NiacinMax – HGH and Vasodilation ‘Pump’ – Melting Tongue Strips

Niacin Max reviewNiacinMax is the latest muscle and strength building product that is available to buy direct from it’s own official website. NiacinMax has many benefits including upping the production of red blood cell production and increasing blood flow – that in turn produces more efficient oxygen delivery to muscles, improving energy levels and reducing fatigue.

NiacinMax is available in the form of simple strips that melt on the tongue.

The oficial website has multiple currencies allowing you to purchase in £,$ and € – as well as Canadian and Australian dollars

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Niacin is a simple substance on the outside. It is, after all the active molecules of Vitamin B3.

However, an interesting thing happens when you take it in dosages above the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) – in other words, when you supplement with it.

Different properties present themselves and exert powerful effects, which are valuable to weight lifters and bodybuilders, sports players and athletes.

NiacinMax what does it do

HGH Boost

Niacin – at the right dosage – increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) dramatically.

Scientific studies involving Niacin show that the HGH increase can be upwards of 600%.


In addition to the HGH boost, Niacin causes an effective and tangible Vasodilation effect. This is essentially the widening of the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the working muscles.

The compound result is:

  • Deeper, More Satisfying Training Sessions
  • Greater Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • Higher Energy
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Heightened Focus and Processing
  • Stronger Vitality and Anti-Aging Effects

The Niacin Flush

We mentioned the ‘tangible’ vasodilation effect.

This can be seen in the ‘niacin flush’. Once people understand what this is, they will find it enjoyable. Some are a little unsure of it when they try niacin for the first time.

The effect is a result of the increased blood flow to muscles and as such the skin can redden slightly.

There may also be a light tingling feeling.

It is merely a sign that the product is working, and is not dangerous at all.

Niacin helps blood flow

New Technology – New Results – Niacin Strips

Some products, made with liposome covered Niacin strips that melt on the tongue, can reduce some of the flush while keeping the benefits.

These Niacin strips dissolve almost immediately and enter the bloodstream to trigger the vasodilation effect quickly.

The HGH boost follows behind to enhance the results from the intense training session even more thoroughly.

So, in brief, the strips can:

  • Enter the Bloodstream within minutes of melting on the tongue
  • Use ALL of the nutrient included
  • Have an almost immediate vasodilation effect
  • Begin the HGH boost within a couple hours

The dissolving strips contain smaller doses than tablets or capsules but due to the liposome. technology, they are more than 40 times as effective!!

How To Use NiacinMax

The Niacin Capsule is Dead

The Niacin Strips we discussed in the previous section have basically replaced the need for capsule / tablet Niacin overnight.

That’s because pills filled with this nutrient come with several drawbacks:

  • Stomach Acids can destroy some of the valuable nutrient
  • Sustained release pills (those that release over 24 hour period without break) can tax the liver
  • You have to wait a long time any effect to kick in 

How Much Better Are The Strips?

A lot.

A lower dose inside the Niacin strip is still going to be about 45 times more effective than a 100mg pill.

That’s all down to the liposome delivery system and the straight-to-bloodstream mechanism.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The flush we talked about previously is the only ‘side effect’ for average users.

Like other supplements and medications you should check with your doctor if you suffer from a health condition or are taking prescription meds for any reason.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use supplements without the approval of their doctor

Conclusion and Recommendations

Niacin Max reviewNiacin is extremely effective at improving exercise intensity, muscle growth and many other factors which boost health, energy, longevity and general wellness and vitality.

Our advice is to pass by the pills, capsules and tablets of niacin and grab the latest Niacin strips which melt on the tongue and get to work immediately.

With these, you will avail of much faster, stronger benefits than you thought possible.

And keep an ear to the ground because this tongue strip technology may render pills obsolete soon.

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Ripp3d Fat Burner Review with Customer Comments

Ripp3D for CanadaRipp3D is a nutritional supplement brought to market by Helix Nutrition.

It is produced in capsule form and the company claim it is the “most effective fat-burning product ever introduced to the supplement industry”.

