Raspberry Ketone Fresh – Advertised On Facebook, Is It Just A Scam

  • raspberry ketone fresh is it a scamBrand: Raspberry Ketone Fresh
  • Made By: Unknown
  • Type: Fat burner
  • Country: Canada, USA, UK and many more
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Hidden
  • Special Offers: none at present
  • Quick Comment: A generic raspberry ketone brand that doesn’t offers the consumer anything extra that is not already in circulation
  • Where To Buy: from its own official website as well as 

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What Is The Big Deal About Raspberry Ketones

raspberry ketones 2Walk into any health food or vitamin store and you are bound to see numerous products advertising raspberry ketone as their main ingredient. Why all the hype?

Ever since Dr. Oz began singing its praises on his popular television show about how it has the ability to help you lose weight, men and women have taken notice—and purchasing raspberry ketone products at record speeds.

The makers of Raspberry Ketone Fresh have also taken notice and are offering a product that they claim can help you lose weight easily and quickly. Is this true or just more hype?

What is Raspberry Ketone Fresh?

Raspberry Ketone Fresh websiteRaspberry ketones are what give raspberries their sweet scent. But they have also been proven to be excellent fat burners as they increase adiponectin secretion which is a protein hormone that regulates certain metabolic processes like fatty acidcatabolism and glucose regulation. Adiponectin, in particular, correlates with body fat—the higher amount of adiponectin you have, the lower the percentage of body fat you have. It also means being in a better mood and overall better health.

The claim is that you can expect to lose anywhere between ten and fifteen pounds in one month. Basically, raspberry ketones break down unwanted, stored fat. However, you are still required to eat healthy and exercise regularly in order to achieve maximum results.

The Pros of Raspberry Ketone Fresh

Raspberry ketone has been the subject of much research, as it relates to weight loss, and the results have proven that it does indeed work. And because it is a natural ingredient, pesky side effects are almost nonexistent. If you do not like the product for any reason, the website does offer a one-hundred percent guarantee. This usually shows a bit of good faith in not just the manufacturer, but also the quality and effectiveness of the product.

The website does cite other claims including the fact that it is formulated for women meaning it probably will not have the greatest benefit if used by men. Obviously they could just sell the stuff outright to anyone, but they are targeting women and are forthcoming with that information.

The Cons of Raspberry Ketone Fresh

While there is no denying the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketone, this product alone leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, their website offers almost no information regarding any other ingredients, the amount of the ingredients, the price to purchase a bottle of Raspberry Ketone Fresh, the recommended dosage or any other pertinent information that a potential customer would want to know. The literature on the product’s site talks about how great raspberry ketone is for helping people lose weight, but there are no customer reviews, testimonials or before-and-after pictures of people who have actually used this particular product with great results.

When you visit the main site, you are immediately prompted to fill out a form with your information in order to get your “trial bottle”. One can assume that this is not a free offer for the bottle of sixty capsules that you will receive. There is a one-hundred percent satisfaction guarantee claim on the site, but there are conditions that come with it that you need to read on another, highly wordy page with their terms and conditions.

To make matters worse, there have been numerous complaints filed by customers who were not happy with the product or service from the makers of Raspberry Ketone Fresh. It may be safe to say that the satisfaction guarantee statement is more for show than what is really the case.

Should You Try Raspberry Ketone Fresh?

With what little you know about the product from its own website, you may want to consider other weight loss supplements that rely on raspberry ketone as their main ingredient. If you do want to know more about Raspberry Ketone Fresh, you will have to do a bit of homework and research on the Internet and even then, the information is somewhat scattered and incomplete in terms of the product, its contents and the cost.

Have I been scammed – http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4801448

Because there are so many more reputable raspberry ketone products on the market, you do not want to risk trying one with nothing much to offer except information that they could have easily taken from Wikipedia or another website. They are not providing anything that is miraculous, different or overwhelmingly awesome in terms of a pill that will help you lose weight. If anything, what they are telling you is that raspberry ketone is an effective compound that can help you lose weight. And with that said, you would be better off finding a raspberry ketone product that does just that, but also gives you specifics about its own product.


