Kilo Trim Review

  • revo\iew fo Kilo TrimBrand: Kilo Trim
  • Made By: New Nordic
  • Type: Help curb appetite and normalise blood sugar
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and many more
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: $29 / £17
  • Special Offers: none at present
  • Quick Comment: Does not appear to be a dedicated diet pill – more targeted towards maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and normal carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.
  • Where To Buy: from its own official website as well as several other reputable stockists

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Kilo Trim Overview

Where to buy Kilo Trim CanadaKilo Trim is a weight loss supplement produced by New Nordic.  This Scandinavian company offers natural products and food supplements that promote an active life and enhance vitality.

Kilo Trim is supposed to aid in weight loss and appetite suppression while contributing to normal metabolism.  It does not make outrageous claims, promise extraordinary results or engage in a hard sell, but is it effective and is it worth it?

What Is Kilo Trim and How Does It Work

Kilo Trim comes in solid pills that are to be taken three times per day, one before each meal.  It is to be used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet. To its credit, kilo trim presents a sensible approach.  No gimmicky claims or hard sell tactics.  The product page on the New Nordic website is minimalist, well formatted and straightforward.  It also appears to be very transparent in listing warnings, ingredients and amounts.

Key Ingredients

The main effective ingredients in Kilo Trim are Konjac glucomannan, saffron extract, and chromium picolinate [sic].  Konjac glucomannan, also known as Amorphophallus konjac, is a sugar derived from the root of the Konjac plant.

Considered a dietary fibber, it is used for weight loss, to control blood sugar and to lower cholesterol. Saffron extract is a plant whose stigmas are used to make a spice of the same name.

Medicinally, it is used for pelvic, digestive and sexual ailments and depression.  Chromium picolinate is a trace essential element that is primarily used to treat chromium deficiency (which is very rare) and is being investigated as a possible diabetes treatment.  Claims that chromium helps weight-loss, obesity or lean body mass are disputed.

what is in Kilo Trim

While Kilo Trim does a good job of being transparent in listing its ingredients and amounts, consumers should note the order in which they appear.  According to the package label,  Kilo Trim ingredients in descending order of amount are Konjac glucomannan, filler (microcrystalline cellulose), binder (kollidon), saffron extract (Crocus sativa L.), coating agents (magnesium stearate), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), mineral (chrome picolinate).  This shows that aside from the Konjac, this product is mostly filler and binder. It’s possible that this is how it works to suppress appetite, but also means that users are getting very little saffron extract, and even less chromium.

Another point of note to savvy consumers is the ingredient variations that appear for this product.  The new Nordic website itself references birch bark in the product description, but it does not show up in the label information.  There is no explanation given for this.

Any Success Stories

There is only one testimonial on the website.  It is rather low key and generic though, and doesn’t really ignite consumer desire.

Any Side Effects

The Kilo Trim package warns that it is not for children under the age of 12, and advises people with allergies or who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek medical advice before taking.

Konjac glucomannan can interfere with blood sugar control and anti-diabetes medications.  Separately, it can also interfere with some oral medications because it absorbs substances in the stomach and intestines.

Saffron can cause allergic reactions in people who are also allergic to Salsola, Olea (includes olive) and Lolium plant species. It can also cause side effects like dry mouth, nausea and dizziness, among others.  In doses from 12-20 grams it can cause death. Saffron can affect mood and should not be taken by people with Bipolar disorder because it might incite mania.

Chromium can cause allergic reactions in people who have leather contact or chromate allergies.  It can affect blood sugar levels and has been associated with liver and kidney complications.  People with diabetes, liver disease or kidney problems should avoid taking chromium supplements.  Additionally, chromium can affect brain chemistry and may worsen behavioural or psychiatric conditions.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: maybe.  It doesn’t seem like taking Kilo Trim can do any harm, but then again it doesn’t seem like it may do much of anything at all.  The product is (for the most part) straightforward and the ingredients may indeed help with weight-loss, normal metabolism and appetite suppression.

On the downside, the product is listed at around 18 pounds for a 30 tablet foil-pack.  At 3 pills a day, that will only last 10 days.  A month’s supply would then run about 54 pounds, which seems a little steep for something that can be taken indefinitely and may or may not do much.  Consumers looking for stronger results or a more affordable product might do well to look into other brands instead.


Where To Buy Kilo Trim

Can be ordered directy from the New Nordic website as well as several other online offline stores such as GNC, Pharmasave and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Other Diet Pill To Consider

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