But apart from stating the formulation contains the “most effective ingredients on the market”, Helix Nutrition provide very little information about their product or how any of the promised benefits will be achieved.

Instant Knockout fat BurnerOne of the best ‘intense’ fat burners on the market is undoubtedly Instant Knockout – it practically sells itself. Formulated by people who actually use the product … rather than just profit focused pharma corporation.  Instant Knockout is a firm favourite of bodybuilders, sportsmen and women and anyone looking to get cut.

Instant Knockout looks good in it’s unique fist shaped bottle – we cannot recommend highly enough

Click here to read more on Instant Knockout

Promised Benefits

  • Thermo
  • Fat burning
  • More Energy
  • Improved focus

The Ingredients

The Ripp3D formulation consists of 4 proprietary blends and, as is usually the case with such blends, no inclusion rates are provided for any of the ingredients.

Ripp3D SuperThermo Matrix

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • White Willow Bark
  • Halostachine
  • 4-hydroxy-N-methylphenethylamine
  • Piperine

Judging by the name, this blend appears to be designed to provide fat burning and most of the ingredients included are all associated with this ability.

Although it is usually more revered as an energy provider, the stimulant caffeine is also a proven thermogenic fat burner. Citrus aurantium is a popular ingredient that provides the fat burning stimulant synephrine. On a chemical level 4-hydroxy-N-methylphenethylamine is very similar to synephrine and is believed to work in a similar way. Halostachine is another fat burning stimulant. White willow bark is often added to weight loss blends because it appears to support the growth of quality muscle tissue. Some degree of muscle mass can sometimes be lost while dieting, but the presence of white willow bark may prevent this from happening. Piperine is an ingredient sourced from black pepper. It’s presence can help other ingredients be absorbed more easily.

Ripp3D Fat Incinerating Matrix

  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Acai Berry
  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Amla Root

This also appears to be a fat burning blend, but it contains only one stimulant.

raspberry ketone in HydroxycutRaspberry ketone is a phenolic compound that is found in several species of fruit, but is generally sourced from raspberries or synthesized in a laboratory. When it comes to fat burning the fruit extract is the most powerful, but manufacturers seldom state which version they are using. Acai is also a fat burning fruit extract and it provides antioxidants that can help protect the body from disease. Amla root is taken from the plant that provides a fruit that is sometimes known as Indian gooseberry. The fruit has a high nutritional value, and it is believed to be a fat burner, so it is possible the roots of the plant may share this ability. Yohimbe is a fat burning stimulant that is obtained from the bark of a tree.

Ripp3D Euphoric Matrix

  • L-Tyrosine
  • Acacia Rigidula

This blend appears to be intended to function as nootropic.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that can improve mental focus and protect against stress. Acacia Rigidula is also often added to smart drug fomulations, but it is a stimulant, and the Ripp3d formulation already contains several other ingredients that provide stimulation, so people who have a low tolerance of stimulants may find Ripp3d an unsuitable option.

Ripp3D Appetite Control Matrix

  • Glucomannan
  • Chromium Picolinate

Glucomannan is one of the few ingredients that have proven appetite suppressing abilities, but the European Food Safety Authority recommends a dose of 1g glucomannan, taken three times a day. The amount of glucomannan provided here is probably much less and Ripp3d is only taken once per day. Chromium helps regulate blood glucose and insulin levels, so it is feasible that its presence in the blend may help prevent the desire for sugary foods.

Usage Instructions – The capsules need to be taken with water (8-10oz). Only one capsule is required per day and Helix Nutrition say it must be taken just before breakfast.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are difficult to find and suggest the product may work for some but not for others.

“Ripp3d gives me the extra push I need to get through my workouts and prevents me from eating too much food. It also appears to work for fat burning, but I’m working out harder now and eating right, so it’s hard to be sure of the real reason this is happening.”
“I read a few good reviews before I bought this product, but they must have been fake because it doesn’t work at all.”
“Ripp3d is good for appetite suppression and fat burning. I’ve been losing around 1kg a week.”
“I took Ripp3d for two months, exercised hard and ate right. I did not lose any weight.”

