OxySelect Pink – the intense fat burner for women

  • OxySelect pink fat burnerBrand: OxySelect Pink
  • Made By: Innervital
  • Type: Fat burning and appetite suppressing capsule
  • Country: All countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: see website for up to dat pricing
  • Special Offers: Order 3 and get 3 bottles of the 3 Day Slimming Pill free
  • Quick Comment: It is a fat burner that is targeted squarely at women although the included ingredients do not appear to be gender specific.
  • Where To Buy: From the official website, also seen on Amazon and Ebay although we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the products.

OxySelect Pink have targeted this product directly to women although there does not appear to be anything in the formulation that could prevent men from buying. We think that is an obvious marketing ploy as women do outnumber men when it comes to buying diet pills and weight loss products in general.

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OxySelect Pink Review

OxySelect Pink websiteThe pink bottle is a bit of a giveaway, but let’s not have any doubts about it, OxySelect Pink diet pills are designed to be used by women only. In all honesty though, the formulation does not contain anything that would make it unsuitable for men, so the pretty in pink look is just the result of a marketing bias.

The capsules are produced by Advantage Nutraceuticals, LLC. The company is based in the USA, but very little is known about them and a search of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website reveals two entries, neither of which is BBB accredited. One entry states the company is based in Florida. The other states it is based in Utah. That’s not a good sign. Utah is the diet pill capital of the world and any dietary product produced there warrants instant suspicion. The BBB shows three (closed) complaints about the company. One for delivery issues, one for problems with the product/service, and one from a customer who had problems with the guarantee. The alarm bells are already ringing about this one, but let’s take a closer look at the product and see if those bells can be silenced.

OxySlect Pink Promised Benefits

  • Burn Fat Directly
  • Increase Drive and Energy
  • All Natural Formula

Were are not certain what the manufactures mean when they say OxySelect Pink can burn fat directly, but were pretty sure it’s not possible. Fat burners work by producing changes in the body that trigger the fat burning process. Unless the product is shipped with a free blow torch and a nice sharp scalpel, burning fat directly is not going to happen and, as a dieting option, it would be extreme to say the least.

The manufacturers also make a few other claims for OxySelect Pink. None of them can be supported, but the one about it making the gut happy brought a smile to our face.

What is OxySelect Pink and how does it Work?

OxySelect Pink is a fat burning product. Fat burners contain ingredients that have been chosen for their ability to trigger the fat burning process, but good fat burning products require quality ingredients included in a sufficient quantity to produce the desired results.

OxySelect Pink ingredient profile

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides:

  • Chromax: The manufacturers consider this the main ingredient and claim its presence alone can burn through 365 calories a day, but supporting information is not provided and chromium compounds have been discredited by the National Union of Health.
  • Razberi-K: Touted as a superior form of raspberry ketone with an enhanced ability to release and block fats, but no supporting evidence is provided.
  • Irvingia Gabonesis: Also called African mango. Many claims are made about its prowess as a weight loss provider, and the ingredient is hugely popular thanks to a recommendation by Dr. Oz, but one of Oz’s associates later retracted her endorsement and claimed she now finds its abilities “Underwhelming”.
  • CoQ10: A coenzyme that occurs naturally in the body. It is often credited with fat burning abilities, but supporting evidence is lacking.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Green coffee bean extract contains a powerful fat burner called chlorogenic acid, but the OxySelect Pink website fails to reveal the inclusion rate and if the amount is insufficient its presence will offer no tangible benefits.
  • Vitamin D: For once an inclusion rate is provided. It’s 1,000iu. This is apparently important because studies show people with high levels of vitamin D are less likely to become obese. That was a new one on us so we did some research, found the study in question, and discovered this is absolutely true. We also discovered the study used double the amount of Vitamin D provided here.

Usage Instructions

One capsule should be taken 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch or physical exercise. Capsules must be taken with water and a maximum dose of two capsules should never be exceeded in any 24 hour period. The manufacturers also warn against mixing the capsules with other forms of stimulant or caffeine providers.

OxySelect Pink Customer Feedback

Not surprisingly, the official site showcases several glowing testimonials that are attributed to happy customers. Independent reviews are probably more reliable and show a mixed option of the product.

A few sample comments read:

“have not worked for me, they are little more than glorified M&M’s. Waste of money in my opinion”
“I didn’t notice a blind bit of difference, I didnt get the jitters or any side effect or feel anything at all”
“It works as long as you keep up a routine of diet and exercise. I really like it because it definitely suppresses appetite and gives you a little kick of energy.”
“Do not waste your money on this product, it is very hyped I wish I could get a refund”

OxySlect Pink Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects seem unlikely, but pregnant or nursing mothers should not take any form of dietary supplement unless its use has been approved by their doctor. Anybody who has any existing health issues, is taking mediation, or has any doubts about their health or the product’s suitability should also seek medical advice before commencing supplementation.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

OxySelect Pink can be purchased from Amazon, some online retailers, and via the official website. Expect to pay around $50 plus shipping for a single bottle of pills (60 servings) if you purchase from the manufacturer’s site. Bulk buy incentives are available to sweeten the deal, but OxySelect Pink is still an expensive product that doesn’t appear to offer much bang for the buck.


A 90 day money back guarantee is offered, but the fact that one customer appears to have already complained to the BBB in relation to securing a refund may mean customers might have a fight on their hands if they wish to have their money returned.

The Bottom Line

OxySelect Pink is not a recommended product. It’s expensive to buy and there is no proof the formulation works. Green coffee bean extract is undoubtedly a good ingredient and vitamin D shows an unexpected potential (if enough was included), but Chromax appears to be the main ingredient and it is unlikely to offer much of benefit, so consumers who are searching for an effective dieting product are advised to keep on looking. Better options exist elsewhere.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ diet pillWe recommend PhenQ over and above virtually all commercial fat burners. PhenQ is available without prescription – it has so many success stories attached to it we can recommend with full confidence.

PhenQ is combo diet pill that can reduce appetite and help burn fat as well as stopping the creation of new fat. It contains both natural and pharmacy quality ingredients

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