Action Labs Super Fat Burners Extreme Review

  • Action Labs Super fat Burners ExtremeBrand: Super Fat Burners Extreme
  • Made By: Action Labs
  • Type: Fat Burner – 60 capsules per bottle
  • Country: United States, Canada, UK, Australia
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Varies per stockists
  • Special Offers: Check website.
  • Quick Comment: In our opinion it is compromise to buy this over and above some of the other brands currently in the marketspace
  • Where To Buy: From several stockists and retailers both in store and online

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website for action labsThe name says it all. Super Fat Burners Extreme is a fat burning supplement. There’s no shortage of those these days, it’s a competitive market. This option comes courtesy Action Labs. The company appears to produce (or at least markets) a large number of health and fitness products, but the official website has no ‘about us’ page, ‘terms and conditions’ page, or anything to provide any information about the company or where they are based.

Close examination of the copyright information written in small print at the bottom of the site pages provides an answer, but it’s not an answer that inspires much trust. The site is owned by NutraMarks, Inc. and that’s not good news at all because the company is located in Utah—a state famous for producing dodgy diet pills.

The Action Labs Website contains no information about the product at all—just a picture of the bottle and an “add to the cart” button. The mind boggles as to why anyone should be expected to buy any product simply because it has ‘fat burners’ written on the label, but that’s the way it is. Fortunately a third-party site that stocks the product provides a little more information including the list of ingredients used and the recommended dosage.

Key Ingredients

Super fat Burners Extreme contains 20 main ingredients, three of which are contained in a proprietary blend.

Vitamin C (8mg) Vitamin B-6 (3.75mg)
Chromium (50mcg) Potassium (2.5mg)
Choline Bitartrate (75mg) Inositol (75mg)
Forskohlii (50mg)l Couchgrass (50mg)
L-Methionine (50mg) Guarana (50mg)
Green Tea (35mg) Yerba Mate (35mg)
Uva Ursi (35mg) Bromelain (25mg)
L-Carnitine (25mg) Cornsilk (20mg)
Cornsilk (20mg) Glycemic Index Blend

That is far too many ingredients and there is also an unspecified amount of caffeine hidden in the capsule casing. This is a worry because the blend already contains stimulants (guarana, Yerba Mate) that have the potential to cause side effects and, for a fat burning blend, the blend is also strangely lacking in fat burning ingredients. Chromium is touted as a fat burner, but stories about its fat burning powers have been debunked by recent tests. Green tea is probably the best inclusion, but the quantity provided is far too low to instigate effective fat burning.

Uva Ursi is an interesting choice. It’s a diuretic, and such inclusions often result in dieters mistaking water loss for fat loss, but with so many ingredients involved it’s hard to say what effect Action Labs’ concoction might have on the body.


One capsule should be taken, up to four times a day, with a meal or glass of water.

Customer Feedback

No customer reviews could be found.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Several of the ingredients are known to cause side effects and how they will stack up together in an untested blend such as this is hard to say. Super fat Burners Extreme is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. Some of the ingredients used may also react badly with some medications and could aggravate existing health issues, so potential users are advised to seek medical advice prior to commencing supplementation.

The Bottom Line

In a competition for the supplement with the least amount of information available about it Super fat Burners Extreme could be a potential winner. When vying for a place on a list of recommended weight loss products it isn’t even a contender. Apart from anything else it’s a dedicated fat burner that contains very few fat burning ingredients. Taking the capsules will probably produce some kind of effect, but it’s hard to say what that effect may be and with so many of the  ingredients used having the potential to cause side effects the results may be unpleasant and could even be dangerous. Many better options are available.

The lack of customer feedback is also an issue because there is no way of knowing how the product has fared with past users, but given the uninspired product sales page that relies on a picture of the bottle to provide the hard sell, the lack of feedback could be explained by a lack of sales—perhaps people have landed on the sales page taken a quick look and then surfed away. That’s a good decision. All potential users are advised to do likewise.


Where To Buy Action Labs Super Fat Burners Extreme

A bottle of 60 capsules can usually be purchased from the Action Labs website for CAD$18.69, but there does not appear to be a money back guarantee. Super fat Burners Extreme can also be purchased from Amazon and a few independent online retailers, including Astro Nutrition. Prices vary and range from CAD$11 to CAD$30

Recommended Fat Burners

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