• MD2 MeltdownBrand: MD2 Meltdown
  • Made By: VPX Sports
  • Type: Fat loss supplement for both men and women
  • Country: To all countries
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Price varies according to which country you are shipping too.
  • Special Offers: None currently
  • Quick Comment: Admittedly, not our favourite fat burner – look elsewhere
  • Where To Buy: From official website and several other websites in countries such as the USA, Canada, UK , Ireland and Australia.

MD2 Meltdown Review

First there was Meltdown, now there’s MD2 Meltdown. The original product was a hit with dieters and its fat burning abilities were proven by a clinical trial. The only problem was the possibility of a few number of side effects its use could entail; most of them were insignificant. Many of the problematic ingredients have been purged from the new and improved Meltdown formulation, but the replacements do not look much better so the present formulation may prove to be every bit as problematic as its predecessor.

Who Makes MD2 Meltdown?

MD2 Meltdown is manufactured in the US by VPX Sports. The company is based in Florida and produces a number of other products including the energy drink Redline (very popular in the US).

Advertised MD2 Meltdown Benefits

  • Powerful fat-loss support
  • Extreme energy without any jitters
  • Laser-like focus
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Reduce ugly body fat and ramp-up muscle gains

MD2 Meltdown advert

What is MD2 Meltdown and how does it Work?

MD2 Meltdown has been designed to boost the user’s metabolism and encourage their body to go into fat burning mode. According to VPX, the boost to the metabolism will continue for six hours and maintain increased fat burning without risking a reduction in muscle tissue. Putting it in simple terms, if it works in the promised manner, MD2 Meltdown should be able to trick the body into burning more calories and fat than would normally be the case—even when not exercising. But potential buyers need to be aware VPX also states their product is—


And, as most people are aware, stimulants can be hard on the body and using them can often entail nasty side effects.

MD2 Meltdown Key Ingredients

Most of the ingredients are used in a proprietary blend so no inclusion rates are supplied for any of them other than caffeine.
Two capsules provide:

  • Caffeine (300mg): A popular stimulant that can provide a short-term energy boost and increase mental alertness. The dose here is equivalent to three cups of coffee.
  • 4 Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate: Also called DMBA. It’s a synthetic stimulant that’s been around for a while, but is often found hiding behind different names, as is the case here. In October 2014 the NSF issued a statement warning consumers to avoid DMBA and provided a list of some of the names it appears under.
  • Theacrine: Another stimulant and it’s very similar in nature to caffeine. It may provide the benefits and side effects, but the ingredient has not undergone significant testing so it’s too early to say what benefits or perils its use might present.
  • Yohimbe: A stimulant that is often used as a fat burner. It has proven abilities.

How to Take MD2 Meltdown

Capsules should be taken first thing in the morning. The recommended dose is two capsules per day, but VPX suggest new users asses their tolerance by beginning with an initial dose of just one capsule a day.

MD2 Meltdown Customer Feedback

MD2 Meltdown is a new product that has not been around long enough to generate enough customer reviews to provide an insight into the possible benefits or hazards its use may entail.

MD2 Meltdown Side Effects

MD2 Meltdown is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, or anyone who is under the age of 18, and VPX provides a warning statement that lists a number of medical conditions that would make use of their product unwise. Bearing in mind the fact the formulation contains ingredients that have known side effects we suggest all potential users consult their GP and get some advice prior to using the product.

It is also worth noting the warning statement is a “cover your ass statement” as well, designed to protect the manufacturer’s interests if use of their product causes any harm. In their list of promised benefits VPX state MD2 Meltdown is a “Powerful fat-loss supplement” that can “reduce ugly body fat”, but in their warning statement (which many customers may fail to read because it has to be opened by clicking a link) they state:

  • Do not use for weight reduction
  • Do not use the product if you are more than 15lbs overweight
  • The consumer assumes total liability if this product is used in a manner inconsistent with label guidelines

So in essence MD2 Meltdown is a powerful product that can reduce ugly body fat but in our opinion there are products that are just as strong and safer/

Purchasing Options & Considerations

The eVitamins online store appears to be the best option for customers living in the UK. There are other purchasing options, but most of the online stores that stock MD2 Meltdown are based in the US, so the postage and packing charges could be expensive and import charges may also apply. The eVitamins price is just under £26, but the P&P is nearly £5, so expect to pay nearly £31 for a single bottle of pills and there is no money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

Order Instant Knockout US, Canada and AustraliaWe strongly recommend Instant Knockout over MD2 – it has been developed by a company that understands the industry, by users (athletes and bodybuilders).

Instant Knockout contains several essential and core ingredients for fat loss as well as Anti-Oxidant behaviour including compounds that have been associated with improving overall health and weight management.

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