Does Ripp3d Cause Side Effects

The Ripp3d marketing material does not state if side effects are likely, but the formulation is not likely to be suitable for pregnant women or women who are nursing a child. People who have existing health issues should get a doctor’s advice before they begin supplementation. Individuals who are taking medication should show a similar degree of caution. The fact that the formulation contains so many stimulants also bears consideration because not everyone tolerates stimulants well.

Buying Ripp3d in Canada and the US

Ripp3d is only available from the manufacturer’s website and 60 capsules costs USD$ 59 ($77.50). Shipping is extra and potentials customers need to be aware the product is not sold with a money back guarantee.

Recommended Product

Order Instant Knockout US, Canada and AustraliaAs suggested above we rate Instant Knockout as the fat burner of choice in the muscle and strength category – if you train then this is the fat burner for you.

Designed and formulated for MMA fighters it is has ingredients that will help you get cut in the quickest possible time.

The review is here


Burn24 Review – Customer Feedback, Side Effects, Stockists

  • Burn24 review canadaBrand: Burn24
  • Made By: Omega Sports
  • Type: fat burner
  • Country: To all countries; United States, Canada, Australia, UK
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Check official website for correct pricing
  • Special Offers: Check official website for details
  • Quick Comment: As far as fat burners are concerned we cannot recommend this brand
  • Where To Buy: Available from it’s own website and ebay and Amazon

Burn24 Review

Burn24 is a diet pill marketed by Omega Sports. The company is based in the USA and has an official website, but it often returns error messages instead of displaying the pages. However, when the site is functioning correctly, customer services can be contacted via the site’s online form.

What is Omega Sports Burn24 and How Does it Work?

According to Omega Sports, their formulation can ease the process of losing weight by fighting a natural phenomenon called Insulin Super Resistance.

After food has been eaten its presence in the stomach triggers the release of insulin. The Burn24 marketing material states increased insulin resistance can prevent the body from fully utilising the nutrients available to it, while also creating a situation that encourages the storage and retention of body fat. The science presented is complicated and shaky at best. It’s more likely to confuse than enlighten, but it sounds rather impressive and some dieters may be tempted to buy solely on the grounds that Burn24 appears to be very different from competing products.

The promised benefits are:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Strategic nutrient repartitioning
  • Burns fat without stimulants

Key Ingredients

Two capsules provide:

  • GCBfit (250mg): A trademarked form of green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are coffee beans in their natural state. They have not been roasted, so they retain their natural potency of chlorogenic acid (normally lost during the roasting process). Chlorogenic acid has natural fat burning abilities and its reputation for getting results has allowed it to become one of the most popular diet pill ingredients of the century. GCBfit has been standardised to provide 50% chlorogenic acid.
  • Momordica Charantia Extract (250mg): Also called Bitter Melon, momordica charantia is a natural ingredient extracted from a species of vine. It is believed to have anti-diabetic qualities and is sometimes used as a treatment for liver disease and intestinal disorders. In theory it may help prevent insulin spikes, but most experts agree the ingredient’s abilities require further study all around.
  • Berberine Hydrochloride (200mg): A chemical that is naturally-occurring in several plants including goldenseal and tree turmeric. Some studies suggest it may be capable of slightly reducing blood sugar levels, but the volunteers in one of the studies were given 500mg doses of Berberine Hydrochloride two to three times per day. The amount included here is less than half that amount.
  • GS4 Plus (150mg): A standardised and trademark-protected form of gymnema sylvestre. Some research suggests it has the ability to promote pancreatic health and improve glucose metabolism, but further research is warranted.
  • Bergenin (150mg): A plant extract that is favoured by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine. Bergenin is usually added to diet supplements because it is believed to be capable of helping the body to decompose fat, while also discouraging the formation of new fat cells. Further study is needed, but the preliminary results are certainly promising.
  • ActiCissus (100mg): A trademarked form of Cissus Quadrangularis (a vine extract). The data collected from one study suggests supplementation with 300mg of Cissus Quadrangularis may result in lowered blood sugar levels and reductions in weight, but further study is needed.
  • BioPerine (6mg): Black pepper extract hiding behind a patent and a fancy name. Despite its humble origins, black pepper extract is a versatile ingredient that can boost the metabolism and increase the bioavailability of other ingredients.
How to Take Omega Sports Burn24 – Two capsules are required up to three times per day, 20 to 30 minutes before eating a meal. Omega Sports stress the importance of not taking the capsules at the same time as food, as this may result in a drop in blood sugar levels.