Where To Buy

From the official website.

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Raspberry Ketone Fresh – Advertised On Facebook, Is It Just A Scam — 8 Comments

  1. i have just been scammed by this company. I purchased this for £4.95 with rebate as they call it but they have taken £151.00 out of my account. The bank cannot cancel a pending payment so has left me very angry and upset

  2. Bonjour.
    Moi aussi je me suis fait arnaquer. J’ai commander le produit suite à leur pub de remboursement, le 27 janvier 2014. Mon compte a été débité immédiatement de 183.95 €. Ayant senti l’arnaque juste après (facture non conforme) j’ai immédiatement téléphoné au n° client. Ils m’ont dit de renvoyer le produit avec emballage d’origine (non ouvert). Je l’ai renvoyé comme convenu avec un n° RMA, et avec suivi postal. Je devais être remboursée entre 3 et 5 semaines. A ce jour cela fait 6 semaines et toujours rien. Quand j’appelle, je tombe sur un disque et ensuite j’attends + de 6 minutes, et ensuite la communication est coupée. J’ai envoyé 2 mails. Le premier n’a pas pu être délivré, mais le second oui. Mais toujours pas de remboursement. Le commissariat m’a conceillé d’appeler en angleterre. Mais je continue tout de même à me renseigner sur les poursuites que je pourrais engager. Au pire on pourrait se joindre toutes ensembles pour rechercher cette entreprise arnaqueuse.

  3. Hi everyone the exact same thing happened to me, i phoned my bank and they said it was my fault for giving them my card details so no help from them, im a student so on very low money as it is so was very upset that this much had been taken out.
    I have waited the 30 days to get my rebate form and i will post it on here so that you can see what information you need to complete it – i have sent it off of which you need to pay for a stamp to the US, i only sent it off a few days ago and it says to wait 8-10 weeks processing time.
    I will let yu know if i get the money however i am not very hopeful but it was worth a try
    Sorry to anyone that this has happened to, oh and they havnt taken any other money out of my account so it seems to be a one time thing.

    Its not letting me attach the file but basically you need:
    Name (first and last)
    Address (no PO boxes allowed)
    Post code
    Telephone number
    Date of Purchase
    Order Number
    Bottle code (which is located on the top of each bottle, eg. mine was 13-315) it could be the same on all three bottles or different – so dont throw the bottles away

    Mail This Form To:
    Raspberry Ketone Fresh
    9715 Estate Thomas
    PMB #181
    St. Thomas, USVI 00802
    United States of America

    Terms &conditions:This rebate offer is only valid if
    form is received within 90 days from the date of purchase. Limit one (1) per individual, household, group or address and the right is reserved to confirm identity. Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted. The Official Rebate Form and Bottle Code must accompany request and may not be reproduced. Requests which, in our sole discretion, do
    not strictly comply with the terms and conditions of this offer, including fraudulent requests, are invalid.Duplicate or invalid requests will be rejected and will not be returned. Keep a copy of Official Rebate Form and Bottle Code for your records. Not valid in combination with any other offer.We arenot responsible for late,lost,stolen, delayed, unpostmarked,postage due, illegible or misdirected mail. P.O. Boxes will not be honored. Allow 8-­‐10 weeks for processing. If you have not received the rebate by the time allotted, you may call Customer Service. All rights reserved.

    • Hi can you please tell me how you have managed to get the rebate form because I have made so many phone calls and have had no help and time is really running out

  4. Do not order from Raspberry ketone fresh. The trial is a scam. Will end up taking 100s out of your account.Despite returning products I am still waiting for a refund. The company is impossible to get hold of. Banks do not help either.

  5. I have also been scammed by this, u contacted my bank and open a visa dispute, the money was back in my account whithin days,

    I have 1 week left till the 10 weeks are up, I have always been able to get thro to them, they can’t answer any questions and I had the phone put down on me today

    They offered me 60% as an electronic transfer but will wait

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