Phen375 fat burning supplement for weight loss and training cutting cycles

Phe375 fat burning supplementPhen375 is weight management tablet produced in the USA. It was brought to market in 2009 and the manufacturers claim they have acquired “over 198,782 Happy Customers” so far. If the figures are correct that’s very impressive, and the amount of positive reviews that are available online suggest the figures could very well be true.

The tablets are manufactured in an FDA Certified Facility; so customers who purchase a supply of tablets can be sure they consuming a quality product that meets the high standard necessary to meet FDA guidelines. Customer service is good (telephone, online form & mailing address) and the tablets are sold with “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. So Phen375 ticks many of the right boxes, but let’s take a closer look at the product before we get too carried away.

Phen375 CanadaPhen375 is ideal for both men and women. It can be used as a weight loss supplement for those needing to shed excess body fat quickly. It can also be used as a training supplement for those in need a super strong and effective cutting supplement.

Phen375 is available without prescription and can be ordered online direct from its own official website.

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Advertised Benefits

If the marketing hype is to be believed, there is no need to sit around moping about the sexy six-pack that never was, because Phen375 can make that dream a reality and allow you to become leaner and sexier by accelerating the fat burning process.

  • Suppress food cravings
  • Boosts energy & metabolism
  • Burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Lose an average of 20 pounds in per month

How to Take Phen375

Two tablets are required per day. The first tablet should be taken with water 20 minutes before breakfast. The second tablet of the day is taken 20 minutes before lunch.

How the Formulation Works

Phen375 is designed to provide appetite suppression and fat burning benefits. Appetite suppressants that work in the desired way can be very effective for controlling eating habits and helping the user to lower their calories intake.

Most men need to consume around 2,500 calories per day with women slightly less at around 180 to 2000, but many consume more that this and gain wait accordingly.

When the calorie intake is lowered, either via calorie counting or the use of supplements, it can force the body to begin burning its stores of fat to attain the energy it needs, resulting in weight loss.

Fat burners are used to increase the metabolism and cause the body to use more energy and burn extra fat. Supplements that provide a combination of good fat burning ingredients and appetite suppression can produce dramatic results, but how well any supplement performs will ultimately depend on the ingredients used.

Phen375 for womenKey Ingredients

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Pikolinate
  • L-Carnitine
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Cayenne (Capsicum)
  • Dendrobium Nobile
  • Coleus Forskolii Root

Blend Potential

Although it may appear to be a strange choice for a weight loss formulation, calcium carbonate is a scientifically proven weight loss aid. Chromium Pikolimate has a good reputation as a fat burner, so it is also a valid inclusion.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that can provide extra energy, so it is a common inclusion in pre-training supplements. However, it is also known to be an effective fat burning ingredient, although its abilities are unlikely to match those of citrus aurantium—a potent fat burning stimulant with proven metabolism boosting abilities.

Caffeine Anhydrous: is also a powerful stimulant, but it provides numerous other benefits, including fat burning and appetite suppression. Cayenne and dendrobium nobile are fat burners as well, as is Coleus forskolii, but it is also respected for it testosterone boosting abilities and is known to be particularly beneficial for men.

Phen375 Customer Feedback

Customer feedback suggests the above formulation is an effective one.

A few customer comments read:

“I’ve tried a lot of fat burners and Phen375 is the best. I lost nearly 8lbs in the first week of use and by the third week I could see the first signs of a six pack. I’m eating less, but still have plenty of energy. I recommend Phen375 for anyone who needs to get themselves back into shape.”
“I didn’t really believe all the claims at first, but I’m a believer now. I’m eating less food and all the puppy fat is disappearing from around my waist. I just don’t feel as hungry as I used to; it’s great. Finally something that really does work.”
“They promise 20lbs a month, but I lost 23!!! I’m over the moon.”

Are There Any Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely, but anyone who has existing health problems is advised to seek medical advice before using Phen375 or any other brand of supplement. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medication.

In Conclusion

The Phen375 formulation contains a number of powerful ingredients that should deliver the kind of results the manufacturers promise. Customer feedback also supports the claims made for the product and no side effects have been reported. Everything suggests this is one of the better weight loss products available at the present moment in time, so we are happy to add Phen375 to our list of approved products where we recommend above all others.

Purchasing Options

Phen375Phen375 can only be purchased exclusively from the Phen375 website.

The price per bottles varies from country to country – the default pricing may be in US dollars if this is the case and you want to view the Canadian dollar price then use the drop down menu at the top of the site.

Bulk buy incentives are available and customers are granted access to online training videos and diet sheets.

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