Abrexin – Naturally stimulates fat burning while you sleep

  • Abrexin diet pillBrand: Abrexin
  • Made By:Winning Combination
  • Type: Fat burner
  • Country: Mainly North America – US and Canada
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: check official website
  • Special Offers: Varies from store to store.
  • Quick Comment: A cost effective diet pill form the Candian market but lacks strength
  • Where To Buy: From official website and several other stockists both in store and online

Abrexin is a weight loss tablet produced by Winning Combination Inc. and marketed under the Essential Lab brand name.

The official website makes many fantastic claims for the product, and states it has clinically proven abilities to provide safe weight loss, but this is not so. Only the main ingredient has clinically proven abilities and one of the studies was conducted on rats and may not provide an accurate insight into the way the ingredient interacts with the human body.

However the fact that the tablets are supposed to be able to help people to snooze away the pounds while they are busy bagging Zs is probably the most surprising claim of all and a calorie controlled diet and exercise are apparently not required.

Promised Abrexin Benefits

  • Naturally stimulates fat burning while you sleep
  • Targets those stubborn fat loss spots
  • Does not contain stimulants
  • Provides deep, restful sleep
  • Totally safe to use and side effect free
  • Only one tablet required per day

What Is Abrexin and How Does It Work?

The tablets should be taken before bed and are designed to trick the body into thinking it has just received a meal, thereby triggering “the natural thermogenic digestive response” that occurs after the consumption of food. With no food to digest the heat generated by the thermogenic process begins to burn calories. The manufacturers also state the formulation offers another benefit they never expected—it provides more restful sleep. This is apparently quite fortunate, because “ground breaking research” has revealed lack of sleep results in weight gain, but details of the research are not provided.

The offcial website also states the capsule casing has been designed to protect the active ingredients from stomach acids, thereby allowing them to be released much later and be absorbed through the walls of the intestines. Once again, no supportive evidence is provided.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each tablet contains

  • Thermoferrin (300mg)
  • Bioprine (5mg)

Bioperine is proprietary black pepper extract that provides an alkaloid called piperine that can aid the smooth absorption of other ingredients. That being the case its role here is only supportive.

Thermoferrin is a patented form of lactoferrin—a protein that is naturally occurring within the breasts of lactating mothers. However, new mums with overly generous milk generating abilities are an unlikely ingredient source, so the lactoferrin used in Abrexin is more probably obtained from cows.

Many claims are made for lactoferrin and it is often said to be especially useful for boosting immune system efficiency, but the benefits it may or may not offer remain a source of controversy. According to WebMD, lactoferrin’s may have value as a treatment for hepatitis C, but the site states insufficient evidence exists to support any of the many other claims made for the ingredient.

How to Take – Only one tablet is required each day and should be taken with 4-8oz. of water, 30 minutes before retiring to bed. A reduced calorie diet and increased exercise is recommended and, for best results, supplementation should be continued for at least 8 weeks.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is in short supply and shows a mixed reaction to the product.

One user states:

“The tablets do everything the adverts say they will and I never forget to take them because they are right near my bed. It’s a bit like having a sleeping pill with fringe benefits and I’ve already lost nearly 3kg.”

But another user disagrees:

“I’ve been taking Abrexin for a month and the tablets haven’t done a thing. They don’t help me to sleep and my weight is about the same as when I started. Needless to say I won’t be buying again.”

Any Side Effects

The FAQs page on the Abrexin website states the tablets are “extremely safe” and “should be fine for those lactose intolerant individuals”. However, the allergen information on the label stresses the fact the tablets contains ingredients derived from milk. The label also states women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should seek medical approval before taking Abrexin tablets.

Where To Buy Abrexin

It is not possible to purchase Abrexin via the official website, but the site lists a number of Canadian Suppliers including GNC and Walmart. However, at the time of this review Fitshop was the only one that appeared to be still marketing the product and their price was $39.95 for a (40 tablet) bottle. The only other option was Amazon.ca and the Amazon price was $59.95.


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