Nuvagenic Review, Positives and Negatives, Where to Buy

  • Nuvagenic diet pillBrand: Nuvagenic
  • Made By: Down Range
  • Type: fat burner
  • Country: US, Canada, UK, Australia and many others
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $79.00 / £51.00
  • Special Offers: buy 4 for $108 / £70
  • Quick Comment: linked to poor customer service issues
  • Where To Buy: available from official website only
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Nuvagenic Review – Overview

Official website for Nuvagenic

Nuvagenic is an all-natural slimming pill that is targeted primarily at men and women in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

It claims to have harnessed the potent weight loss properties of the African Wild Mango (also known as the Pure African Mango) by producing a concentrated extract contained in capsules.

Consumers who are proficient at separating the hype from the authentic are likely to be wary of this product.  Its assertions are very similar to other products and the small print on the company’s own website make it difficult to have much confidence in the product.

The Ingredients in Nuvagenic and how it works

African mangoNuvagenic claims to assist weight loss by speeding up the metabolism by the power of Pure African Mango.  The fruit is classified as one of the many superfoods in the weight loss industry.

Going by the scientific name of Irvingia Gabonensis, the wild mango extract is said to help weight loss by increasing the body’s levels of leptin.

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that has an important role in regulating metabolism and appetite, and managing energy intake and output.  It acts on the hypothalamus, and by interacting with different proteins, acts to control appetite.

By increasing the levels of leptin in the body, the appetite should be suppressed and metabolism increased, thus resulting in weight loss.

Contrary to this, the levels of leptin in obese people are actually higher than in those who have healthy Body Mass Indexes.  It is believed that the body may actually become immune to leptin, so that even though the body keeps on producing it, it does not act to regulate appetite in the way that it should.

Nuvagenic Claims

Although it is scientifically proven that Pure African Mango does increase leptin in the body, what is not proven is that the Nuvagenic product contains enough of the extract to bring about any weight loss.

Unfortunately it is not possible to see what concentration of Pure African Mango is contained in the pills, as the manufacturers have not included that information on the label.

This is quite often the case in poor quality slimming pills, where they use the great claims of the natural ingredients on their websites but do not actually put enough of the extract into their product.

Nuvagenic recommends that people taking the slimming pill should also stick to a diet of no more than 1800 calories a day and take regular exercise.  This seems like sensible advice, since it would be unrealistic to expect to be able to eat excessively and take no exercise but lose weight.

However, those recommendations do put a different slant on claims about the pills, as it would be natural to lose weight if you suddenly began to have a calorie-controlled diet and exercise regularly.

The website also reports statistics about the product’s weight loss achievements and testimonials, however, there are asterisks after all of the figures.  This is not uncommon but when the small print is read at the bottom of the page, it is not confidence-building reading.

The company openly admits that the results highlighted do not correspond to the sample groups mentioned, and that the figures have been doctored by changing centimeters for inches and pounds for kilograms.

Media Spotlight

This product has been highlighted in the media but not in a positive light.  Not only has the product itself not received much praise, but the company has also been criticized for taking people’s payment and not sending the product.  It seems that in the case of Nuvagenic, it really is too good to be true.

Is It Recommended

Everyone would like a quick fix when it comes to losing weight and there certainly are products out there that are proven to help.

However, because weight loss and weight issues have such an emotional connection, it can be easy to be fooled into thinking that a pill found on the Internet can be the answer to your prayers.

It is always wise to read the small print and independent reviews before committing to buying a product.  A sensible weight loss is between 1 and 2lbs per week and if you find a product, such as Nuvagenic, that claims it can better that, the chances are it may not be as good as it sounds.


Where To Buy Nuvagenic

The purchasing options are limited to the official website. GNC and most health supplement stores do not sell.

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