Batch5 Extreme Thermogenic Fat Burner

  • batch5 reviewBrand: Batch5
  • Made By: bCharged
  • Type: thermogenic fat burner
  • Country: United States, Canada, UK, Australia
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  • Quick Comment: Not one of the better products in the fat burner genre that we have reviewed
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Batch5 by BchargedBatch5 is a thermogenic fat burner in the tradition of Agent 007. There is very little information out there about it directly from the company itself.

From images of the bottle, it is possible to see that this weight-loss contender takes the form of capsules. What other information there is to be had is only readily available through second hand sources, never a good sign for diet consumers wishing to perform due diligence.

It claims to suppress appetite, boost metabolic rate, increase energy, and increase stamina. So, one can’t help but wonder: what is this supplement all about and is it worth it?

Key Ingredients

Garcinia cambogiaFrom the description given on an online retailer, Batch5 contains Garcinia Cambogia. On the same site in a user question and answer section, someone listed the other ingredients as vitamin b6, chromium amino asic chelate, + a blend of garcinia extract, guarana seed extract, citrus aurantium, white willow extract, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, l-carnitine, dandelion root and uva ursi.

Potential customers can make of this what they wish. There is no further information on the amounts or concentrations of any of these ingredients, nor is there any way to know if the user who posted the information was thorough, or even if their spelling was correct. Although some of these ingredients have shown some promise in other weight-loss products, there is no way of knowing whether or not Batch5 contains an effective dose.

Interesting Batch5 Fact

One listed ingredient, Uva Ursi is known as bear’s grape because bears are apparently very fond of the fruit. It is also used in combination with peppermint and hops to treat chronic bedwetting. So, if the product doesn’t work for weight loss, you may be able to repurpose it for dry sheets. Should you be of need.

Any Success Stories

There are many testimonials for Batch5 to be found on the web. Since there is nothing official from the company, though, those claims are dubious at best.

Batch5 Side Effects

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement. Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product.

According to the multitude of (likely fake) positive reviews, there are no side effects. However, many of the products listed in fact have various side effects and drug interactions. Here are some of the more serious ones, but this should by no means be considered an exhaustive list:

Guarana– very unsafe due to caffeine content, and when used in combination with caffeine. Implicated in everything from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to heart disease and osteoporosis. Interacts with Amphetamines, cocaine, ephedrine, antibiotics, lithium and MAOI’s, among many others.

L-carnitine – causes gastrointestinal upset as well as imparts a fishy odour to breath, urine and sweat. Makes hypothyroidism worse and worsens seizures in people susceptible to seizures. Interacts with Acenocoumarol (Sintrom), warfarin and thyroid hormone.

Is It Recommended

Short answer: No.

This product should only be purchased by people with more money than sense, and who enjoy playing Russian roulette with their dietary supplements. The company has decided to provide no concrete information. They prefer, it seems, to rely on word of mouth advertising. In a day and age where it is exceedingly easy to fake a fan base, this should be a red flag to consumers. Additionally, the parent company does not have an easy to find website to provide information on their history or contact information for consumers with questions or concerns.

This lack of information is particularly concerning because the product is sold through second party retailers. Consumers have no official way of knowing what they are getting, how they should take it, and how long they should stay on it without first purchasing it. If they are unsatisfied or decide not to take it, getting service or a refund may be difficult if not impossible.

Finally, word of mouth advice about side effects is potentially very dangerous. A company that values their customers would not be so careless. Customers that value their health will not accept such a glaring disregard for their safety.

Batch5 is a product so vague in its marketing that it borders on being irresponsible. This  product appeals to anyone unconcerned with what they put in their bodies. Anyone interested in taking a respectable dietary supplement backed by an accountable company is well advised to look elsewhere and spend their money accordingly.


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