FenTrim Diet Pill Review

Fentrim fat burner FenTrim is a diet pill produced in the USA by Sutra Health. The company also markets a number of other weight loss products but, other than the fact that they are based in Utah, very little is known about the company. The label on the bottle provides a website address, but the site is no longer functioning. Sutra Health now appears to prefer to do all their marketing via Amazon.com, so the only customer support methods available are those provided by Amazon.

Although Sutra Health’s marketing material does not state FenTrim is designed to be a Phentermine substitute, the similarity between the names, could confuse customers into thinking this is the case. The fact that the tablets are predominantly white, with blue specks, is also likely to cause confusion because the prescription-only appetite suppressant Phentermine has the same distinctive appearance. Customer feedback confirms many Amazon customers have already fallen into this trap, causing them to bemoan the inadequacies of FenTrim and state it does not compare to the real thing.

Phentaslim bottles and pillsThe ‘Phentermine alternative’ market has dozen of products competing but the best product we have reviewed is Phentaslim.

Phentalsim is both an appetite suppressant and a fat burner – it does not rely on gimmicks, nor does it rely on untrained and disassociated third parties selling. Phentaslim is available from one source, the official one.

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What Do Fentrim Say About their Product

  • Curb Hunger – provides powerful appetite suppression
  • Lose fat fast – boosts your metabolism and burns more fat
  • Boosts energy – uses ingredients that provide extra energy throughout the day
  • Reduces food cravings – removes the desire to overeat or snack.
  • Greatly Increases the chances of weight loss – FenTrim can help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

What is FenTrim and How Does it Work?

Judging by the claims made, FenTrim appears to offer a combination of appetite suppression and fat burning. Diet pills of this nature are extremely common. The formulation also promises extra energy, which probably comes courtesy of the formulation’s caffeine content. If the ingredients used are strong enough to support the claims, and are included in sufficient quantity, the pills should help the user to lower their calorie intake, while also increasing the amount of calories they burn, causing the body to begin burning its fat to attain any extra energy it needs.

Key Ingredients

Each FenTrim tablet contains 525mg of a proprietary blend.

No inclusion rates are provided, but the blend contains:

  • L-Phenylalanine
  • Theobromine
  • Caffeine
  • Synephrine HCI
  • L-Taurine
  • L-Carnitine
  • DHEA

Blend Potential

what is in fentrimThe fact that no inclusion rates are provided makes it impossible to predict what the tablets may or may not do, but L-Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is sometimes used for treating depression. Although it is often included in weight loss supplements it has never been proven to offer this benefit.

Theobromine is a mild stimulant sourced from cocoa. Many claims are made for its abilities, both as an appetite suppressant and as a fat burner, but once again scientific evidence is lacking. Caffeine is also a stimulant. It has proven abilities and, for this reason, it is a key ingredient in Red Bull and other energy drinks.

Synephrine is a stimulant as well and apart from providing extra energy it can boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning. Unusually large doses can be dangerous though, so the lack of inclusion rates here gives cause for concern. L-Taurine is often used to improve mental performance, and L-Carnitine is sometimes used as a fat burner, as is DHEA; but overall the blend does not inspire confidence because it appears to be more focussed on providing stimulation than fat burning or appetite suppression.

How to Take FenTrim

One tablet should be taken on an empty stomach before breakfast. The dose is repeated half an hour before lunch.

Customer Feedback

The majority of comments left via Amazon’s feedback system suggests the product works, but some reviewers mention they have received discounts in exchange for their reviews. Other reviews extoll the virtues of a totally different product called PhenApex that is made in Utah by GS Labs, not Sutra Health. Both of these factors cast a very big shadow on the validity of the reviews.

A couple of five-star reviews read:

“My bottle of Phenapex started working straight away. I found I was eating less, but still had plenty of energy—more than normal, in fact. I didn’t experience any of the side effects other pills gave me and lost around 20lbs in the first 8 weeks.”
“I am extremely impressed by these diet pills. I felt the effects immediately. They have suppressed my appetite so well that I have lost 4 pound this week and never feel the urge to snack. Super product!”

But the one-star reviews tell a different story:

“I bought FenTrim after reading all the wonderful comments. What a disappointment! THEY DON’T WORK. I was still as hungry as normal, felt no extra energy and didn’t lose a single pound. WASTE OF MONEY!”
“FenTrim didn’t curb my appetite in the slightest. I took the correct dose twice each day and didn’t feel any less hungry than before. I never lost any weight at all. Just another garbage product that is made out to be something it is not.”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

The label on the bottle and the Amazon sales page both point out the importance of seeking medical advice before taking any brand of supplement.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

FenTrim is sold exclusively via Amazon.com and all orders are “Fulfilled by Amazon”. The Fulfilled by Amazon service allows sellers to store their product in premises that are operated by Amazon; so orders are picked, packed, and despatched by Amazon staff. This usually ensures a quick delivery because all orders are dealt with in-house.

Each bottle of FenTrim contains 60 tablets (30 day supply) and has a price tag of $42.95 (price accurate at the time of this review). Discounts are applied when multiple bottles are added to the same order ($69.95 for2 bottles / $89.95 for 3 bottles).


There is no money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

Phentaslim top productAs highlight at the top of this review, the “Phen” or “fen” prefixed diet pills are represented best by Phentaslim.

It is no coincidence that some of the most respected reviewers and authors in the diet pill industry rate it as their best product.

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