Lipo30 Review, Does It Work, Customer Comments

  • Lipo30 reviewBrand: Lipo30
  • Made By: Nutripharm LLC
  • Type: fat burner / appetite suppressants
  • Country: US, Canada, UK, Australia and many others
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $29.95
  • Special Offers: buy 3 get 3 bottles of 3 day slimming pill free.
  • Quick Comment: very cheep but not very cheerful. Plagued with negativity. Product never tested in clinical studies
  • Where To Buy: available from official website only
Not Recommended

Lipo 30 Review – Overview

Official website of Lipo30Lipo30 is a typical example of a diet pill that uses dubious promotion methods on fake-looking review websites, and heavily marketed online.

There are lots positive reviews lots of testimonials all of which look slightly staged.

If you are thinking of making a purchase it may be better to first read it is what it does and what people really saying about it.

Read our exclusive review and see for yourself if its worthy of a purchase.

Lipo30 Review

Lipo30 is designed to act as metabolism boosting and fat burning agent. Also, this dietary aid purportedly quells the appetite, so you will eat less, while still feeling full.

The makers of Lipo30 claim that their product is comprised of effective, safe ingredients that will enable you to lose loads of weight, without any unnecessary side-effects or deadly risks. Lipo30 is presented as a supplement  designed to combat fat from all angles, with a straightforward formula that everyone can understand.

How Does it Work

Lipo30 is a product that apparently maintains good health, burns off excess fat, regulates your levels of blood glucose, and reduces weight. According to the manufacturer, the formula is packed with anti-oxidants to assist the body.

To use this product, you have to take a single capsule, one or two times daily. It is best to take the supplement with water, half an hour before breakfast, lunch, or exercising. However, this weight loss product is not FDA approved, and no clinical test results are provided to back up the manufacturer’s claims.

What are the Ingredients

Four main ingredients are used in Lipo30. These key components are said to help the body with maintaining and reducing weight each day. One such ingredient is Chromax, which purportedly helps to regulate your levels of blood sugar, and transfer sugar to be utilised as energy.

Another main ingredient of this capsule formula is CoQ10. This is an amino acid, which supposedly assists with fat loss. Cissus Quadrangularis Extract has been included to try to stimulate tendon and bone growth.

Phytosome Green Tea is the last main ingredient. This has caffeine in it, to burn fat and boost energy.

Regrettably, Chromax has been dismissed by scientists who work for the US Government as having no impact on weight reduction. The remainder of the ingredients are just not present in sufficient amounts to be able to produce the results claimed by the manufacturer.

Lipo30 in the Press, Media Coverage

There does not seem to have been any recent press or media coverage of this product.

Side Effects or Warnings

You might encounter some nausea or headaches when you initially begin taking Lipo30, because of the small quantity of caffeine in it. If you have a caffeine sensitivity, you might want to speak with your GP before consuming the formula. Also, if you are a diabetes sufferer, be sure to speak with your GP about this product. As stated above, Chromax is present in the Lipo30 formula. This ingredient will affect your levels of blood sugar, and could actually trigger diabetic shock. If you opt to take this product anyway, be sure to track your levels of blood sugar closely.

Lipo30 Customer Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials

Three customer testimonials are displayed on the official website. However, “before and after” photographs are not included with these. Also, most of the reviews on are negative, with customers saying that they took the product as directed for thirty days, but did not notice any results. One customer goes so far as to say that the company is a “diet pill scam company”, and points out that the refund guarantee offered by the manufacturer does not apply to purchases made on Amazon or Ebay.

Does Lipo30 Work? – Is it Worth Buying

There is not really sufficient information about Lipo30 available for us to be able to endorse it. Thus, we would advise you to look at a different weight loss supplement, and preferably one that does not contain Ephedra, or any large quantities of caffeine. No fitness or diet programs are recommended to be used with Lipo30, and this product looks unlikely to have any weight loss effects.

Ultimately, Lipo30 is just a combination of shrewd advertising and misleading claims, all mixed up to trick potential customers into parting with their cash.


Where to buy Lipo30

The sole stockists are the official website, the likes of GNC and other specialised health supplement stores do not stock. It also not available at Walmart and other similar retailers.

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