Trimplex Elite Review with customer comments

Trimplex Elite CanadaSeveral people have contacted us asking for a Trimplex Elite review. We always try to oblige our site visitors but in this case it was a difficult task. The official product website is no longer functioning, so anyone who visits will get an error message.

On our search for the official website we also found several other sites that looked like they may have been created by the manufacturer of the product, but they all turned out to be affiliate-run sites. Some of them had “Buy Trimplex Elite” buttons that linked into official website.

Others simply sent site visitors to pages selling alternative products. The product is still available to buy via Amazon’s French site, but it’s costly to buy and is unlikely to be shipped to addresses based outside of France.

Digging deeper, we discovered some customer complaints that cast doubt on the way the manufacturer has conducted business in the past. Needless to say, this set the alarm bells ringing. On the one hand, the comments made could have been posted by diet pill competitors, but it is also possible that the product developed such a bad vibe the manufacturer decided to throw in the towel, take down the official website, and get rid of existing stock via Amazon.

What the Trimplex Elite is Supposed to Do

Trimplex Elite ReviewAccording to the affiliate sites, Trimplex Elite is intended to support weight loss in several ways.

  • Accelerating the metabolism
  • Suppressing the appetite
  • Boosting fat burning abilities
  • Increasing energy levels

Many brands of diet pill are sold with similar claims, but that is not surprising. The metabolism governs the way the body uses calories. A slow metabolism uses calories slowly and increases the chance of weight gain. A fast metabolism uses calories more quickly and this may cause the body to run short on calories. Especially for people who are already following a calorie-reduced diet. When the body runs out of calories it burns fat instead. Energy boosters are added to diet pills to prevent diet-related fatigue.

Trimplex Elite Review

The Key Ingredients and Their Potential 

The inclusion rates are not available but, according to one website, Trimplex Elite contains green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone. Neither of these ingredients will boost energy levels though, so it is possible the pills contain other ingredients as well.

Green coffee bean extract contains a metabolism boosting agent called chlorogenic acid. It has a good reputation for delivering results and is often considered to be potent enough to use as a standalone weight loss provider. Raspberry ketone has also earned the respect of dieters all around the world, and has won the favor of the American weight loss guru, Dr. Oz. It provides a double-whammy of benefits by suppressing the appetite and helping the body to start torching its fat.

Usage Guidelines – Two pills are required per day—one before breakfast is eaten and another one before eating dinner.

The Best Place to Buy Trimplex Elite

As far as we can tell, the only way buy Trimplex Elite is to visit, but it is unclear how long this will remain the case and it is only possible to purchase it with a companion product. The package costs €100 (USD$ 112).

Customer Comments

Most of the affiliate sites feature glowing testimonials that make the product seem like a good diet pill to buy, but the only reliable source of feedback is Amazon and the customer complaint sites.

A few average reviews read:

“I ordered a free bottle of Trimplex Elite and had my card billed for over $140 a couple of weeks later. Apparently there’s some small print that says you have to pay for the product if you don’t say you don’t want it within 14 days of placing your order. It took the buggers over 3 weeks to get the pills to me–what the f*^K?”
“These capsules are a scam. Do not buy this product. It does not work and it costs a bomb.”
“No weight loss at all. These pills are not fit for purpose. Do not buy.”

Side Effects and Other Issues

The two ingredients disclosed are good for providing safe weight loss, but Trimplex Elite may contain other ingredients as well. Anyone who orders this product should get their doctor’s approval before they begin using it.

The Final Judgment

Trimplex Elite appears to contain a couple of respected diet pill ingredients, but the inclusion rates are unknown and lots of past customers have made complaints about Trimplex Elite and the company marketing it. These two facts alone suggest Trimplex Elite is not one of the better options for anyone who hopes to lose weight. However, bearing in mind the limited options available to people who want to buy Trimplex Elite, further evaluation is pointless.

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