Lipozene – As seen on TV (a lot) but does it actually work

  • Lipozene diet pillsBrand: Lipozene
  • Made By: Obesity Research Institute
  • Type: Natural diet supplement targeted towards appetite suppression
  • Country: Available in countries but specifically in the United States and Canada
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Advertised at different price-points as low as $29.95 online direct
  • Special Offers: There are buy one get one free offers in place if bought direct
  • Quick Comment: Lipozene is advertised on TV in both the US and Canada and billed as the number one selling diet brand – something we are not surely is entirely true!!!
  • Where To Buy: The official website stocks as well as some big name pharmacies, drug stores and health stores. Walmart also  occasionally stock.

Lipozene has been existence for several years but does not make our list of top diet pills.

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Lipozene websiteLipozene is a dietary supplement manufactured in the USA by Obesity Research LLC. Very little is known about the company, but customer services are available via telephone during normal office hours (weekdays) and until 14:30 (PST) on Saturdays.

The formulation is designed to assist weight loss by suppressing the appetite. When the appetite is suppressed the desire to eat is removed. By helping people to eat less food appetite suppressants reduce the calorie intake and this can be beneficial in two ways.

  1. By consuming fewer calories the dieter is less likely to gain additional weight.
  2. If the calorie intake is reduced to a level that is inadequate for the body’s needs the body will turn to its back-up energy store (body fat) and burn that to gain the extra energy it needs.

The use of effective appetite suppressing formulations can also ensure dieters do not have to live with hunger pangs and the main ingredient in Lipozene has proven appetite supressing abilities so, in theory, results should be good.

Lipozene Pros and Cons

The Pros The Cons
·       Contains a generous dose of a proven appetite suppressing ingredient
·       Side effects are unlikely
·       Money back guarantee
·       Some customers say the product works
·       Past allegations about the use of misleading marketing practices.·       Many customers say the product does not work

Lipozene Key Ingredients

Konjac in PGXThe capsules contain only one active ingredient—glucomannan. Taken from the roots of the Asian konjac plant, glucomannan is a fibrous substance that has the ability to soak up large amounts of fluid. For this reason weight loss supplements designed to harness its powers are taken with plenty of water, usually at least half an hour before eating, to allow the fibers time to soak up all the available moisture.

When the glucomannan has soaked up the water the fibers expand considerably and create a feeling of fullness in the stomach. This supresses the appetite, and also reduces the amount of room available for food, thereby ensuring the capsule taker is forced to eat smaller portions that provide fewer calories.

Lipozene Dosage

Two capsules provide 1,500mg of glucomannan and should be taken with 8oz. of water, 30 to 60 minutes before eating a meal, and may be taken up to three times per day. This is more than the dosage used in some of the studies that are supportive of glucomannan’s appetite supressing abilities, so it should be an effective dose.

Customer Feedback For Lipozene

The Lipozene website contains a few positive testimonials, and one customer claims to have lost 85lbs in 12 months. The site also contains several convincing video testimonials, but the site’s small print states the people concerned were paid for their testimonials and the results obtained are not typical.

“Results not typical average weight loss experienced between the active and placebo group was 4.93 LBS. Testimonials were remunerated for their time and their results were achieved in combination with diet and exercise”

Amazon reviews are predominantly poor. The amount of one star reviews outnumber the five star review by more than two to one. So although some customers say Lipozene “does what it is supposed to do”, and one reviewer states he and his wife lost 70lbs. and 60lbs. respectively; many more state Lipozene “does not work” and say call it a waste of money.

Lipozene Side Effects & Health issues

The manufacturers state no side effects have been reported, but recommend potential Lipozene users who are taking medications consult a doctor prior to commencing supplementation. Glucomannan is not known to be a problematic ingredient, but we feel this is good advice that should be extended to pregnant or nursing mothers and anyone who has any existing health issues or concerns.

Legal Dispute

At the time of this review (February 2015) the Lipozene website contained a link to an onsite PDF document about a complaint made to the Office of Research Integrity (ORI). The complainant alleges Obesity Research Institute LLC violated Californian law by engaging in deceptive advertising and marketing practices. The company strongly deny the allegations, but agreed to an out of court settlement to avoid any interruptions to their “ongoing business operations”.

A fairness hearing was scheduled for 2015, 02, 06, but at the time of this review it was unclear whether settlement had been legally sanctioned. Further (and possibly more up to day information) can be found by visiting


All orders of Lipozene are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Although Lipozene can be purchased via, it is not listed on, so Canadian customers will probably find it easiest to purchase from the official Lipozene website.

Shipping is usually free, and each bottle (contains 30 capsules) costs USD$ 29.95 (CAD$ 37.27). It is also worth noting the site often offers two-for-the-price-of-one deals and/or free bottles of a companion product.

Recommended Alternative

Best rated diet pillThe appetite suppressing genre is lead by in our opinion PhenQ – a best seller in the US and Canada as well as several European countries.

PhenQ is available to buy direct from the manufactures own websites and does not require a prescription despite containing both natural and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

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