W700 ThermoGenic Hyper Metabolizer Review

w700 diet pillW700 ThermoGenic Hyper Metabolizer is a weight loss supplement that claims to harness the power of heat to increase metabolism. It is produced by Ubervita, a company that declares itself to be a “premiere sports nutrition apothecary”.  That’s it. There is nothing else presented to back up that claim.

No company history, location, or other details. It does say that their goal is to unlock “strength, endurance, and ultimate physical capabilities through sports nutrition.”  That’s nice, but consumers should not mistake a goal with the ability to reach said goal. Instead, those in the market for a weight loss aid, thermogenic or otherwise, should ask themselves if this product works and if it’s worth it.

“W700 appears to be the epitome of a questionable and potentially dangerous product.  It hides behind a rash of positive reviews that seem contrived in their uniformity and ubiquity.”

Key Ingredients

whats in W700The website for Ubervita and W700 does not disclose what ingredients are contained in this product. It does not even hint at them. Instead, consumers wishing to perform due diligence are forced to rely on other, unofficial websites for this information. Those websites, whose whole job is performing due diligence for consumers, did not have an easy time finding out the ingredients either. They obtained them from an actual bottle of the product.

According to these consumer information sites, W700 contains caffeine, Schizandra, L- Arginine, Beta Alanine, Guarana Seed extract, Urva Ursi, Capsicum, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, Tribulus, and Vitamin B6.

W700 ThermoGenic Media Focus

W700 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer has done a good job of saturating the internet with favourable reviews and information. In fact, a simple search turns up only one dissenting opinion on the first returned page of search results (99% of people do not look beyond the first page of returned results).  This should be a red-flag, because a quality product can successfully address and counter any negative opinions. Questionable products instead prefer to pour their energy into presenting a good face and ignoring effectiveness.

W700 ThermoGenic Side Effects

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement.  Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product.

This product warns that it is extremely potent and only intended for use by healthy adults. Although this is most likely just an attempt at reverse psychology, potential consumers would be wise to heed this warning. Although the website does not clearly list the ingredients in W700, the ones disclosed on other websites have the potential to cause serious side effects and drug interactions. What follows is but a small sample of hazards that users may experience:

Caffeine – can cause sleep problems and intestinal upset, in large doses can cause irregular heartbeat and possibly death. Interacts with dozens of medications.

Schizandra – suspected of worsening the conditions of high intracranial pressure, epilepsy and Gastro oesophageal reflex disease (GERD) or peptic ulcers. Interacts with dozens of medicines, primarily those broken down by the liver.

L- Arginine –can cause allergic reactions, make Herpes worse, lower blood pressure, and increase risk of death after heart attack.

Guarana Seed extract – the caffeine in this substance can affect blood sugar control in diabetics, increase blood pressure and cause irregular heartbeat, among other troubling side effects.  Interacts with dozens of medications, including some antibiotics and medicines that slow blood clotting. Explicit warning against mixing Guarana with stimulants, like those found in this product.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: No! W700 appears to be the epitome of a questionable and potentially dangerous product.  It hides behind a rash of positive reviews that seem contrived in their uniformity and ubiquity.

The product website itself is slick and devoid of substance. It doesn’t bother to list the ingredients, assuming instead that consumers will be drawn in by their intense descriptions and pseudo-medical warnings of product strength. In order to find out what they will actually be consuming, potential buyers need to acquire a bottle of the substance or rely on the ingredient lists provided by consumer advocate websites. This is disturbing on two fronts: First, it is evasive. A company that doesn’t respect consumers enough to be transparent with ingredients is suspect. Second, it is absolves them of responsibility. In the event that someone reads the ingredients from a different (unofficial) website, then purchases it and has a bad reaction, the company can note that it never listed the ingredients on the web, so users bought at their own risk.

Much like the snake oil and tonic salesmen of the past, W700 and Ubervita are attempting to take advantage of a specific population, one which needs exceptional results but is unwilling or unable to look too hard at what exactly they’re being sold.

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