What Customers Say About Burn24

Independent feedback is available and appears to be an even mix of good and bad. Some customers rate the product highly; others say it did not work for them at all.

A few average reviews read:

“The only supplement I have found that actually does what it’s supposed to do. I have health problems that require me to have regular blood panels drawn and saw the change in my TSH levels. They changed from slightly insulin resistant to good; and I have lost weight.”
“Don’t fall for the clever sales pitch. Burn24 does not work. I have not lost weight and I certainly haven’t notices any re-shaping of my physique.”
“I began using Burn24 during a cutting period. It helped me lose 3% of my body fat and encouraged some extra muscle growth. I’m getting some very good pumps in the gym, don’t tire as easily and have also noticed I no longer crave food so often.”

“I can’t predict how the capsules may work for other people, but they did nothing for me. It would have been good to lose some weight and improve my body, but the pills simply were not up to the task.”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

Omega Sports states the importance of attaining medical approval prior to using Burn24 weight loss capsules.


A money back guarantee is offered, but its duration is not specified.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Burn24 is available via a number of online stores including, All Star Health, Astro Supplements, and PowerMyself.Com.

What Do We Recommend

Best rated sports supplementBurn24 is considered to be a sport supplement – so best used when you are active.

We have complied a list of what we consider the most effective sports supplements for both men and women.

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AB Igniter Black Review – Elite strength and fat burner

  • Ab Igniter BlackBrand: Ab Ignitor Black
  • Made By: Top Secret Nutrition
  • Type: Strength and Fat Burning
  • Country: To all countries
  • Price Per Bottle/Packet: Check official website and third party vendors for up to date pricing
  • Special Offers: Check official website for details
  • Quick Comment: A bit too much caffeine for our liking.
  • Where To Buy: Available from it’s own website.

Top Secret Nutrition is very honest about the potency of their AB Igniter Black fat burning pills. They state the pills are intended for stimulant-tolerant people who want to lose weight fast; and a single dose provides such a high amount of caffeine the product is well-deserving of the bad-boy look its black label suggests.

AB Igniter Black also contains mood enhancing ingredients and fat burners.

Advertised benefits are:

  • Stimulates thermogenic fat burning
  • Delivers a crashless energy boost
  • Blasts fat at a cellular level
  • Improves the mood
  • Increases focus

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

The AB Igniter Black formulation contains three proprietary blends.

Each (2 capsule) dose provides:

Energy Blend (800mg)

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg): A popular caffeine providing ingredient produced in powder form. Probable benefits include enhanced concentration and focus, boosted energy levels, appetite suppression, and faster metabolism.
  • Guarana: A tropical fruit that boasts a high potency of caffeine. Guarana can provide all the usual benefit expected of caffeine, but it releases its caffeine content into the body quite slowly. This provides extended benefits, and may also help lessen the likelihood of side effects. The inclusion rate is not provided, but simple maths (800mg – 300mg) reveals the inclusion rate to be 500mg

Mood and Focus Booster (412.5 mg)

  • Siamese Ginger: A spice that is not dissimilar to normal ginger and shares its ability to calm an upset stomach. However, Siamese ginger is not normally associated with improvements to mood or focus.
  • Huperzine A: A derivative taken from the plant Huperzia Serrata (Chinese club moss). Huperzine A is a popular inclusion in memory-boosting supplements and is sometimes used for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Fat Blasting Duo (106mg)

