WeightOFF Rapid Release – can you really lose 11 pounds in 60 days.

  • Weightoff CanadaBrand: WeightOFF Rapid Release
  • Made By: NuvoCare
  • Type: Natural raspberry ketone product
  • Country: mainly North America – US and Canada
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: see website for up to date pricing
  • Special Offers: See website – there is an autoship program that we recommend you avoid.
  • Quick Comment: Reputable brand for the North American market – we a heavy bias towards Canada
  • Where To Buy: Sold via its own website or in-store at many pharmacies across the US and Canada

WeightOFF claims to be North America’s number one researched based supplement brand and that users can expect to lose 11 pounds in 60 days. WeightOFF does not make our list of recommended diet pills.

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WeightOFF website Canada and USWeightOFF Rapid Release diet pills are produced by NuvoCare Health Sciences. The company is based in Toronto, have been trading since 2006, and claim to be “North America’s #1 research-based supplement brand”, but it is unclear whether this a self-awarded title.

Taking a look at the various products available via their website though, it is abundantly clear that the company is not no.1 when it comes to providing adequate information about their products.

Sales pages tend to contain plenty of promises, but little or no information about the ingredients used and, in the case of WeightOFF Rapid Release, the sales page is also lacking in information about dosage.

WeightOFF Rapid Release Pros and Cons at a Glance

The Pros The Cons
·       Reputable manufacturer·       Some of the ingredients have potential ·       No guarantee·       Some of the ingredients have disproven or unproven abilities·       General lack of information about the product·       Lack of customer feedback

WeightOFF Rapid Release Benefits

  • Increase Satiety – Feel Less Hungry
  • Increase Energy Expenditure – Burn more calories
  • Improve Lean Body Composition – Burn Fat not Muscle

How the Formulation Works

According to the manufacturers, WeightOFF Rapid Release is a powerful fat burner that utilizes raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract along with seven other clinically-proven fat burners. Judging by the list of promised benefits it is also designed to suppress the appetite. Formulations that combine appetite suppression with fat burning are very common and some of them work very well, but that is not surprising. Such formulations can enable the user to burn more calories than they consume, causing the body to fall back on its back-up store of calories—body fat. The science is sound, but many formulations fail to get the chemistry right.

WeightOFF Rapid Release Key Ingredients

The official sales page on the Nuvocare website does not provide any information about the ingredients used. The sales pages at third-party retailers such as Well.ca are equally lacking in information. The Amazon sales page is more informative. It does not specify whether the proportions below are per capsule, but the WeightOFF Rapid Release formulation contains:

Unfortunately the ingredients are presented in such a way it is hard to ascertain what is what, but many of them appear to be housed in proprietary blends.

raspberry ketone in HydroxycutThe iodine content may stimulate the thyroid and speed the metabolism. Chromium is often touted as a fat burner, but its use has been discredited by the National Union of Health. Green coffee bean is a fat burner that works, as is capsicum, and scientific evidence supports this, also raspberry ketones has much clinical evidence attached to and is arguably the best selling superfruit along garcinia cambogia

The WeightOFF Rapid Release blend contains some good ingredients, but it also contains some that are overrated. It may work well, or it may not. Customer feedback would provide the best indication of blend potential, but none was available at the time of this review.

How to Take WeightOFF Rapid Release

Once again, Amazon supplies more information than the manufacturer’s website.

One capsule is required twice each day and should be taken on an empty stomach prior to eating each of the two largest meals of the day. Capsules should always be taken with 150-200ml of water and supplementation should be continued for at least 60 days.

WeightOFF Rapid Release Customer Feedback

No customer feedback could be found.

WeightOFF Rapid Release Side Effects

The Nuvocare website fails to state if side effects are a possibility, and there is no feedback to indicate if past customers have experienced any. Pregnant or nursing mothers should always play it safe though, and never consume any brand of supplement without first consulting a physician. The same advice is offered to anyone who has existing health issues or is taking medication.

WeightOFF Rapid Release Where To Buy

WeightOFF Rapid Release can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website or via a number of alternative online sources, including Amazon and Well.ca. The prices can fluctuate by a dollar or so from one site to the next, but CAD$ 35 appears to be about average for a pack of 60 capsules.

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