SlendaTrim – can it really give you that bikini figure

SlendaTrim reviewSlendaTrim is a weight loss supplement manufactured in the USA by Vitegrity. The company offer international shipping, but restrict sales to main destinations such as the UK, Australia, and Canada. Vitegrity claim their tablets can help dieters reach their ideal weight, ‘get that bikini figure’ and ‘have more energy for the day’.

Like so many other diet products SlendaTrim are claimed to be rated no.1. As is the norm with such claims, Vitegrity fail to say who supposedly awarded the product this status.

Safe and steady weight loss without any hunger pangs? It’s every dieters dream! Let’s examine the ingredients and see if the formulation is likely to make any dreams come true.

Slendatrim are currently advertising heavily in the United States – how does it compare to PhenQ read more

What is SlendaTrim and how Does it Work?

Slendatrim official websiteSlendaTrim is a combined appetite suppressant and fat burner with some stimulants thrown into the mix to provide a little extra zing to the day.

Vitegrity claim their chosen blend of ingredients has been formulated to provide accelerated weight loss in a safe and steady manner.•

  • Kick start your metabolism.
  • Stop your hunger.
  • Deliver an immediate and powerful boost to your energy levels.
  • SlendaTrim attacks the problem from every dimension, helping you to see results, feel better and continue the upward cycle of success.

Key Ingredients

SlendaTrim contains a huge amount of ingredients and some of them are proven to assist weight loss, but many of the ingredients are used in a proprietary blend so their inclusion rates are unknown.

Each dose of three capsules contains:

Vitamin D (400 IU) Thiamine  (1.5 mg)
Riboflavin  (1.7 mg) Niacin  (20 mg)
Vitamin B6  (2 mg) Vitamin B12  (6 mcg)
Pantothenic Acid  (10 mg) Calcium  (500 mg)
Chromium  (200 mcg)

Most of the ingredients in this list could easily be attained from any good multi-vitamin and mineral capsule or a bowl of fortified breakfast cereal and either option would be cheaper than SlendaTrim. Chromium is a diet pill regular, but its supposed fat burning power has been discredited by The National Union of Health.

The proprietary blend contains (1,303 mg) contains:

  • Bitter orange
  • Umbrella arum powder (glucomannan)
  • Green tea leaf powder
  • Hoodia gordoni aerial stem powder
  • Irvingia gabonensis fruit powder (African mango)
  • Bioperine

Bioperine is a patented form of black pepper extract. It contains a proven fat burner called piperine, so it is a worthwhile inclusion. African mango may also offer some weight loss benefits and glucomannan and hoodia gordoni are usually used to provide appetite suppression. But with such a ridiculously high number of ingredients crammed into the tablets the quantities may be too low to be of benefit and the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to predict how good—or bad—the formulation might be.

[warning]Bitter orange is believed to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning, but it contains a compound called synephrine and its use can result in cardiovascular issues.[/warning]

How to use SlendaTrim

Three tablets should be taken before breakfast. Three more tablets are taken in the afternoon and Vitegrity state their capsules are safe for continuous use as part of a weight maintenance program.

Customer Feedback

The product website contains several glowing testimonials that are attributed to satisfied customers who claim to ‘feel awesome’ and say the product ‘Did everything it said it was going to.’

Feedback from a less biased source would provide a more reliable indication product potential, but none was available at the time of this review.

Side Effects & Potential Health Issues

The manufacturers state their product is unsuitable for use by pregnant and nursing mothers and warn “Do not take this product prior to consulting with your healthcare practitioner.” Given the lack of inclusion rates and the use of an ingredient with known issues (bitter orange) this is sound advice.

The Bottom Line

SlendaTrim is quite an expensive product and there is no proof it will offer any weight loss benefits at all. The product has not been tested and the only ingredients that could support weight loss are incorporated in SlendaTrim’s proprietary blend and their inclusion rates are unknown. This means any benefits the blend may offer are also unknown and the same can be said for its potential for causing side effects. The lack of independent feedback is also an issue so SlendaTrim is not a recommended weight loss product.

SlendaTrim is available to buy from, but other options are limited, so the best source of supply is probably from the SlendaTrim website. The manufacturers offer bulk buy discounts and a 60 day money back guarantee, but with a $39.97 price tag—plus shipping charges—for a 30 day supply (180 tablets) SlendaTrim is quite an expensive dieting option.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ diet pillIts hard to recommend Slendatrim over PhenQ – the sheer weight of public approval and its longevity makes PhenQ almost impossible to overlook.

PhenQ is a phentermine alternative that is available to buy now with prescription – it is manufactured in FDA registered and approved facilities.

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SlendaTrim – can it really give you that bikini figure — 5 Comments

  1. This product makes me feel like my skin is on fire and burning! Will send it back for a refund! I would not recommend it and I tried to get ahold of the company but cannot get through! I emailed the address they sent me in my order and the email was rejected and returned! Pretty sure it’s a scam!

  2. Company email address offered rejected and returned and the phone number sends you to voicemail! Just took my first dose and it makes my skin on my arms and face burn I’m guessing the niacin going to return it! Not for me!

  3. I ordered Slendatrim. It did not arrive, but I was informed by my post office that a customs charge had to be paid of £13.15 in addition to the postage charges I have already paid. Not acceptable. I have emailed slendatrim at the email address I received from shipping and unsurprisingly, the email was returned. I am also unable to access their website. I will be reporting them to Trading Standards and anyone else I can think of, as this is obviously a scam

  4. I have just bought slendertrim to try and i have just read the reviews and i am now worried to try it i might just throw them away waste of money

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