  • Nelulean: A patented protected form of nelumbo nucifera seed extract. It is a plant-based ingredient taken from a species of lotus. It is sometimes used as a treatment for diarrhoea, but it is not usually linked to fat burning.
  • Yohimbine HCI (6mg): A stimulant derived from a species of tree. Yohimbine has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac and is often touted to be a fat burner, but most experts agree further study is warranted.
  • CapsiAtra (43.5mg): A branded ingredient that provides the same capsicoids as those obtained from CH-19 Sweet peppers. A number of studies show capsicoids have the ability to raise the body’s core temperature by an amount that is sufficient to speed the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning.
  • Bioperine (3mg): A patented black pepper extract that has potential as a fat burner, but is more commonly added to dietary supplements because of its ability to help other ingredients to be absorbed more easily.
How to Take AB Igniter Black – The manufacturer warns against exceeding the recommended daily dose, but fails to provide sufficient guidance about correct dosage. The instructions on the bottle merely state two capsules should be taken 10 minutes before meals and suggest halving the initial dosage to monitor for tolerance issues. The problem is most people have three to four meals a day and each (2 capsule dose) of AB Igniter Black provides 800mg of caffeine. That’s the equivalent of 8 cups of standard coffee. It’s a lot and the blend contains an additional stimulant—yohimbine. Some people may not be able to handle such a high amount of stimulation.

AB Igniter Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is generally positive, however a few negatives ones are a worry. A few typical customer reviews read:

“Provides a powerful fat burning action. I can’t believe how fast it works and it gives you a boost that makes you feel like superman.”
“ENERGY!!!! What a rush. Definitely not for the weak. If you can handle the power though, this is a damn good fat burner.”
“AB Igniter Black the real deal. Other fat burners don’t stand a chance. I take it before all my meals and feel the effects kick-in straight away. I lost 20 pounds in no time at all and the energy boost is phenomenal.”
“Hmm didn’t really do anything. I cannot say I felt as though it working.”
“not for me … I am big on supplementation … not for me”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

Top Secret Nutrition fails to state if use of the blend has been associated with side effects, but bearing in mind the stimulant-rich nature of the product side effects cannot be ruled out and one Amazon reviewer states: “Within ten days of using this product my heart went into AFib and I had to get it shocked backed into rhythm.” With this in mind, all potential users are advised to consult their GP prior to using.


AB Igniter Black is sold minus a manufacturer’s money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

AB Igniter Black is available from the Top Secret Nutrition website and numerous online stores, but consumers based in the UK may find it easiest to purchase via the Lucky Vitamin website. At the time of this review the Lucky Vitamin price was £15.79 for 60 capsules. The official website has a price of $34.99

Recommended Products In The Category

iGPC fat burnerSupplements that are geared towards building muscle and strength nearly always have a fat burning or cutting element to them. Very few combine a third – an ingredient that boosts mental focus.

We highly recommend Muscletronic iGPC+ not only very well formulated for building lean muscle mass and fat burning but the inclusion of a nootropic ingredient (and a quality one that Alpha GPC) is a masterstroke. It is not cheap but not expensive considering the benefits.

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Dianabol – what is it, is it legal and safe to use

The steroid Dianabol (methandrostenolone) can help provide muscle gains of up to 24 pounds in just six weeks. With credentials like that its status as the most popular bodybuilding steroid in the world is not so surprising. But Dianabol users risk a number of dangerous side effects, so the real surprise is how far many bodybuilders are willing to go to fulfil their dreams of building the body-perfect.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol Is a popular brand name given to the anabolic steroid methandrostenolone (derived from testosterone).

When was Dianabol Created?

Dianabol is it legalAlthough it is possible Russian athletes may have been using steroids for some years previous to methandrostenolone’s creation, it is generally believed that Dianabol was developed in the 1950s by John Bosley Ziegler at the Ciba chemical company in Switzerland.

It was there that it received the name Dianabol. The company has since been swallowed by other larger concerns, and has not produced Dianabol for a number of years, but the name “Dianabol” is so often associated with bodybuilding success certain steroid manufacturers continue to favour its use.

