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What are the Best Diet Pills for 2021

While we were compiling our list of best diet pills for 2021 we noticed something interesting.

Most of the top diet pills are intended to be provide dieters with a safe alternative to the prescription drug Phentermine.

In fact, three of the four products that made it to our list were created with this in mind and customer reviews show all three products do what they are supposed to do by providing fast weight loss without side effects.

However, although Phentermine is only an appetite suppressant, the three safer option listed below are not so restricted in their function and the fact that they offer dieters a greater level of support probably accounts for a lot of their success.

The fourth entry on our list of best diet pills for 2021 does not have a “Phen” in its name, but it does have an excellent reputation when it comes to delivering results, there are no known side effects, and it’s currently one of the fastest selling fat burners on the market.


PhenQLots of different factors can come into play when you are trying to lose weight and different people need support in different ways.

Although it’s designed to be a safe and effective Phentermine replacement product, PhenQ doesn’t just achieve this aim by providing superior appetite suppression.

The carefully chosen formulation of ingredients also boosts the metabolism, blocks fat, and offers dieters such a broad spectrum of help it would take a combination of lesser diet pills to provide anything like the same results.

Launched in 2015, PhenQ is still a relatively new diet pill, but its reputation for delivering results is second to none. Nearly 200,000 people have lost weight by using PhenQ and it’s currently ranked no.1 in the world.

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Phen375 canadaPhen375 is a Phentermine substitute that contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is packed in a bottle that makes it look more like a product you would get from a doctor than buy off the shelf.

The capsules even mimic the look of the prescription drug by having a white body that displays Phentermine-like blue specks.

A lot of people who buy Phen375 do so after having bad experiences with Phentermine and customer reviews suggest many people are losing about 5lbs per week using this product.

Bearing in mind the trouble that has gone into making this diet pill look the part, it’s not surprising that the Phen375 sales page places a lot of emphasis on the product’s ability to suppress the appetite.

But this product is being sold short. A big reason for its success comes courtesy of the fact it offers dieters help in other areas as well by boosting energy levels, speeding up the metabolism, and encouraging the body to burn fat.

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Phentaslim top productPhentaslim and Phen375 may have been created with the same desired intent, but the two products are as different as chalk and cheese. Phentaslim capsules are a very distinctive red and there is no way on earth they could be mistaken Phentermine.

The red upon black label, with fiery lettering, also gives the product a hardcore look that most other Phentermine substitutes do not have.

The pills are sold with the promise they will destroy hunger and annihilate body fat, but everything about the way the product is marketed suggests appetite suppression takes second place to fat burning.

However, customer reviews show this product is as effective for curbing hunger as it is for burning fat and it has already succeeded in helping a lot of people to lose more weight than they could possibly hope to lose with a Phentermine prescription.

Many customers say they saw their excess pounds “melt away” with Phentaslim, and side effects don’t appear to be an issue, so it’s pretty safe to say the scientists that developed the product achieved their desired aim.

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Garcinia Extra

Buy Garcinia Extra CanadaDiet pills that contain garcinia cambogia are very common these days and a lot of diet pill manufacturers are marketing products that are totally reliant on the ingredient’s awesome ability to curb hunger and prevent the body from creating fresh stores of body fat.

Garcinia cambogia extract also appears to have the ability to have a positive influence on the mood, so good diet pills that contain garcinia cambogia can take some of the hard work out of weight loss by helping prevent diet-related depression.

However, Garcinia Extra is a better option than other similar products because the garcinia cambogia extract it contains is paired with raspberry ketone.

A respected appetite suppressant and fat burner in its own right, raspberry ketone is capable of providing the metabolism with a considerable boost. A lot of people have lost a lot of weight using this product.

A weight loss of two to three pounds per week appears to be easily attainable and Garcinia Extra is 100% stimulant free.

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The Top Four Diet Pills Compared

PhenQ Phen375 Phentaslim Garcinia Extra
Curbs Hunger
Burns Fat
Boosts Metabolism
Provides Energy       X
Blocks Dietary Fats        X       X       X
Stops Fat Production        X        X
Enhances the Mood        X        X
Guarantee   (60 Days)   (60 Days)   (60 Days)   (60 Days)


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