Phentirmene Review – how does it compare to PhenQ

Phentirmene alternative to PhenterminePhentirmene is a pill for weight loss that is available online. It is claimed to produce no damaging side-effects. It is a store bought formula which attempts to quell the dieter’s appetite, elevate mood, increase levels of energy, enhance mental alertness, and assist with burning surplus body fat.

There are eleven different primary ingredients included in Phentirmene. Among these are Chromax (a type of chromium which helps to metabolise fat), Phenylethylamine (enhances the dieter’s mood), Synephrine HCL (improves levels of energy and facilitates weight reduction), Caffeine Anhydrous USP (might quell hunger and shed fat), Coleus Forskohlii (assists with the break down of stored cells of fat) and Evodiamine (encourages fat burning).

Full Ingredients List

Chromax, Phenylethylamine, Coleus Forskohlii, Caffeine Anhydrous USP, Evodiamine, Raspberry Ketone, Ginger Root Twenty Percent Gingerols, Fucoxanthin, BioPerine, Vitamin B12 and Synephrine HCL.

Phentirmene Postives

  • A few customer testimonials are displayed on the main website to support the product.
  • This supplement is meant to function in a similar way to the prescription medication Phentermine.

Phentirmene Negatives

  • Although this product is meant to be side effect free, some dieters might experience undesirable reactions to the particular ingredients it contains.
  • A money back guarantee is not provided with Phentirmene.
  • The only means of contacting the company is to use the email address displayed on the official website.
  • The product utilises caffeine as a primary ingredient.

Is Phentirmene Worth Using

When all the information about Phentirmene is considered, it is clear that the product does not come over in a very appealing way.

Although it is good to note that it is obtainable without needing a prescription, there is no customer satisfaction / refund guarantee provided. Certainly, this will be a cause for concern for many dieters.

Moreover, Phentirmene uses caffeine as a primary ingredient to burn fat. This does not inspire confidence because caffeine is a diuretic and a stimulant. Therefore, dieters are recommended to look at some alternative products for weight loss instead.

Where To Buy Phentirmene

One Phentirmene bottle lasts for thirty days, and it is purchasable on the company website at a price of $69.95 (sixty caplets). Also, there is an option to purchase three bottles in one go for $179.95. Doing this will give you an extra bottle free of charge. Phentirmene is a dietary product which the manufacturer says is comparable with the prescription medication Phentermine. Commonly, it is used to help people who have severe obesity problems.

So, whilst Phentirmene is meant to be just as effective as Phentermine, you do not need a GP prescription, and it purports to be completely side effect free. There are a few customer testimonials posted on the company website to lend credence to Phentirmene. Nonetheless, there is no customer satisfaction / money back guarantee offered.

Recommended Phentermine Diet Pill

PhenQ diet pillThe market leader is PhenQ – although Phentirmene and PhenQ are priced similarly there is world of difference between the two.

PhenQ encourage its uses to send in their weight loss success stories and they publish them on their official website.

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