun intended. Most people would be better off using that money for a gym membership, a full stock of healthy foods or just a much better and more effective weight loss supplement that has proof of its efficacy.

Many complaints have been made against the company for its auto-billing plan which seems to do just that without stopping if someone no longer wants to receive the product. The customer service also leaves a lot to be desired according to some online reviews—which, again, you have to research on your own.

Vysera CLS auto ship

Save your money and your sanity and pass on Vysera CLS. With so many other supplements out there, you are taking a big risk (and wasting a lot of money) on a product that is all smoke and mirrors without any “magic” or “miracle” weight loss.

Where To Buy, Stockists

The official website is the sole stockist.

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