Ziegler was convinced that much of the sporting success experienced by Russian athletes was due to the use of performance-enhancing compounds so he contacted the relevant regulatory bodies and proposed the American Olympic team be allowed the same advantages. However the people in charge of the team were only willing to test Dianabol on some of the athletes at the lower end of the scale.

The FDA has since banned the use of Dianabol and other similar anabolic steroids under the Controlled Substances act and most sporting organization will issue a ban to any athlete that is tested positive for steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

Dianabol steroid pills

What are the Other Names for Dianabol?

Dianabol continues to be the most popular name for methandrostenolone, but several more names are in use.

A few examples include:

·      Anabol

·      Averbol

·      Danabol

·      Dbol

·      Dianabol ds

·      Dbolic

·      Dianabolos

·      Metandienone

·      Methandienone

·      Metanabol

·      Methanabol

·      Methan 50

·      Naposim

·      Naps

How Does Dianabol Produce Such Powerful Results?

Dianabol is a versatile steroid that can produce many favourable results, but most of its prowess as a bodybuilding aid is probably due to it abilities in two important areas.

  • It enhances protein synthesis
  • It improves nitrogen retention

Protein synthesis is the name used to describe the process the body uses to extract protein from food and uses it to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Any compound that can speed up and improve this process offers obvious benefits and Dianabol has proven to be very effective in this regard. However, the process can be hampered if nitrogen levels fall too low. This is a natural occurrence when the muscles are being worked hard so the importance of Dianabol’s ability to improve nitrogen retention needs little explanation.

Other Dianabol benefits include:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Faster metabolism
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Fat burning

How is Dianabol Taken?

Although it is possible to inject Dianabol it is usually taken orally and many users appear to be a law unto themselves when it comes to deciding on the best dosage.

Doses of 20mg to 25mg appear to be the most popular, but some users claim to have gained good results with doses of just 15mg per day. However some users risk doses of up to 100mg per day and such high doses can only increase the risk of side effects.

Is Dianabol Easy to Detect by Testing?

Testing positive for steroids can result in a ban from competing and may spell an early retirement for some athletes. And it is getting harder to beat the tests. There was a time when a urine test taken 4 days after the last steroid dose would fail to show anything of note, but some modern-day athletes claim they have tested positive for steroids up to a month after their last dose and detection methods continue to improve.

What are the Side Effects?

Although some people (especially those on low doses) may be lucky enough to avoid any major side effects, not everyone is so fortunate.

Common side effects caused by Dianabol include:

·      Acne

·      Oily Skin

·      Aggressiveness

·      Water Retention

·      Loss of Sex Drive

·      Shrivelled Testicles

·      Elevated Blood Pressure

·      Hair Loss

·      Liver Failure

·      Low HDL Cholesterol

·      High LDL Cholesterol

·      Gynecomastia (male breasts)

·      Enlarged Prostate

·      Testosterone Suppression

Women who take Dianabol risk becoming more masculine rather than more muscular, so it is an especially unsuitable option for anyone who values their femininity.

Do the Results Justify the Risks Involved?

Although Dianabol’s prowess as a bodybuilding aid cannot be doubted it simply is not worth the risk. Athletes who are found to have Dianabol in their systems can often kiss their sporting dreams goodbye and users of all types may find steroid usage has caused irreparable damage to their bodies.

Such risks have always been unacceptable—hence the FDA’s ban on steroids. However, some of the more talented supplement providers have succeeded in producing Dianabol substitutes that can deliver the same benefits as the steroid without any of the encumbered risks to the health.

So the fact that people continue to put their bodies on the line just to gain a few extra pounds of muscle is strange to say the least.

Can I Buy Dianabol

D-bal CrazyBulkThere are safe alternatives that are perfect legal to buy. D-Bal by CrazyBulk is arguably the most popular.

D-Bal is ideal for fast muscle gains, increased strength, bridging between cycles for maintained gains – it is also great for stacking with other supplements

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