JetRush – Positives, Negatives and Side Effects

JetRush diet pillJetRush is herbal stimulant manufactured in the US by NexGen Biolabs. The company makes all manner of grand claims for JetRush and promise the capsules will ‘take energy to the next level’.  NexGen certainly take marketing hype to the next level and provide a profusion of OTT promises:

  • Mood Enhancement
  • Razor sharp mental focus
  • Take energy to the next level
  • The world’s most powerful energizer
  • Powerful, long-long lasting stimulation
  • Appetite Suppression & Weight Control
  • Keeps you going for hours with no jitters and no crash!
  • Provides a full day’s and night’s worth of extreme energy

The list goes on and on and contains so many promises it should be possible to burn off a few calories just reading it.

Not Recommended – look elsewhere

This kind of marketing strategy is nothing new for NexGen. The company produces several other supplements, all of which benefit from the same levels of hype, and many things suggest NexGen products are best avoided. The company was even featured on an ABC News report after company reps were discovered loitering around US university campuses trying to hand out free samples of pills.

Target Market

JetRush is designed to be attractive to a variety of different user group:

  • People who wish to lose weight
  • Bodybuilders & sports and fitness enthusiasts
  • Students pulling all night study sessions
  • Partygoers who want to party all night
  • Overworked executives who don’t have time to sleep
  • Workers who can’t afford to sleep
  • On-the-go moms

As a weight loss supplement JetRush comes somewhere near the bottom of a very long list. It may prove more useful for people who wish to force their bodies to keep on keeping on when the healthy thing to do would be to slow down and sleep, but such self-abuse can do long term damage and the thought of an on-the-go mom becoming a strung-out mom is particularly worrying.


One capsule should be taken each day.  If required a second capsule may be taken 6 to 8 hours later. Capsules should be taken on an empty stomach and Nexgen say the effects typically last for seven to nine hours and advise against taking JetRush within nine hours of bedtime.

Key Ingredients

JetRush contains five stimulants hidden in a proprietary blend. Each (625mg) capsule contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous:  Caffeine in powdered form. The stimulatory effects of caffeine are so well-known they need no explaining. Caffeine is also believed to boost the metabolism and may encourage fat burning.
  • Synephrine:  Always an alarming inclusion, synephrine is often touted as a metabolism booster. This has never been adequately proven, but its stimulatory effects have proven to be very worrying. The ingredient has been linked to cardiovascular problems ranging from heart palpitation to heart attacks and strokes.
  • Hordenine:  A plant-based ingredient often sourced from barley and some species of cactus. The ingredient is professed to be a mental stimulant and metabolism booster.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA):  An amino acid found in chocolate. Its use can produce a short-term high (usually wears off in minutes).
  • Schizandrol:  An ingredient that is more generally associated with bodybuilding formulations. Sourced from the Chinese plant schisandra chinensis, Schizandrol can supply a short-term high (up to an hour) and the ingredient has a reputation for increasing sexual stamina, but there are some concerns about potential side effects, so further study is required.

Side Effects and Health Issues

NexGen has designed JetRush with hardcore stimulant users (abusers?) in mind and have no qualms about admitting the capsules can have nasty side effects:

“*Warning: JetRush has been developed in order to provide extreme energy, and may be too powerful for those without a history of stimulant use. Follow all directions carefully and discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects.”

JetRush is definitely not a product for pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone who is in less than tip-top physical and mental condition. In fact JetRush is such a worrying concoction that all potential users are strongly advised to seek medical advice prior to use.

Potential side effects include:

Jitters Vomiting
Anxiety Sweating
Mood swings Dizzy spells
Depression Heart palpitations
Increased blood pressure Elevated heart rate
Headaches Heart attack
Nausea Stroke

Customer Feedback

Although the present sales page has only five star reviews the original sales page told a different story. Many customers reported nasty—and in many cases frightening—side effects, which is not surprising given the list of ingredients.

The Bottom Line

Consumers may consider purchasing JetRush for one of two reasons:

  • As and aid to weight loss
  • As a Stimulant

Either way we recommend they look elsewhere. Any weight loss potential the blend may possess is secondary to the capsule’s main function—it’s a stimulant—and there are many better, safer ways to lose weight. As a stimulant it may very well assist users who wish to work all day, party all night, and fit in being a strung-out mom in between, but the risks and costs to the health are far too great to be ignored so consumers who are considering purchasing a supply of JetRush are urged to think again.

Purchasing Options & Consideration

JetRush can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website and worldwide shipping is available. The capsules can also sometime be found listed on eBay, and the JetRush-Amazon relationship is particularly interesting.

JetRush used to be available on the website and the product had received a large amount of customer feedback. The capsules were then removed from the website along with all feedback, but reappeared in March 2014, and received nine five star reviews in just a few days. What does this suggest? Consumers must decide that for themselves.

Recommended Alternative

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