Phentabz Review, Is It Really The Best Appetite Supressant

  • phentabz reviewBrand: Phentabz
  • Made By: Gentech Pharmaceuticals
  • Type: appetite suppressant
  • Country: US, Canada, UK, Australia and many others
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $69
  • Special Offers: buy 4 for $249
  • Quick Comment: We prefer PhenQ – a far superior product in our opinion with a long money back guarantee and free shipping
  • Where To Buy: official website is sole stockists

PhenQ recommendedPhenQ is multi-benefit fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppresant. Many diet critics say it is street ahead of it’s competition. The manufacturers offer a long 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping worldwide – this show reals confidence in the product

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Phentabs Review – Overview

official Phentabz websitePhentabz is a weight loss supplement produced by Gentech Pharmaceuticals, who claim it is the world’s number one appetite suppressant and weight loss pill. Many other manufacturers make similar claims for their products, but in most cases little is offered to back up these claims. Phentabz is no exception to the rule.

Unlike many competing products, Phentabz is not marketed as having “all natural ingredients”.  Just the opposite, in fact; the manufacturers are very keen to impress the consumer with the knowledge that their product is a true “pharmacological” diet pill that is very similar to prescription only diet pills.

The product website appears to be the primary sales channel, but the company also produces a similar product—Phentabz RX—which they claim is available on prescription only. The presence of an “RX” usually signifies a prescription only product, but it is possible the letters may have been added as a means of misleading consumers because the product does not appear to have been approved by the FDA, and this would be necessary for prescription use.

What Is Phentabz And How Does It Work?

Phentabz is a diet pill that is claimed to:

  • Suppress the appetite
  • Boost the metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Speed up fat metabolism

How the pills achieve all of this is not explained and there is no scientific evidence to back up any claims made.

Key Ingredients

The ingredients of this product are a complete mystery. The only information offered is:

The formulation consists of FDA approved ingredients proven safe and effective when taken as directed.

That’s nice to know, but the formulation itself has not been approved by the FDA and it would be interesting to learn of any supportive evidence that Phentabz diet pills are safe and effective. The absence of a list of ingredients makes it impossible to predict how effective Phentabz is likely to be; it also means that no speculation can be made on any likely side effects—and this is one of the most worrying things about this product.

Other Products in the Range

PhentabzAs stated earlier in this review, Gentech Pharmaceuticals also produce a product called Phentabz RX, which they claim is a prescription only drug. Part of their sales pitch for Phentabz consists of a comparison between the Phentabz and Phentabz RX, but no evidence can be found to prove any claims made for their RX product.

Some information does; however, seem to indicate the product may be sold to doctors, who can then sell it to their customers. The fact that some doctors may profit from recommending a product and then selling it, is a far cry from a product being approved for prescription use.

The third product in the range is called Phentabz Teen and, as the name implies, it has been designed for use by teen-aged consumers. One can only presume that the Teen version contains a similar blend as the other two products, but as the ingredients of all three products are kept secret, nothing is certain.

PhenTabz Adverts


The official website contains several testimonials that are purported to have been placed by satisfied customers. The site also has some testimonials made by health care professionals. All of the testimonials are gathered on individual YouTube videos—which is rather an unusual approach—but testimonials from such a biased source fail to be as convincing as independent customer reviews and these are not available at this time.

Possible Side Effects

The absence of a list of ingredients used in the formulation renders it impossible to predict what possible side effects might result from the use of this drug. Gentech Pharmaceuticals claim two of their core benefits are “thinking differently” and “challenging the status quo”; by failing to even hint at what ingredients are used, and expecting the consumer to buy their product based on a hand full of spurious promises, they could be said to be doing both these things, but consumers should not be expected to put any drug into their body without first knowing exactly what it is and what possible damage it could cause their bodies.

Do We Recommend

Gentech Pharmaceuticals make many claims for themselves and their formulations, which they claim are “award winning products”. This begs the questions:

  • Which products?
  • When did they win the awards?
  • And—most importantly—who awarded them?

No information is provided about any of these things. As with everything on the site, the consumer is expected to just take it all on trust and start taking their pills.

Many things about the website are misleading and promises take precedence over facts and figures. None of this inspires confidence in either Gentech Pharmaceuticals or their products and no money back guarantee is offered.

The most worrying thing of all though, is the lack of information about the ingredients in the blend, and this alone is reason enough for avoiding the product at all costs.


Where To Buy Phentabz

The official website is the only supplier, shipping is worldwide. There is is not presence in suppliers and stockists such as GNC, Walmart or pharmacies.

Recommended Diet Pills

PhenQ diet pillThe diet pill that we give our backing to is PhenQ – a triple action fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant.

PhenQ is hybrid containing natural an pharmacy grade ingredients – with the advantage of being able to buy without prescription.

PhenQ has a long list of satisfied customers.

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