Phentramin-D – the phentermine alternative available without prescription

  • Phentramin-D new bottleBrand: Phentramin-D
  • Made By: lazarus Labs
  • Type: fat burner and appetite suppressant
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and many more
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $67.00
  • Special Offers: variable
  • Quick Comment: one of the better phentermine alternatives although not in the same league as PhenQ
  • Where To Buy: from its own official website as well as several online retailers such as Amazon. Not available in store at pharmacies and health supplement stockists

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Phentramin-D Review

official lazarus labs websiteJust when you thought there could not be more weight loss products to choose from, along comes Phentramin-D—a tablet that promises to bring the same results, safety and efficacy as other prescription and non-prescription tablets that also promise dramatic weight loss.

According to the manufacturers, Lazarus Labs, this is a groundbreaking and new pharmacological product that is more effective than any other diet supplement on the market. But does it hold up to these bold and exciting claims?

What is Phentramin-D?

Phentramin-d where to buyUnlike many other weight loss products, Phentramin-D (old bottle pictured left) is not a mixture or concoction of herbal ingredients, but rather a compound that has been scientifically developed to be as effective as Adipex and Phentermine which are popular prescription diet pills. Phentramin-D is a proprietary blend of 2-Phenylethylamine (PEA), Yohimbine, Hordenine, Synephrine and 1,3.7 trimethylxanthine. There is no prescription required for Phentramin-D. You can take them in either tablet or capsule form.

Lazarus Labs has combined the power of Phentermine with a safer and newer form of ephedra that increases your energy as well as acting as a mild diuretic. Phentramin-D will also suppress your appetite, rev up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine all day, every day.

It is believed that you can lose anywhere between two and six pounds per week while taking Phentramin-D – although is unproven

How Do You Take Phentramin-D?

Phentramin-D only works to its fullest benefits if taken properly. The recommended dosage is to take one pill twenty minutes before breakfast and a second pill twenty minutes before lunch or in the early afternoon.

The pill must be taken with eight ounces of water. The reason for taking the product earlier in the day is because it can cause sleeplessness due to its stimulant properties and if you take it close to bedtime, you may have difficulty falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest.

You are not to exceed four tablets within a twenty-four hour period and you should never increase the recommended dose.

Can Anyone Take Phentramin-D and What is the Cost?

The product is not recommended for people who have high blood pressure, heart disease or any cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, hyperthyroidism or any other known medical condition. You should not take it if you are on any prescription medications or if you have sensitivity to caffeine. Phentramin-D is also recommended for people who need to lose a minimum of fifteen pounds. This product is not intended for those looking to drop a very small amount of weight.

If you decide to try Phentramin-D, you can buy them as a single bottle of sixty pills, a one-month supply, for sixty-seven dollars. You can also purchase it in a two-month supply (one hundred and twenty pills) for one-hundred and twenty-seven dollars, a three-month supply (one hundred and eighty pills) for one-hundred and fifty-seven dollars, a six-month supply (three hundred and sixty pills) for approximately three hundred dollars and a nine-month supply (five hundred and forty pills) for four-hundred and thirty-nine dollars.

The manufacturer does offer a thirty-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Phentramin-D as well as free shipping on orders that are one-hundred and twenty-nine dollars or more.

Should You Try Phentramin-D?

While no serious side effects have been reported by people taking Phentramin-D, you should still be cautious when introducing anything new and foreign to your body. Some people have experienced headaches during their first week of use. Irritability, moodiness and dry mouth are some other side effects that have been experienced although they seem to wane as the body gets more accustomed to the product.

Another product, PhenQ, might be a better alternative to Phentramin-D if you are concerned about side effects as PhenQ has better fat-burning ingredients and no reported side effects from users. The prescription drug, Phentramine, is another diet supplement with a proven track record of success. Additionally, the Phentramin-D website does not go into much detail why its product is far better than other products, like Phentramine, or those that are all natural.

They make many claims, but do not offer much in the way of scientific support for those claims. The site, however, does have several user reviews and you can get a free trial bottle, but you need to provide them with before and after pictures as well as a testimonial about your experience using Phentramin-D.

As with any diet supplement, proceed with caution and make sure you do not have any existing conditions and you are not on any medications that can bring about unwanted side effects. The thirty-day money-back guarantee may come in handy if those side effects become too much to bear.


Where To Buy, Stockists

Can be ordered online direct from the official website. Also available from several other third party website such as Amazon. Not available in store at pharmacies and health supplement stockists.

Recommended Alternative Diet Pill

PhenQ recommendedThe phentermine alternative market is huge and is currently lead by quite some distance by PhenQ.

PhenQ has built up an enviable reputation and is best seller in The United States, Canada and Australia – it has many, many success stories.

It is formulated from natural and pharmaceutical standard ingredients.

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